Photo of Benny Chan Shaving His Wife Stirs Controversy

46-year-old Hong Kong actor Benny Chan (陳浩民) and his wife Lisa Jiang (蔣麗莎) welcomed four children in five years, leading to concerns about Lisa’s health. Lisa, who has three daughters and one son with Benny, went through Cesarean surgery for all four births.

“We’ve asked the doctor about this,” said Benny. “But my wife is very health. I do not deny that C-sections have significant risks and can be quite damaging to your vigor, but having kids is my family’s business. I have no need to discuss this with anybody else. We are happy. The kids are happy. That is the most important thing.”

In honor of their daughter’s 100th day of birth, Benny went on social media to share a set of pictures they took in March, moments before their third daughter and fourth child was to be born.

The photos, while sweet, did stir some controversy online. One of the photos that Benny shared was of him shaving his wife’s pubic hair in the bathroom. The photos shocked netizens, and quite a lot of them said it was a photo that was too private to be shared online.

In regards to these comments, Benny said, “All parents know that this is just one of the processes of pregnant women. Besides, her private areas were not exposed!” Benny also added, “These are all important memories. We cannot all just remember to snap moments of our wedding. It’s important to snap moments of the pregnancy too.”

According to a source, the photoshoot went on for over 20 hours. Wouldn’t that be too tiring for Lisa? Benny explained, “Lisa couldn’t sleep anyways. Our photographer wanted to go home but my wife was too nervous and excited.”

Benny is unaffected by the negative comments he received online. He said he’ll be spending the rest of his summer teaching swimming to his eldest daughter. He is very thankful to his wife, and said, “She has suffered a lot, and has devoted so much.”

Source: QQ

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    1. @snoopy
      Lol…omfg…. I think he can shave wherever he likes but why must he shared such a picture on social media? Lord! We get it, he’s seem her left/right/up/down/whichever way since they are hubby/wife but must the world need to know where he shaves his wife? Can’t blame ppl for being shocked and disgusted. Wow, and we thought the Kardashians are trashy? That pic can top it. haha LOL…

    2. @snoopy eh yeah if you don’t do it yourself, the gynae will do it for you. I had c-sec too but not sure why still need to shave. As I wasn’t aware of it I didn’t shave and the day of delivery, the gynae did it for me. Imagine my horror .

    3. @snoopy Pubic hair is extremely dirty no matter how well you try to clean it. Besides when you are giving birth everything will just flush right out, pubic hair will trap all that bacteria. Shaving it helps prevent the baby and mother from being infected. Even if you are going through a C-section it is advised to have your pubic hair shaved.

  1. Prop for Benny in helping his wife but talk about way too much sharing! And I do not think all pregnant woman does this. At least those I know never mention it. Especially if its a csection.

    On a side note. Saw him and his family a few month ago when my family was at HK. They seem like a very hand on couple even though they had 2 helpers. Kids were super cute! Especially the son! Wife was tall and skinny!

    1. @happybi gosh she is so slim. Look at her slender legs eventhough she already had 3 kids then. Wow wish I could be so slim too

      1. @nigel she is very slim and tall in person! Some people are just so lucky! Good metabolism.

        I had csection too and yes they do shave around the top area. Its because that is where they disinfect and where the incison goes.

  2. Ewwww….pukes…..Honestly all this exhibitionist behaviour is very disturbing and shameless. Take the pics by all means but keep them private. Disgusting!

    1. @isay I find it disturbing too. fine, he wants to upload pics…no problem, but a pic of him cutting wife’s pubic hair? shouldn’t that be kept private?

  3. Lol. Maybe he’s just trying to show off here and his wife does have a long legs. I can tell his wife seem a bit taller than him. I still think it’s wrong post such a private part picture online like this what if their kids sees it? Or their parents and other family members?

  4. Benny wants to get public attention? Ok, he’s successful. I’m among those being attracted. Well, he didn’t shave his wife pubic hair in that picture, because if he really shaved, about 10 minutes, all her pubic hair had gone away, so in 20 hours, maybe all his wife body hair and all his children body hair would gone away. LOL

  5. I’m all for documenting important milestones such as weddings and pregnancies since I do it too. However, personally, that right photo is overwhelming for me. He should’ve kept it for his private viewing.

  6. Holy cow. I know they’re husband and wife, but not even Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have shown something like this, and you know American celebrities love to expose themselves, especially the women.

  7. Obviously this couple really enjoy the physical aspect of their relationship. Maybe the idea of that photo is too revealing but the way it was taken, looks ok. Her legs though are so thin. I wonder can a woman have so many times C-section? I thought there is a recommended no. of times?

      1. @janet72 It is as can be very dangerous if the incision isn’t heal by the time she carry the next one. Look at Tori Spelling. Almost lost her life on her 4th pregnancy as she conceive 3 or 4 month after giving birth to her 3rd one via csection. Just glad she was OK. But yes, Benny wife is very fertile. Some people are blessed like that.

    1. @msxie0714
      Is this same guy who had molested some teenage model (Rose Chan?) a few years back?

      If he were, then at least he has begun to learn channeling his exhibitionism tendencies with the right person. I think their next photo shoot will involve his wife putting a leather mask over his head and whipping his butt to a bright red color. LOL!!

      1. @aiya
        yup, that’s the perv…LOL…n along w/that Joe Ma too but that guy has a slightly better image. Fifty Shades huh? Well, kind of have to be a perv and creepy to fit that image? haha lol…

  8. So there was a pitiful 3rd party photographer who actually had to take these pictures?! Gross!

    Its a shame you ccant unsee some of these “nice and touching” images people decide to share of their private lives.

    1. @megamiaow I wish i can unsee those gross pics too, pukes!!! Private lives shld be kept private no matter how “loving and touching” they deem those pics to be. Next thing we know, shameless people like them will be sharing pics of how they made their babies with the whole worldwide web.

    2. @megamiaow seriously, this pic is meant for private viewing. why must he upload such a picture? he can do whatever he wants in PRIVATE. shaving wife’s pubic hair is so personal.

  9. Honestly wish I can unsee the photo. Pregnant mom pictures are fine, but not of ones in the bathroom of your own home with your husband shaving your pubic hair for the internet to see. C’mon.

  10. Benny Chan: ““But my wife is very health. I do not deny that C-sections have significant risks and can be quite damaging to your vigor, but having kids is my family’s business. I have no need to discuss this with anybody else. (We) are happy.”

    This is the same Benny Chan who cheated on his wife back then, when she was preggie with #1 or #2 baby?

    Of course HE is happy.

    Body/Figure/C-section danger is all hers. He can always find another one. She She obviously does whatever it takes to keep him happy, and by her side.

  11. It’s quite well known to the public that Benny Chan Ho Man isn’t a likeable individual. Negative stories appear about him only. No Hong Kong market for him but he is lucky that the lucrative China market exists. He is a mediocre talent at best!

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