Hins Cheung Dresses in Drag and Parodies Social Media Influencer Elva Ni

Pop singer Hins Cheung (張敬軒) is no stranger to playing dress-up, and in his latest project, he’s dressing up as a woman, and not just any woman—Elva Ni (倪晨曦), the social media influencer with over 760,000 followers on Instagram.

And Hins looks almost exactly like her! Calling himself Elmo Ngai Wong-fan (“wong-fan” meaning “sunset”), a play on Elva’s Chinese name Chenxi (roughly meaning “sunrise”), Hins has this to say about appearance as Elmo Ni: “Earlier a lot of people have asked me what I kind of fireworks I’ll get to have with goddess Elva Ni for the new year. I’ve been told that the goddess has been doing some quarantine yoga, and won’t be breaking her quarantine until two days later. That’s why I’ve reached out to her half sister Elmo for a collaboration, as well as her mother Ngai Boon-yeh [“mid-night”] and her younger brother Ngai An-chau (“afternoon”). Elmo is ready to marry the stage, but she hasn’t said which stage. She vows to win agains Elva for the throne as 2020’s goddess!”

From dressing up like Elva to posing like Elva in his photoshoots, Hins looks absolutely gorgeous and fantastic!

“Sister why do you always have some kind of green thing behind you in your photoshoots,” wrote Hins afterward. “Ah Dik had to hold up the plants and now his back is hurting. If anything happens to his back how am I going to repay his wife?”

Elva reacted positively to Hins’s gag, sarcastically responding, “The hair is longer than mine, the nails are longer than mine, the eyelashes are also longer than mine, even your skin is paler than mine. I wanna throw up blood. You’re overstepping the line!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Well I’ll be darned. Hins look more beautiful than Elva Ni. Dressing in drag is very becoming for him he wears it naturally well. You go gitl, sorry, Hins.

  2. he looks pretty good. probably would attract an unwary men or two. make up does magic

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