Elva Ni and Friends Enjoy Bachelorette Party in Hawaii

In Hawaii for her wedding, Elva enjoys the last days of singlehood with her good friends.

Announcing her engagement at the end 2018 on social media, 32-year-old actress Elva Ni’s (倪晨曦) wedding with boyfriend Vincent, who works in the financial industry, will be held in Hawaii. The former Miss Chinese Toronto has already arrived in Hawaii, along with her her twin sister Jennifer Ni (倪晨曄) as well as good friends Angie Chu (朱韻韻), Zelia Zhong (鍾浠文), Lilian Kan (簡幗儀) and Bobo Li (李月) for a bachelorette party.

Besides attending a lei (Hawaiian garland)-making class together, the ladies also enjoyed the sun and sea while making preparations for Elva’s wedding. Lilian uploaded a sexy photo of herself in a bikini against the beautiful local scenery while Zelia who uploaded a photo of herself wearing a handmade Hawaiian flower crown, jokingly captioned that the style did not quite suit her. Angie, who especially woke up at 3 a.m. to head to Haleakala National Park for the sunrise, shared around 6 a.m. she had a ‘failed mission’ as it turned out to be a freezing, windy day with the skies obscured by clouds, so she only managed to catch a little sunlight.

Thanking her friends for making the trip, Elva had thoughtfully prepared handmade gifts for each of them. Enjoying the last moments of her singlehood, the bride-to-be also posed for pretty photos at the beach while dressed in a lovely white dress.

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This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com

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