[Celebrity Homes] Mark Lui Designs His New Home in England

Other than leading a successful career as a music composer and producer, Mark Lui (雷頌德) is also notable for being a family man. A loving husband and father, he often shares the importance of spending time with the family. For this reason, he and his wife Jade Leung (梁家玉) decided to move to England to support their children’s’ studies.

Mark had studied at the Imperial College London and graduated with a civil engineering degree, so he especially has positive memories of England. Mark’s creative energy is always flowing with new ideas, and he has dabbled in fashion, interior home, as well as watch design. Designing his new home in England, Mark shared photos with his friends and followers on Instagram.

The 49-year-old implemented a modern design with added traditional English country house elements. Using decorations and color choices to impose a sense of Nordic style, he also sought to create a retro feeling with old-fashioned taps and shower heads. The attentiveness on each aspect of the house demonstrates his dedication to his work and the desire to create the dream home for his family to comfortably live in.

Living Room

Light gray painted walls were matched with a forest green colored sofa. Decorated above the sofa were four frames of Flamingo paintings. Also hung above the fireplace was a monochrome photo of his wife posing coolly before a stopped train.

Sun Room

Connected to the living room is the sun room. A simple yet grand golden coffee table was placed in the center with an accompanied designer chair and gray fluffy lounge chair. The coffee table matched the gold rimmed table and the yellow-brown nook in the living room.


The white ceiling and wooden doors were coupled with teal colored accent walls. Several family photos were hung upon the walls of the staircase, to create a warm family atmosphere.

Office Room 

Here is the space where Mark creatively works and where he places his most treasured instruments such as guitar collection and keyboard.



Mark’s wife loves to cook, so the kitchen is where most effort and thought was placed. Jade had earlier praised Mark on Instagram saying he knew exactly what she wanted in the kitchen, making her feel extremely happy whenever she cooks.




Bright red colored paint took up the top half of the walls while marble brick patterned tiles covered the rest of the bottom. Retro gold elements shine glamorously in the room, and it also runs into the shower room that is painted in ocean blue.


Source: HK01

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Love everything about the decor except for the red walls in the bathroom, too garish and “fierce” for me.

    1. @passingby2 I found the red bathroom to be stylish, after seeing too much teal in the kitchen. Teal walls and teal kitchen cabinets–maybe the intention was for the cabinets to blend into the wall, but I think white kitchen cabinets would have been a lot more classy and timeless.

      Overall, Mark’s home is appealing and seems modest for being a celebrity home.

      1. @jayne yes it’s very stylish, red with gold and gives the house a pop of color after all that teal and white color scheme but it’s just me that i don’t like red especially in the home. Reminds me of blood and violence. Love the teal, gives me such a comforting and soothing feeling.

  2. I like everything except the red/gold bathroom, and agree the teal cabinets are overkill in the kitchen. A very nice house I would love to live in.

  3. You can see a lot of their time, effort and personal taste was added throughout the rooms, but the design doesn’t flow smoothly from each room.
    I sort of like how the red highlights the bathroom, but it’s a stark contrast to the dark and gloomy kitchen which is a shame. I’m surprised, since his wife is a “kitchen goddess” and a brighter choice of colours would definitely be more ideal when cooking in the kitchen.
    His choice of kitchen colours would be better suited to a den or study.

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