Sammi Cheng and Charlene Choi Visit Niki Chow’s Baby

Currently taking care of her nearly two-month-old son, Niki Chow (周勵淇) rarely steps outside her home but she is happy when friends drop by to visit. Yesterday, Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) and Charlene Choi (‎蔡卓妍) shared photos on social media of their visit to Niki’s home.

Sammi held Niki’s baby in her arms, but a flower emoji was placed over his face to protect his privacy in the photo. Sammi shared her happiness, “Recently, I have been surrounded by many new mothers and have witnessed their love and happiness. I’ve also been treated to a lot of ginger soup!” In typical Sammi fashion, she added many hashtags to her post including, “A mother’s love knows no bounds, nothing compares”; “New mothers have so much to learn”; ‘I’m now very experienced in holding babies; looks good and is sturdy” and “Auntie Sammi”.

Charlene also shared the photos and commented, “In a blink of an eye, Shadow [referring to Niki’s character in Diva Ah Hey! <下一站・・・天后>] has become a mother!” She also added many hashtags, “I’ve now graduated from Big Sister Sa to Auntie Sa” ; “Actually I’m really scared of holding newborn babies” ; “But his mom said no problem” and “Baby has a brave mom”.

Since Niki gave birth, she has not shared any photos of her son. However, she has been vocal about her thoughts on being a new mother on Instagram. She revealed that she has gone saved the baby’s cord blood just in case there is a future medical need. She also interacted with her fans, and asked if anyone knew where the tradition of giving ginger soup originated from. She had done a lot of research online but could not find a definite answer.

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  1. The sad part is you can’t even recognize any of them anymore. Plastic surgery overload. How sad.

    1. Wish they were aware their age adds up to 120+ and the public would appreciate if they just smile properly into the camera instead of making these cringey faces

    2. @renren Sammi is actually aging naturally. I know you can’t tell from pics because it’s all filtered. But on her IG she always uploads videos of her working out without makeup, and that’s when you see her forehead wrinkles etc. Which is why I feel bad when Andy cheated on her, makes me wonder if it’s because she’s aging. But I rather her age naturally.

      1. @abcd if that is what you want to believe, then that is okay. Everyone with eyes wide open can see that these three women are poster girls for plastic surgery

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