[Celebrity Homes] Inside Hins Cheung’s Historic Home

In a recent music show, Hins Cheung (張敬軒) gave the audience a tour of his rented apartment in Hong Kong. At 2,700 feet, Hins is renting a historic Old Alberose apartment for $200,000 HKD per month.

Old Alberose is built in 1926 and is owned by Hong Kong University. As the building is categorized as level two in historical value, extreme care is made to maintain its grandeur through time.

With nearly a century of history, the building is carefully furnished with antiques such as a vintage dining set and crystal chandeliers which were preserved since the building was originally built. After Hins rented the apartment, he also worked with Hong Kong University to preserve the building décor while decorating his home with antiques he collected from all over the world. Describing his love for history, Hins commented, “When time constantly changes, nostalgia is worth how much money?”

Love for Heritage Building

This is not the first time Hins fell in love with a heritage buildings. In 2007, after he released his album, “Ardently Love” <酷愛>, Hins purchased a building with 50 years of history. Unfortunately, Hins’ income was not steady at the time and he had to sell it, only to repurchase it again five years later.

In 2013, as his popularity and income stabilized, Hins spent $180,000 HKD to rent Felix Villa, categorized as a level three historical building. After renting for two years and paid more than $4 million HKD in rent, Hins upgraded to a grander apartment at Old Alberose.

Purchased Recording Studio

Before becoming an artiste, Hins was a recording engineer. Understanding the importance of a recording engineer in helping artistes to capture their best voice, Hins bought the Avon studio in Hong Kong where many prominent Hong Kong superstars such Roman Tam (羅文), Danny Chan (陳百強), Anita Mui (梅艳芳) and Leslie Cheung (張國榮) had previously recorded. Hins hopes that he can save the studio so that people can cherish the hard work in creating songs behind the scene while cultivating musical talent.

Hins’ Home Tour

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This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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