Bosco Wong Dates 3 Women in 6 Months? Myolie Wu is Heartbroken

 Above: Bosco Wong and mainland China costar, Liu Yan. 

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) shocked the world after announcing his split with longtime girlfriend of 8 years, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), in a radio interview with Eileen Cha (查小欣) last night. Although Bosco denied that a third party was involved, he hinted that it was Myolie’s decision to end their relationship. East Weekly even claimed that Bosco had 3 girlfriends in the last 6 months, taking advantage of their frequent long distance separation!

Bosco’s infidelity rumors have been rampant since they decided to make their relationship public last year. At the promotional event for Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭2> yesterday, Myolie did not directly respond to those rumors, but said “I was not involved with a third party on my end.” With such a cryptic response, could it be possible that Bosco really had cheated on Myolie?

Bosco Takes Advantage of Long-Distance Relationship?

Bosco and Myolie began dating after meeting on the set of Wars of In-Laws <我的野蠻奶奶> in 2004. For almost 8 years, Bosco and Myolie denied their high-profile dating rumors, although their relationship was a known public secret. Last November, Bosco and Myolie’s relationship was officially revealed after Myolie snatched the TVB Best Actress Award for her role in Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王>.

From December 2011 to June 2012, when Myolie was in mainland China filming for dramas, Jin Yu Man Tang <金玉滿堂> and La Ma Qiao Ba <辣媽俏爸>, Bosco was often caught partying in nightclubs. Allegedly, Myolie forgave Bosco initially, but after six months of Bosco consistently “breaking the rules,” Myolie decided that she could not handle it any longer, and chose to end their relationship.

Bosco Dates 3 Women in 6 Months

In February 2012, Bosco was spotted partying with friends in a Lan Kwai Fong nightclub. He was seen in the arms of an attractive woman, and they appeared to be whispering intimately with each other. After the incident was exposed, it was alleged that Myolie was very disappointed in Bosco, but she insisted on saying positive things about him in public. She sternly said, “I never meddled with his business. He can do whatever he wants. In this circle, the most important thing is popularity. It’s a good thing to be popular.” On Valentine’s Day, Bosco cooked a lavish dinner for Myolie to ask her for forgiveness.

A person who knows Bosco personally said, “Bosco knows that Myolie is easy to please. Every time he gets in trouble, he can easily cajole Myolie with a few words. Because he thinks he has gotten her full trust, Bosco becomes more rough and extreme each time.”

Using Three Cell Phones

Learning his lesson from Lan Kwai Fong, Bosco allegedly switched to more “private” parties, targeting the clubs in Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay instead. The insider explained, “Bosco loves to drink, and once he does, he will not stop. Going to our private hang outs are safer because that way the press will not catch us so easily. Besides, the girls in these parties all have known backgrounds, unlike the random girls we would meet in in Lan Kwai Fong. One time, Bosco disappeared with a lengmo for almost an entire night! We all know she came with Wilson Chin (錢國偉), so even if something did happen between them, it could be easily handled.”

The insider continued, “Also, Bosco uses three cell phones. One phone is for his family and Myolie, another is for work, and he always changes numbers for the last one. It’s convenient for him to not only pick up new girls, but avoid the old ones as well!”

Rumors with Liu Yan

According to East Weekly, Bosco and Myolie’s relationship grew rocky after being 6 months apart from each other. After returning to Hong Kong in June, Myolie wanted to use this chance to salvage their relationship. However, it was Bosco’s turn to leave for the mainland China, as he had signed on to film the mainland drama, The Woman Above the Bread Tree <麵包樹上的女人>.

Not long after leaving Hong Kong, Bosco and his busty mainland costar, Liu Yan’s (柳岩) romantic rumors started. Sharing many intimate scenes in the drama, it was reported that Bosco and Liu Yan grew close, and the two were allegedly caught dancing together in a nightclub. Allegedly, Bosco and Liu Yan’s flirtatious habits were well known among The Woman Above the Bread Tree’s production staff. Allegedly, one crew member, who knew Myolie well, alerted her of Bosco’s behavior.

Allegedly, Myolie could not stand Bosco’s flirtatious ways any longer and finally decided to end their relationship in June. Another insider close to Bosco said that the couple broke up once before in 2009, but they quickly reconciled their relationship.

Bosco is a Professional Flirt?

In 2004, Bosco and Myolie began dating after working together in TVB drama, Wars of In-Laws. After 8 years of dating, many say that their relationship reached the stage of marriage! However, many rumors continued to plague their relationship. Some insiders remarked that Myolie was too controlling, while others expressed that Bosco’s flirtatious nature is the reason the relationship’s downfall.

Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) – 2006

Reports say that while collaborating in TVB drama, The Seventh Day <最美麗的第七天>, Bosco was seen taking advantage of Natalie. He allegedly would hold onto Natalie’s hand and brush over her chest. When filming a raining scene together, Bosco gave Natalie ginger tea to keep her warm.

Fala Chen (陳法拉) – 2007

On the set of Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓>, Bosco and Fala allegedly exchanged frequent crude jokes with each other during break time. Bosco also gave Fala rides home.

Elva Ni (倪晨曦) – 2008

As a guest performer for the 2005 Miss Toronto Chinese Pageant, Bosco met Elva Ni. He praised her beauty and even managed to get her phone number. Elva also posted an intimate photo of her and Bosco on Facebook, in which he pair hugged closely.

Toby Leung (梁靖琪) – 2009

Bosco and Toby portrayed husband and wife in Growing Through Life <摘星之旅>. When filming in Shenzhen, insiders reported that they often called each other husband and wife behind the cameras, and revealed that they often “went missing” during filming breaks.

Bosco’s Female Assistant – 2011

Last year, Bosco and Myolie went to mainland China together to film drama, Racecourse <跑馬場>. During the course of filming, Myolie returned to Hong Kong briefly for a promotional event. Bosco, who was still in China, often chatted with his female assistant through Weibo. His female assistant also intimately called Bosco, “Bo Bo Gor.”

Bosco Denies Third Party Involvement

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), scanned a copy of East Weekly’s inflammatory report regarding Bosco’s alleged infidelity and sent it to him. He stated that he has only seen the headlines and abstract of the article that Ms. Lok had sent, but did not read the contents in their full length.

In his Commercial Radio interview with Eileen Cha, Bosco denied East Weekly’s wild claims and said that there was no third party involved in his breakup with Myolie Wu. Furthermore, he claimed that he had only filmed for two days with the alleged mainland costar, Liu Yan cited in East Weekly’s report.

Accused of having an affair with Bosco, Liu Yan spoke with the Oriental Daily, “There is no such thing! I only had a cameo role in The Woman Above the Bread Tree, appearing in three episodes. I do not know the other cast members that well! It is all fabricated nonsense! I only have a professional working relationship with Bosco. I do not even have his phone number and we do not follow each other’s Weibo blogs either!”

Source: East Weekly via,   Oriental Daily

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  1. LOL, so he was trying to be creating after all! Too bad “paper can’t hold fire”

  2. oops, I post the comment to the wrong article.

    While reading the article, some bosco fans may pass it off as just rumors. But do note, there’s no smoke without fire, there’s no waves without wind.
    If you guys are all passing it off as rumors, why are there so many “rumors” of infidelity for bosco over the years (just look at the list of co-stars above), and none for Myolie.

    1. Nicole,
      Tabloids claimed Bosco partied with his mainland costar, Liu Yan, but there were no published photos of such activities though. Also the cited evidence with his other TVB costars are quite weak.

      Myolie was rumored with mainland costar, Eric Huang, who openly said that he found her to possess many good qualities. They were photographed together having a (group) dinner.

      1. Oh yea, Myolie did have rumours with Eric Huang and there were earlier comments about Yu Bo having good feelings towards her as well… You really wonder…

      2. Jayne,
        As mentioned in your article, it appears that bosco has learnt to be cautious with such activities?

        One allows themselves to be photographed having a group dinner. What does that say besides, it’s innocent between them? I mean, if there’s something going on, you won’t be behaving in such an open manner.
        Yet if you start creeping around in a secretive manner, to keep it on the low down.. then maybe there’s something.

      3. Nicole,
        Sometimes tabloid reports get their scoops right and sometimes they twist their sources. Since no photographic evidence exists of his infidelity, or even his alleged “third party” is not even clear who it is at this point. The unfolding of their breakup is quite unsettling, but I wouldn’t jump to believe the worst until more information emerges.

        If no such photographs exist, we cannot presume such infidelity occurred based on tabloid’s claims. But we cannot presume they did not occur either. So it is somewhat hard to decide, based on just reading between the lines. It requires a leap of faith, no matter what you choose to believe.

      4. Good points Jayne and I remember that the press can often use photos in the wrong way too. I still remember that they used a photo of Leo Ku crying and said that he was crying because the ratings of Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3 were bad and low. However, that was NOT the case. It was a photo of him and the other cast members crying because they grew so close together while filming and just could not bear to part with each other at their reunion dinner…

      5. Jayne, no doubt pictorial evidence is important, but those can be used to tell a lie too. They can be cropped, or a photo taken during a intimate scene can be used. However, what doesn’t tell a lie, is a person’s character. You can try to hide it, to dress it up, dress it down, but ultimately, it shines through. I believe that the showy and flamboyant method a man uses to proclaim to protect his other half, and will rather die than to hear anything bad be said about her speaks volumes.

      6. @Nicole

        LOL you’re starting to sound like you are the one being played by Bosco.

      7. @viv
        I believe I let some of my personal emotion influence me, but maybe because I keep seeing women getting hurt left and right. Girls are usually quite soft hearted to fall for the wrong types of guys.. Sigh

      8. @Nicole

        you do sound emotional from all your comments since yesterday! LOL. as if Bosco wronged you instead if Myolie or maybe you yourself has met a playboy bf before

  3. Hm… Now I really wonder?? Bosco’s personality seems more fliratious versus Myolie’s. However, did he really cheat is still another question. First of all, if he got really involved with all the above women, then you can say that he did.. BUT if all you do is hang out, talk,etc.. Does that count?? There does not seem to be a clear line at times between actually dating or just hanging out like coworkers/collegues. I am not a fan of either of them so I am not sure… However, if he did cheat, then he got what he deserved…

    1. HTS,

      Like for instance a court case the jury don’t have perfect knowledge or the “truth” i.e have to base their decision/opinion on the evidence provided.

      Likewise based on all the public information we possess till now I think it’s obvious that Bosco did something very wrong (cheating). Otherwise he wouldn’t have said “blame it all on me” (ofcourse the public will if they find out anyway i.e protection strategy) unless he is a saint, LOL

      Saw the clip with Myolie and she looked genuine sad and if she was acting then she deserves the TV queen award. Moreover if she lied I don’t blv Bosco would stay quit.

      Not a fan of either so I can claim to be unbiased here.

      1. exoidus, if myolie was really acting, will you start praise her acting then? LOL

        Actually I’m a fan of both, so I’m still unbiased.
        I mean, I listened to Bosco’s interview first, and was genuinely sad for him, then why do pedestrian #1 TCW and #2 620 have so much to say for Bosco? Then I start feeling suspicious.. as up to then, Myolie hasn’t even said a single thing, yet all these people are trying to paint Bosco in a sympathetic light, like how he’s crying and want to chase myolie back, etc. In fact, why did they only interview Pedestrian #1, but not someone like Nancy Wu, who is a good sister of Myolie? The bias was pretty obvious. Then when Myolie finally says her piece, well, it pretty much damns bosco.
        Why does Bosco needs the support of 620 and TCW, when Myolie can stand alone?

      2. Hey, go to the article “Bosco reveals tearful breakup…”

      3. Exiodus,

        Good analogy and I agree with you. I think everyone will think that Bosco did cheat now, but like I have said, IF he did then he got what he deserved… Relationships sadly cannot last forever at times and maybe the break up is what is best for them. I also am not a fan of either of them so I try to be fair and unbiased as well.

      4. I meant the clip of myo’s interview.

        I’ve been a fan of theirs since wars of the in laws days and myolie since golden faith. Really sad this is happening, but if Bosco did cheat, I’m proud of myolie for taking a stand.

      5. Nicole,

        Yeah if she was acting then im impressed as I was expecting to see gwing face but couldn’t see it to my surprise, LOL

        I think it was obvious when the pieces have fallen into the place. If it wasn’t something serious i.e cheating then why would Myolie wanted to break it off? I mean 7-8 yrs is a long time (investment)especially for a woman.


        Im not trying to make you agree with me la :). Just a little surprised that you refused to blv that Bosco most likely cheated. Ofcourse I get what you mean by “we don’t know for sure” but the world is complex with lots of info and we most likely never will acquire perfect knowledge of reality.


        think it’s in the “Myolie responds..” article

      6. Exiodus,
        It is not that I refuse to believe that Bosco cheated but like I have said, who knows for sure if he did or not?? There is more than what meets the eye. Also with some of the reports of how their relationship is may not be what we think, who really knows?? Honestly, even their family members may not always know the whole truth so how do we as outsiders know for sure??? All we can we do is guess and speculate. I am not a fan of either of them so am not trying to side with either of them.

  4. we wll nvr know for sure.. well if its true good riddance to bosco. be strong girl.. one goes anther comes along



    1. its in the past. and plus, it might be rumors. all this **** is to cause the actor/actress to ruin their reputation images of their career. i believe all guys especially when your an actor cheat. FOR EXAMPLE LIKE RAYMOND LAM. I LOST HIS REPUTATION WHEN HE BROKE UP WITH LINDA. SHE IS INCREDIBLY AMAZING GIRL AND HE CHOOSES TO GO WITH A ****** GIRL.

  6. If these rumors are true…then shame on you Bosco! I started to become a fan of Bosco after watching Witness Insecurity. Only if his real-life personality matched the character he portrayed in the show:P
    Also, Myolie is so much prettier and classier than that chick poster above…sigh.

  7. Liu Yan? Did she hook up with someone else? And she isnt young lengmo at all. She is more of a sexy host and actress. I doubt that Liu Yan is the third party. She always aims older guys.

  8. If it’s true that Bosco cheated, Myolie has the right to end it. I go for Once cheated, forever cheater. He can be a playboy I dun mind a bit, but cheating on her isnt right at all.

    But up to now, we still assume. Leave them some space to solve the matter. Who know if they still can reunite. 8 years already…

  9. Yes, they might nt be any real evidence tht bosco cheated with myolie. Bt according to apple daily, there are a few eye witnesses who claim that he has some sort of fling with his mainland co star and not to count his partying ways as well. I dont think those eye witnesses would just come out and accuse bosco unless he really did smth wrong.

    1. Apple daily? LOL yah. The most credible newspapers in HK. ROFL.

      The press are holding back this time. Not even dining picture with booby Liu Yan? Even Myolie get dining picture with Yu Bo

      1. It s hard to actually have evidence since does just dining together actually count as evidence?? Can’t friends and co stars eat and hang out together?? Does that count as dating???

      2. That’s why i said its boring when they dont have even dining pics. They should have taken some offscreen pics of Bosco and the big boobs woman.

  10. Bosco probably did cheat, remember what Myolie said in her interview together with Mandy? She said something like Sagittarius people like to play around. Probably referring to Bosco.

    1. I remembered that and that raised a red flag for me! But I tried to ignore it…ahh she keeps hinting that he cheated :(((

      1. What I’m wondering is why Bosco still acted as though they were a couple… the interview for his new drama he was saying how she complains about him being boring, and then he said he was going to hire her a body guard if she films in Mainland, and the whole “protect Myolie Wu” thing before WI aired… seems like a whole lot of BS that he started planning ahead of time so that he looks better when the truth is revealed… or was he seriously being repentant and wanted her back and still would do all those things for her?

    2. Myolie is smart to make the press con while promoting GJ2 because her being the victim can help to boost GJ2 rating and at the same time she can get back at Bosco by hurting WI rating LOL

      1. I was too depressed to watch WI yesterday night. At the same time, I was also too depressed to watch 3K and Tv funny. I will skip GJ2 temporarily, seeing Myolie only reminds me of their break up.

  11. Seems completely fabricated to me. It’s funny that the report uses past tabloid reports as evidence. Needs more evidence.

  12. After hearing TCW radio interview it give me this crazy idea that Bosco actually had a gay affair with TCW! TCW was like very concerned and caring abiut him! LOL

  13. I saw the interview on OnTV and somehow I feel that Myolie is very hurt by Bosco’s “actions.” It might be true that Bosco has cheated on her. When the reporter relayed the message from Bosco to Myolie that he was willing to change and would wait for her, she started tearing up.

  14. If there is nothing major happening in their relationship you don’t breakup after being together for 8 years. My instinct says he probably have done something very disrespectful towards her. I think in China most man can’t resist the temptation from other pretty women…a decade ago it was consider normal for a man to sleep with other women as long as he comes home to you. I hate cheater! Good for Myolie she deserves better.


    From the oncc video above it’s pretty evident from Myolie’s response that he cheated on her.

    A really rough transcript of the video.

    M:We have cool down for a while and…
    R: Broke up already?
    M: Yeah we have broken up already a few months ago. It’s really hard to explain things clearly between us since we have separated and it would not be fair to us if I would to say something.
    R: Bosco hasn’t play enough yet?
    M: That you have to ask him
    R: But he said he would prove to you and is willing to change so you can have more faith in him. He said he will wait for you.
    M: Don’t say until like that
    R: But he seems reluctant during his interview this morning
    M:(starts getting teary and emotional)I really didn’t want this to happen…I hope…Both of us are adults and we handled the problem in a calm and mature way…I’m sorry
    M:I really didn’t want this to turn out to be like a big deal and today is GJ2’s promo I felt like is really unfair to this series.
    R: What’s the cause of the break up?
    M: I hope both of us could settle things in a mature way
    R:Have you thought of how to announce the break up?
    M: I have thought about it all along but didn’t really know how…
    M: I don’t want to be like as if I’m saying something bad about him…to me this is just not right
    R: So both of you broke up mutually?No fights?No third party?
    M: I don’t want to state things too clearly.I hope everyone could give us some space because when we were dating we already don’t have enough space
    R: Is there a chance to reconcile?
    M: Let’s just be friends back
    R: Is there a third party? Did he explain to you?
    M: We had both separated so I don’t think I can speak on his behalf but I could represent myself and say that I don’t have(a third party)
    R: When is the last time both of you meet?
    M: We didn’t see each other for a long time..alright I have nothing to say already
    R: He said he will protect you and doesn’t want anything to hurt you
    M: I hope so too that everyone can stop guessing..all along is really hard for me to face it and I have thought of many methods on how I could face it…it’s been many months already
    R: Now have you move out already?
    M: No, I didn’t move out…in fact we didn’t live together and have our own homes.
    R: Both of you broke up mutually?
    M: You can say that


    1. I really felt Myolie’s pain while translating the video!! She is exceptionally emotional when the reporters talk about how Bosco wants to get back together with her and how he would change and prove to her.

      Sigh….A part of me really wants them to reconcile but another part of me thinks that is not worth giving him another chance if he really did cheated on her! Dilemma!

      1. I don’t want them to reconcile. Myolie’s interview and watching her cry because of Bosco’s bad boy behaviour is enough. I don’t have the heart to stomach the interview by others because I know I will end up cursing them for making Myolie suffer. I regret defending Bosco’s acting and if I ever praised Tang Chiwai before, I take it back. I dislike Vir. Lok.

      2. She’s really in pain and its very unpleasant interview. Maybe she could have avoid the reporters during this breakup period…

  16. I only watch Myolie’s interview because I can’t stomach anymore after that. I believe it’s Bosco’s fault because Myolie look really hurt. I really believe that what she meant about Bosco flirting with others is true. We women need no evidence about this. It can be sensed. 8 years for nothing. I could care less about Bosco and Tang chiwai interviews.

    1. Don’t be overly sensitive and you need not to be overly biased!

      I believe if she chooses to break up with Bosco, she should have nobody to blame on.

      It’s her own will to do that.

      If she couldn’t find a good husband (someone who is as good as Bosco)thereafter, let’s accept it!!

  17. I really didn’t see this coming.. I mean it was just few months back that Myolie openly declared Bosco’s status in the public aka TV and they’ve split now?

    1. She’s still looking fine talking about Bosco in the interview with Mandy. She was actually hiding her broken heart

      1. Yeah I can tell that from her sad face, it’s really hard to be an artist, you have to control your emotional even if you’re angry and sad.. tough for them.

  18. First of all is the evidence that bosco cheated on her? are there pics of him hugging or kissing other girls? Even when myolie was filming with eric huang, they were caught having dinner and everybody believe that they were going out. with bosco situation there are no pictures yet, so dont specualte anything til proof

    1. Its called Gossiping. This is a gossip webpage.

      1. i know that but it seem like u guys just believe what the tabloids say right away, i always believe with the media if there are pictures! im just saying stupid

      2. you dont need pictures if you read the text that reveals the fact.

    2. She went to dinner with Eric Huang with a group of friends.

      1. Myolie has denied the rumour with Eric Huang personally.

    3. If you watch Myolie’s interview and the tears that she shed, you will be inclined to believe the rumour. Myolie is a high standard woman, she won’t lie about her feelings.

      1. I believe Myolie too, she seems like someone nice and friendly. I never think of her as someone who’s full of pride etc. OH well, I hope she’s ok and happier without the cheater.

      2. i watched it, so what if she clarified the rumors with eric, bosco clarified the rumors too with that mainland actress

      3. I don’t care about Bosco denial since I don’t listen to his interview. Myolie’s interview has hurt me seeing her shed her tears. I had enough. Myolie will be happier and more successful without him and she will find a nicer, mire handsone and richer husband

      4. there are 2 sides of this story, of course myolie will cry because their relationship lasted for 8 years, if she didnt cry then something is wrong with her, we dont kno the reason y they broke up, we cant just make rumors and say oh he cheated on her when there is no evidence i think its not fair to blame everything on bosco! The guy always take the blame

      5. @Jake
        You know you keep denying the rumors are fake, but let me say this, there are so many incidents of rumors with bosco. I’m not saying ALL are real, but with that so many, are you sure that one or two is not real? I repeat again, there is no smoke without fire. If he is really well behaved, there won’t be so many rumors? Look at people like Roger Kwok, why aren’t there any rumors for him? Yet Bosco has rumors after rumors.

      6. Agree with you again nicole, I’m sure one of these rumours Bosco had with these pretty girls are real.

  19. well if this true, then good riddance to bad garbage! Myolie should just move on. Get over it already!

  20. It’s good for Myolie to break up with such a flirty boyfriend, I thought he would be different but still like those fake doll.

  21. I do some topic search on weibo and saw Myolie fans are attacking big boobs Liu Yan. LOL getting interesting

    1. Some cute bosco fans were cheering that their bosco ditch the ugly myolie, now I hope they feel happier that bosco like the big boob type. LOL

    2. LOL it gets funnier. Myolie’s fans are believing this Liu Yan is the third party and scorning Bosco for going to big boobs that they call plastic. LOL

      1. See more Myolie’s fans because they’re scorning both Bosco and Liu Yan. I will search Bosco topic next

      2. vivien, I searched “柳岩”, and can see that many of the posts are from bosco fans. LOL

    3. It seems like those big plastic Boobs mainland women are good for nothing except using their fake body to trap men?

      1. PSS —> Raymond
        Viann—> Ron
        Liu Yan —> Bosco

        I’m getting annoyed by those plastic barbies as well.

      2. Oii! Oii! Oii! That’s too much you that those chinese big boob gals are plastic.

        Some of these gals are very warm, easy going and soft and they are completely different to Myolie Wu who is known for being very choosy, skeptical and likes to complain most of the times.

      3. I really doubt Liu Yan aims Bosco for fame and money. She isnt in the same league with either PSS or Viann. If she wants, she can trap many other famous guys in China. She is same age with Bosco or 1-2 years younger only.

    4. myolie fans vs bosco fans would be interesting too.

      1. Crazy cute little bosco fans will be cheering because their idol ditch the ugly gwing one.

        Crazy cute little myolie fans will be cheering because bosco so stupid to fall for plastic big boob.

        The rest of us bosco or myolie fans feeling sad.

      2. Boring. That’s enough already here in Jaynestars with Myolie fans scorning him cheater and Bosco fans keep sympathizing with his depression. Boring. Booby woman more interesting

      3. Whatever it is Myolie has wasted 8 years of her life. She finally can be happy now that she has broken up with Bosco. I’m cheering for Myolie.

      4. Yeah! Which of any guys doesn’t like big boobies? They make our guys ENERGETIC!!!

        Oucch! You’re so lovely!

  22. Does anyone follow Myolie and/or Bosco on weibo? Have they had interactions in the past couple months? did they say anything about the break up there yet?

      1. You can’t blame on him for the lack of time he spent on weibo!!

        Bosco is pretty very busy NOW with his new found romance!!

        Give him a break man. Thanks

    1. I follow both but rarely see they post to each other even last year when Myolie announced their dating status.

      Myolie is more active user than Bosco. She usually posts thing about her work, friends and foods.

  23. even if there was no third party involved, bosco frequenting bars and nightclubs in her absence could have been a catalyst in their breakup. it’s very hard to trust a partner who ventures out all the time without you, especially if you’re too far away to check in with them from time to time.

    1. You’re right! No gals in the world can stand with this snobbish and scrappy behavior.

      Any female who can tolerates this sin is a rare gem of SUPERIOR quality!!!!

  24. heres a solution: TVB series’ War of In-Laws 3!

    1. actually that’d be quite interesting to see how they would still collaborate after breaking up. Isn’t this the reason TVB didn’t want their artists to date in the first place? If they have the opportunity and can pull it off, then they are truly amazing actors

      1. It can work. Pressure TVB to do War of In-Laws 3 and everybody happy. LOL

      2. what if they’re setting the stage to announce WOIL 3? LOL

  25. Good for bosco, he could much better looking tail than myolie

  26. oh oh the knives are out aiming at Bosco. Listening and watching Bosco and Myolie’s interview, it seems Bosco has been caught by Myolie for playing around. Hence the apologetic Bosco!

  27. Poor Liu Yan somehow. She is dragged in from nowhere with no evident. Just because she has big boobs =.=.

  28. Somehow, Liu Yan’s response seems to tell me that she is not trying to draw attention to boost her popularity (in comparision to Mavis vs Ray or Viann vs Ron).

    Maybe Bosco cheated with someone else.

    Let’s never let Kenneth go to film the Mainland China. =)

    1. MM fans criticized Txb for not letting him to go to China to dig gold. Now they must cheer Txb instead?

    2. “Let’s never let Kenneth go to film the Mainland China. =)”

      Huge difference. He is going there as a single man, so he may probably come back as buy 1 free 1 thing; wife and child.

      1. Ron went as a single man and look what happened to him! =(

        Though I do say, KM is much more clear-minded and mature than his peers at TVB despite his “sweet-talking”. KM really seems to be quite the catch.

      2. Ron went single and come back addicted to mainland dolls.

  29. Looking at Myolie seeing her speak like that, I see pain usually from cheating, not a irreconciable differences type separation. Affairs happen at two places, workplace and at clubs/bars and Bosco seems to enjoy both. If this was a peaceful ending, I don’t believe Bosco would air his breakup to the media in which he did. IMO, he was doing damage control because it was going to come out how the relationship ended. All these Chinese girls look so generic, I don’t know how men from HK pick them over someone like Myolie, I guess HK men loves balloons.

  30. Liu Yan left a lengthy message on Myolie baidu. “Liu Yan’s clarification on the rumors! Rumors stopped with the wise!”

    She denies categorically all rumors of her being the 3rd person in M and B’s breakup.

    Poor innocent woman so ridiculously dragged into situation not of her making.


      1. Bosco also denied Liu Yan is third party between Boscolie. So who else should we speculate?

  31. its not bosco’s fault. i bet is that all the girls trying to seduce him and ruin his image.

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