Ekin Cheng Thanks Parents For Their Unconditional Love

Hong Kong singer Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) is known for his filial piety to his parents and would find ways to express his gratitude towards his parents.

Due to Ekin’s parent’s old age, they appear to have issues getting around the city and Ekin would often find time to accompany his parents.  Every week, Ekin can be spotted visiting his parents and would accompany them as they run errands together.

In addition to taking care of his family, Ekin wrote and dedicated his song “Father’s Soda” (爸爸的汽水) to his father. The emotional song which tells the strong relationship between a father and a son would leave Ekin in tears when he sings.

Parents Once Opposed Ekin to Being a Singer

Ekin and his family came from a humble beginning; his father worked in a clothing manufacturer while his mother stayed home to look after Ekin and his siblings. Growing up, Ekin would find work to earn some spare money but he was not expected to help out with his family’s expenses. Even when the family was having financial difficulties, Ekin’s mother was supportive and would tell Ekin to buy his favorite toys: “Buy it, we can eat less tomorrow.”

Compared to his mother’s lenient nature, Ekin’s father was stricter and was often worried about Ekin’s future. When Ekin wanted to join the entertainment industry, his father objected to this path. Ekin’s father felt that the road to stardom was not practical and had wanted his son to have a stable career.

However, once Ekin entered the entertainment industry, his father did not stop him and gave Ekin his full support. During the economic slowdown in 1997, Ekin lost all of his net worth but his father was one of the people to lend a hand and said, “Don’t worry. I can save a little. I don’t even need my cell phone.”

To express his gratitude, the singer once publicly thanked his parents in an interview, “Except for the time my father was opposed to my insistence to join the entertainment industry, my parents have always supported me in everything I did over the years. Even when they read gossip about me, they don’t ask any questions. Regardless if it’s about relationships or careers, they have given me complete freedom. I am really grateful for them.”

Source: East Week

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I think that’s the best type of parenting: supportive yet give their kids freedom to pursue their dreams and make their own mistakes.

  2. Always love reading articles about famous people being filial to their parents. My level of respect increases tenfold.

    1. Exactly!! I’ve always liked him as an actor, now even more as a person! Yoyo obviously loves him very much too, I didn’t realize that was her in the back lol

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