Joey Yung, Ekin Cheng Remember Their Teacher Roman Tam at Her Concert

Yesterday, Joey Yung (容祖兒) braved the stages again for the second show of her  “Pretty Crazy Joey Yung Concert” at the Hong Kong Coliseum after an opening show that was plagued with malfunctions. This time, joining her on stage was her “brother” Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健), who, like Joey, received lessons from the legendary Roman Tam (羅文).

Ekin Comforts Joey

Ekin, who was her guest performer for the night, arrived at the Hong Kong Coliseum while Joey was rehearsing a dance, so he watched from the audience quietly. Once Joey spotted him, she ran over to him excitedly and thanked him for coming. Apparently, it was her first time rehearsing the dance onstage because the stage wasn’t ready beforehand, so she had to forgo the dance number during her first show.

“I hope it’ll go smoothly tonight,” Joey lamented.  “I will try my best!”

Hearing this, Ekin immediately comforted her and reminded her not to get confused even if things get chaotic. While the “brother” and “sister” were rehearsing together, Hins Cheung (張敬軒) arrived to help Joey test out the mics to prevent audio malfunctions from happening again.

Hins Becomes a Spontaneous Guest Performer

Joey opened the show with immense positivity and a bright smile. She told her audience, “Welcome to Pretty Crazy everyone… I’m not sure if I should call this my second show. Last night’s show was very special. It’s a waste you guys didn’t get to see it. I’ve never just sung and barely danced at the Hong Kong Coliseum before. Weirdly, the audience enjoyed it. I heard them say that it was worth $900, and even those sitting far away said it was really good!”

During her performance of “My Pride” <我的驕傲>, Joey spotted Hins sitting at the panel and asked him to sing with her on the spot. He obliged and after the song ended, Joey exclaimed, “I love you! Thank you, Hins. He is very good to me. I can sing so comfortably into this mic and headset because he came earlier to help me set up everything. I have never seen such a good person. Give him a round of applause.”

Roman Helped Joey Get Through a Tough Moment

After Joey and Ekin sang “Love You Only” <一生愛你一個>, Ekin explained he agreed to be her guest because they were both Roman’s students. “Because of our teacher, we are able to be in the Hong Kong music industry and be performers. Because of his teaching and spirit.”

Joey added, “I remember Roman told us that no matter how many people or how little people are watching you on stage, you must believe that you are the host of the stage. So when I was a little lost last night, I was thinking of what he would do if he was here. Even though he hasn’t been by our side for a long time, his spirit still lives on.”

Afterward, Ekin and Joey filled the concert with love by singing and dedicating Roman’s fast song “In My Life” <在我生命裏> to their teacher in heaven.

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