Benny Chan Cherishes Wife, Lisa Chiang

After the hit of Mainland Chinese reality television show Dad, Where Are We Going <爸爸去哪兒>, its counterpart Unbelievable Moms <不可思議的媽媽> was released. Benny Chan (陳浩民) and Lisa Chiang (蔣麗莎), along with their four children, star in the show. Benny even spoke about the infamous Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) incident from 2011.

Already married at the time, Benny was photographed kissing and fondling 19-year-old Rose Chan at a restaurant in Hengdian with the presence of Joe Ma (馬德鐘). Eventually, Benny held a press conference to apologize for his behavior, stating that he had drank too much alcohol. Over the years, the scandal with Rose faded as Benny seemed to be a warm husband and father.

Maturity Over The Years

Recently in the latest episode of Unbelievable Moms where Lisa went to visit Benny on a film set despite being sick, the two openly shared their feelings about the Rose Chan incident. Benny expressed, “I’m so glad to have [Lisa] by my side. or else I would have gone crazy during that time – the path was so unclear.”

When talking about Lisa having accompanied him to the press conference despite heavily pregnant, Benny replied, “I actually didn’t want her to come because we were about to welcome a baby in a few days. But she felt that as a woman, the media would place more attention on her. In reality, she’s just pleading for her husband – it was especially touching.”

Having matured since that incident, Benny added, “It was precisely because of that incident that changed the original immature, childish, and self-centered Benny Chan.”

Hopes That Children Will Keep Wife Company 

With Lisa giving birth to four children since 2011, many thought her only purpose was to have Benny’s children. Coming to her defense, Benny said, “I’m afraid that I might be the first one to leave since we do have a bit of an age gap. I didn’t know what I could leave her with. Besides our memories, I thought why not have more children? When I’m gone one day, she’ll at least have our children to accompany her so she won’t he too lonely.”


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