Not An Innocent, Rose Chan Was Willingly Groped by Benny Chan?

The alleged sexual harassment of Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) by Benny Chan (陳浩民) and Joe Ma (馬德鐘) has taken Hong Kong by storm. In Joe Ma’s press statement yesterday, he strongly denied that he made an assault and indecent harassment of Rose, while noting he reserved rights to pursue legal action for libel. The “Double Perverts’ Molestation” case may have another “truth” to it. Allegedly, Rose Chan was a willing participant in Benny Chan’s groping games in the past!

On the night of the Rose’s sexual harassment, a crew member who had accompanied the stars at the group dinner, karaoke, and barbeque supper, spoke with Apple Daily on an anonymous condition. The insider was baffled why Benny’s groping games led to the incident being reported to the Hong Kong police, “Rose has always been a very warm person and often mingled with the male artists. Since the group dinner at the onset of the evening, Rose drank heavily and allowed the men present to greet her warmly. All along, Rose did not resist.” Eager to clear the suspicion that he was involved in Rose’s sexual harassment, Joe Ma did not deny [the insider’s account of the situation]. After a few seconds of silence, Joe replied, “Anyhow, my wife trusts me a lot.”

The insider familiar with the sexual harassment situation revealed that Rose was very popular among crew members due to her warm personality. “From the group dinner, the karaoke party, to the barbeque supper, everyone was dissatisfied without alcohol; this included Rose Chan as well.” (Rose claimed that she only drank orange juice.) “Nonsense! She drinks all kinds of spirits, ranging from hard liquor to beer! Rose already possessed a warm personality, thus after drinking, her personality grew extremely warm! She will take the initiative to hug a man and whisper in his ear. At the karaoke, Rose already allowed Benny Chan to touch her without any resistance. After going to the barbeque supper, Rose asked her assistant to return to the hotel first. Who knew that Rose considered herself to be hurt that night? All evening, Rose sounded very high and lively;  you can tell from her voice that she was not sober.”

Rose Chan and Benny Chan Used to Playing With Each Other

Rose Chan’s martial arts sifu, Sin Kwok Lam (冼國林), was extremely angry that no one at the barbeque restaurant came to Rose’s rescue when she was touched inappropriately by Benny Chan. The insider sneered, “There were many sober crew members sitting around the table. However, Rose never left her seat or attempted to cry out, ‘No!’ Earlier, Rose was playing with Benny in the same manner and she had no problems with it!” (Rose indicated that she did not run because she was unfamiliar with her surroundings.) “That’s even funnier! There was another female crew member present. If Rose wished to leave, there will be someone to take her. If there was a fire warden, why sit there? If the incident were so severe, then she should have tried to wake up Timmy Hung to help her!”

Joe Ma’s Wife Trusts Him Completely

After the Apple Daily reporter repeated the crew member’s account of the incident, Joe Ma did not deny the details. Joe only stated, “Anyhow, my wife trusts me very much.” (Rose filed a police report in Hong Kong; what do you plan to do?) “The Hong Kong Police has not contacted me yet. I am currently looking for a lawyer. The incident did not affect my daily routine; I am going to work peacefully. Since I already released a press statement, I am not in the position to respond too much over the matter.” (Director Wong Jing 王晶 ridiculed you.) “I have an understanding with Benny Chan and we have been in communication with each other. We know what is going on, but Jing Gor spoke in this manner because he did know the inside story.”

After the exposure of the photos in which Benny Chan and Joe Ma touched Rose Chan inappropriately, Benny and Joe responded separately, which were met with extreme public criticism. Joe’s attempt to extricate himself from the incident and drawing clear boundaries from Benny led to Wong Jing’s ridicule that Joe betrayed his friendship with Benny. Perhaps due to the backlash from netizens, Joe deleted the critical comments.

Rose Chan Ridiculed by Netizen.

The “Double Perverts Molestation” incident became more fascinating as additional details emerged. The two men’s responses were heinous, but some people questioned why Rose Chan, who was trained in Wing Chun martial arts, did not leave the restaurant immediately after the “harassment” occurred. Rose’s explanation was, “I was unfamiliar with the surroundings.” Rose’s naive and stupid comment was quickly ridiculed by numerous Hong Kong women.

Sin Kwok Lam Fires Back: “Benny Chan Is A Bastard!”

Regarding Rose being ridiculed after she was touched inappropriately, Rose’s martial arts sifu, Sin Kwok Lam, was devastated. Sin Sifu stated angrily, “A 19-year-old was scared witless after she was taken advantage of by the ‘uncles’; the martial arts skills she possessed did not help her as a result.”

After finding out about the harassment incident, Sin Kwok Lam admitted that his first response was anger, “I scolded Rose Chan [expletive] ‘street.’ Who has such a low alertness level in a time of danger?! Afterwards, I knew that I went too far with the scolding; she is still the victim. I analyzed the incident with Rose, who said that she resisted the advances and pushed them away several times. The wild dogs were too wild and her resistance efforts were to no avail. ”
As to the mystery why Rose did not leave the restaurant immediately after harassment occurred, Sin Sifu spoke impatiently on behalf of Rose, “First, only Timmy Hung (洪天明) had a car, so she had to wait until after Timmy woke up from his drunken stupor. People who have been to Hengdian know that the roads are barren and the transportation is very inconvenient. Second, a 19-year-old will absolutely resist a stranger’s sexual harassment. However, Rose’s relationship with the men bordered on knowing them and not knowing them that well; she did not know whether to resist or not. Fundamentally, Rose did not know what to do under the circumstances, which is quite normal.”

“Even Tony Wong (黃玉郎) noted that no one dared to cause trouble in a well-lit area. However, the bastard even put his hand inside Rose’s shirt!  He went too far! A 19-year-old was scared witless after being assaulted by ‘uncles’ and even though she was trained in Wing Chun martial arts, it was still useless. Under those circumstances, she forgot all the martial arts skills she possessed. At first, the bastard did not admit to this misconduct and said that someone took advantage of him! This is what you call a despicable low-life! I dare say that the people in Hong Kong these days recognize Rose Chan’s name more than Benny Chan! He’s still living off his reputation from his Monkey King days and claimed that someone took advantage of him. That’s crazy!”

Photos Illustrated Sufficient Evidence

On his blog, Joe Ma claimed that he apologized to Sin Kwok Lam and Rose Chan and received their understanding. As to whether Benny Chan and Joe Ma had called him, Sin Sifu stated with certainty, “No, but a lot of people contacted me. All of those people tried to put in good words for the men. They suggested many ways to resolve the matter. Today, I am meeting with Virginia Lok (樂易玲).”

Asked whether he was confident in sending the pervert(s) to prison, Sin Sifu said, “In Yunnan last year, there was a social worker from Hong Kong who sexually assaulted a local girl. The social worker was sentenced to eight years in prison [in Hong Kong]. It proves that if you commit criminal offense overseas, you can also be subject to legal sanctions in Hong Kong. The tabloid photos supply sufficient evidence. The case is now handled by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Hong Kong Police department.”

Excerpt from Appledaily

Jayne: The crew member supplied another side to the story. Based on the evidence and accounts that have emerged so far, which version of the harassment incident you believe is likely due to personal bias and personal tendencies. Do you believe in “The Other Truth” version supplied by the crew member? I wonder if Rose will respond regarding the crew member’s account. 

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      1. I find it sad and hilarious both he and his wife are wiping away each other’s tears…Lol. Talk about dramatic.

    1. Common guys,every put yourself in her and the guys’ shoes?

      An innocent girl would never go out w/a group of people at night time like this. And don’t forget she knew martial art, who could land his lips on her? .. Use common sense a bit now people

      Can’t blame the guys b/c no matter how good a guy is, guy is guy… but the damn so call, innocent, martial art girl would let the guys to play on her… hard to believe her side of story… ..

      Just b/c she’s a girl that doesn’t mean she is naive and innocent… and blame everything on the guys …

      I think they all should call the incident, even ..and no fault on any party….

      my 1 cent

      1. Whole heart agree with you. Every single time there is a sexual harassment comes up public and people always tend to blame the guys first.

        As I mentioned on the 1st time the story broke out. If she is innocent there is no way she go out with a whole group of men. Another thing is why she try to make a joke with Joe saying she tried to trick Benny to eat the animal penis. Not so call innocent in my book.

      2. maybe she is not so called ‘innocent’ depending on how one defines it but that does not mean that they can sexually harass her especially as they are also both

      3. Glad you only valued it at 1 cent cause any higher I would have to start haggling.

  1. ROFL I think someone here also posted an ‘insider’ weibo who’s blasting Rose a few days ago.

    Benny clearly a ham sap lou and Joe is also salty uncle but one strange thing is Rose was smiling in Joe’s arms.

    1. Benny might be getting jailed since he admitted? Yuck 620 is so powerful she’s already meeting with Mr Sin. What will 620 do to help Joe? Give Rose more screentime in TVB interviews? Give Rose roles in Shaw Brothers movie?

      1. Or make a big budget TVB series lead by LF and Rose as lovers? ROFL

      2. or maybe she will threatening mr sin and rose to accept joe and beny apology and not to lengthen the case any further otherwise rose will be blacklisted by tvb and shaw brother ?? 🙂

      3. Rose has no connection with TVB as of now so TVB blacklist her won’t affect anything. I heard she’s Patrick Kong and Wong Jing’s pet.

      4. Rose is now under EEG, and coincidentally, the pix – ground for this scandal – comes from Oriental Sunday, an EEG’s magazine.

      5. I didnt know shes under EEG. Yes Oriental is an EEG magazine. This gives another dimension to this fiasco.

      6. She has announced to be under a company with EEG as host company. I don’t rmb the name of her company but it’s sure to be a sub company of EEG. This is why she was in LF’s MVs.

  2. I didn’t read all the articles. But based from what I’ve read, I think it’s more like a trap.

    I saw Eric Tsang’s response in an Apple Daily video, he didn’t believe that Joe is such person, he wondered aloud “is it 假酒 that he drank?”. I believe everyone understands what he means with that. Obviously someone prepared 假酒 and stood ready to take juicy pictures to sell them to magazines. It can’t be such coincidence that there were pictures taken at such unexpected moment, this can only be possible if it was all prepared. Also, this person (photo-taker) didn’t run forward to help her.

    I’m not sure whether Rose is involved in setting this trap. But it is quite unconvincing that she didn’t run away, like what is said in the article above, and she didn’t do the maximum she could to stop them (like throwing wine over their face or hitting them).

    If she’s really involved in this trap, then I believe she’s trying to get attention with some big news, and it’s hard to get ‘big news’ without being in a bad light (like drunk driving, naked photos etc). This time she succeeds by putting herself into the ‘victim role’, making people believe this girl is so innocent and piteous.

    1. Also, the reason why Benny admitted is because he really did do such things. And it could be all because of the 假酒 making him do thing uncontrollably. What could he say else?

    2. Arent you aware that paparazzi are everywhere nowadays? It’s not weird they can capture such pictures. Korean artists get snapped even if they are in a small country in Europe dressing like rag dolls as their disguises.

      1. Even though there are paparazzi everywhere. But her manager and other workers were around too, why didn’t they come forward and help her? Obviously, they are just waiting and waiting until the person took enough photos then go stop it. It’s like one big show.

        And do you get my point of 假酒? I mean someone put DRUGS into the drinks, making them do things uncontrollably.

      2. Wheres the woman whos sitting quietly beside Joe in the pictures? She might have another explanation

  3. This is ridiculous.

    Even if Rose was friendly with men in the first place, it’s obvious in those pictures that she was NOT OKAY with it.

    And those men are also using alcohol as an excuse? Men don’t act like perverts when they’re drunk unless they are perverts in the first place.

    1. Thank you!

      Dang…go to sleep for a couple of hours and wake up to THIS!!! The drama unfolds… Actually, I am still on Rose’s side.

      1. I am not on her side at all. This is definitely a trap to those men. Come on I don’t believe one word her sifu was saying that is forgot all the martial art she has learned.

        It is a well lit area and people around. 1st she used excuse she doesn’t know the area well. Now another excuse that Timmy Hung is the only one drive.. Give me a break. If you are 19 and you followed those men around from karaoke to other places and consume beer and hard liquor. Then you brought it to yourself and have no one to blame but yourself.

        Teenage girls are not as innocent as in our generation. When these pictures are on the front page. Answer yourself, who would you have the sympathy first. Of course it will be the girl despite everything.

        I still not condone the groping and kissing by Joe and Benny. But if she is not a willing party then they cannot do anything about it. When the story broke and she afraid she might be painted as a slut/tramp then slap sexual harassment or rape to the men. Happened all the time and the people got blamed are always the men…

    2. I totally agree. This behaviour is unacceptable no matter what. And what’s wrong with her explanation. She is in Hengdian and that’s how a lot of victims of sexual abuse or abuse in general feel.

      They feel trapped: they love their parents but yet they’re receiving neglect or sexual abuse. They don’t want to leave but yet they don’t like their situation one bit. I felt quite annoyed when people were ridiculing Rose for her explanation.

      Furthermore, she’s okay with flirting but there’s a boundary and sometimes it’s not clear (especially when Joe denies doing anything wrong) and when you’re caught in the middle, you don’t know where to go.

      1. Agree with u, 19 is still young. She may be playful & like to flirt, but was not expecting things to get out of hand with so many people present. The 2 men are so much older and experienced, therefore shouldn’t have taken advantage of her gullibility.

  4. Hey Anonymous Crew Member Insider: be a man and put your name on it.

  5. I believe her story. Just because she likes being kissed by Joe doesn’t mean she wants to be groped by Benny. Her face shows real distress.

    1. Funn,

      Very interesting comment from you. So Rose likes being kissed by JOe and hated being groped by the conclusion, whose fault is it to get all these harrassment? Timmy? Rose? Benny or JOe?

      just curious.

      1. Everyone but Rose. Like I said, she may not feel harassed by Joe but that doesn’t mean she wanted Benny to act the way he did. But that would depend on the sequence of events.

    2. Are you sure? i thought she likes being kissed by Benny & groped by Joe MA.

    1. Did she get sexually harassed? Maybe.
      Is she playing it up to get attention and fame? Definitely.
      I just “love” she has no make up on in front of media to emphasize the “victim look”.
      Nothing should be believed 100% in the entertainment industry. Everyone is just a show.

      1. Yeah, go watch the ‘victim’ portrayed by Macy in an episode of Bowie Lam’s Every Move You Make, and you see the resemblance of a victim trying to emphasise something.. she’s trying to elicit a different sort of attention now that the media found out what she’s up to.

  6. Even if Rose Chan was friendly at first does not give the men the right to take advantage of her. Being a new artist and young, I’m sure she wants people to like her and to ‘fit in’ but I don’t believe her friendliness was an invite for kissing and groping.

  7. People react differently to situations, i know a girl who is very outspoken and seems very brave. But one day she confided in me she was molested as a child by a family member but kept it a secret until she had a daughter of her own. Some people will scream and shout if anyone touches them inappropriately but some get scared and stays quiet.

    I think these two guys took advantage of her, maybe because she is friendly and they got the wrong idea.
    At the end of the day, these two actors really show their true characters, and they should not blame it on being drunk.

  8. I believe Rose. Even if she was friendly and outspoken, it doesn’t give the right for 2 married men to grope or kiss her. The insider could be anyone, and it’s probably someone trying to make Benny or Joe look better.

    A lot of women do not come forward in sexual harassment situations because there will always be people to blame the female and say she had it coming.

    1. I’m not using Rose as example but I’ve seen woman who is very flirty, passionate, overfriendly etc to their male co-worker. this type of woman only talk using whispering to ear of her male-coworker, lean against their body and hand on their male coworker’s thigh. I really dunno wat other would describe her besides being a flirty woman.

      if Rose was like tat during the drinkings with BC and JOe, then she was simply asking for trouble and I’m not on either BC or Joe’s side, I still think both their act are despicable but if Rose was flirty, passionate and overfriendly during that will give ppl an impression that she’s an easy girl who enjoyed being cuddled, hugged, kissed and even groped, no guys will resist and of course take advantage of such girl..but who knows..the girl would leash back at them. But then again, I agree with others that being drunk is not an excuse to molest someone.

  9. I don’t believe this crap that just came out. Hasn’t it been statistically proven that women are most vulnerable in the company of the men that they sort of know? Who is this “insider”?

    These “uncles”” obviously took advantage of the teenager. They are grown men who should have known better. I scoff at the Hong Kong women who condemn that Rose should have known better. They should put themselves Rose’s shoes and reflect upon how they would react instead. They sound naive. I will be frank, I used to be the same type of female like them when I was 19. But as I’ve gotten older, one must realize that people are complex and reactions are never predictable.

    I am sure that Rose possesses both common sense and instincts but they have not been trained in real life situations where those she would trust would take advantage of her. We can only determine our true actions once we face difficult circumstances ourselves.

    Well, now she knows. Why do people make this about what Rose’s actions when it is clearly Benny and Joe’s who should be up for judgement?

  10. Sometimes it’s easy to say “why didn’t she do this or that,” but when you’re actually in that situation, it’s harder to think and act clearly. I think that it went quickly from a joking/fun atmosphere to sexual harassment and she was probably confused and scared… after all, Benny and Joe are considered to be her ‘seniors’ and in a way had power over the situation and took advantage of that power.

    Just because she has a ‘warm’ personality doesn’t mean that two grown men can kiss her and grope her inappropriately… what does a warm personality have anything to do with it?

    1. I think warm personality in this context mean being more flirty (eg. getting up close to others, making light physical contact(not necessarily in a sexual manner).
      If this is the case, then there is a thin line between the men being receptive to her flirting and sexual harassment.

  11. Lightly excusing sexual harassment indirectly promote rape and increase the burden of proof on the victim. There are always two sides to each stories. Regardless of the stories, as depicted in the picture Rose was totally shocked from Benny’s inappropriate sexual violations. Benny forcefully covered Rose’s mouth and touched her private area while Joe did not do anything while witnessing the incident with Rose’s bulging eyes as sign of resistance and call for help. The worst situation is there are several people who saw the call for help but did nothing. Is it acceptable to publicly sexually assault someone in China? Does woman have any right? Are there any morale values?

  12. Jayne: Is it a type here?
    (Director Wong Jing 王晶 ridiculed you.) “I have an understanding with Benny Chan and we have been in communication with each other. We know what is going on, but Jing Gor spoke in this manner because he did know the inside story.”
    You meant, “We know what is going on, but Jing Gor spoke in this manner because he did NOT know the inside story.”

  13. Even a kid knows how to run around if being caned. How can a girl not know how to avoid a man who tried to grop by man? She will at least stand up or pushed the man away!!!!!
    If she can’t even know how to protect herself, she should not even come out to work now till she’s really grown up or get her parents to look over her where ever she go.

    1. Then how do you explain all the women who stay in abusive relationships?

      1. These women are usually those who thought of their kids or financially depending on their hubbies.

      2. as veejay said, these women usually depends on their hubbies for financial and thought of their kids. and these women rather choose to cry and suffer everyday than choose to walk out of the relationship.

        i guess in today’s society, everyone (man or woman) need to know how to protect themselves.

    2. classic. blaming the women for being unable to avoid obscenity. ;(

      1. not blame… but in this world, in reality, there are bad people all around. we need to at least protect ourselves. i don’t understand why rose has to just sit and not doing something.

  14. I’m on Joe and Benny’s side. Not that I’m a fan of either of them. But it does seem Rose was leading them into this situation. She was smiling and having fun with them in the beginning. Then “someone” started taking photos and she starts to look all distressed. She IS an actress afterall, I got the feeling it was an act in front of the cameras and more publicity for her =P.

    1. Totally agree. She could be acting all distress in the photos to get sympathy from like public, like right now. She just a con-artist that wants publicity to further her showbiz career. It’s because she doesn’t have what it takes to make it big without using these dirty tricks.
      P.S. The guys only apologized in order to end this so rose don’t get any more publicity than she already got.

      1. Personally I believe that the guys come out to apologize/put up defense because it has become a police-case.

  15. Let s say Rose Chan set this up for fame or the two no longer in demand actors are framed. But if the two are not so ‘ham sup’ they will never fall for it. Just for a few moment of cheap thrill and the opportunity to kiss and grope a pretty young thing. How low can they be. What is the point of telling the public that your wives trust and stand by you? What are they trying to proof? Moreover this is in an open public area. I dread to think what will happen if this happened in a close private place. Joe Ma save your time and money. Forget of getting legal action. Benny Chan stop dragging your heavily pregnant wife to press conference to clear your already bad and beyond repair reputation. Admit it and get send to JAIL.

    1. Did you just say “pretty young thing”? Ha. That’s funny, I agree with the young part but pretty? We’re in a whole different dimension then.

      1. ok…even if she is not a PYT, it still doesn’t give these two perverts the right to do what they did. They are old enough to be her dad. And come on Benny, you are gonna be a dad real soon so STOP taking advantage of young girl. Just hope you don’t get a baby girl. Imagine someone doing that to your teenage daughter in future 🙁

  16. Regardless of whether it’s a trap or not, Rose is still the victim here and unless CONCRETE evidence surfaces proving otherwise, those two men are pretty much fcuked despite the existence of “insider stories” or not,

    Let’s not forget who the victim is please.

    1. agreed. I’m amazed at some of the comments here… really stunning. No means no. end of story.

      1. Agree with Yipster. We don’t know whether the ‘no’ was said or not.

    2. Can’t she be “acting” no but she actually said yes? Ha. Con-artist.

      1. Even if she’s ‘acting’, the 2 MARRIED men deserved all the bad publicity for being ham-sap. Covering a girl’s mouth to keep her from crying out loud while groping her equals forcing your attentions on someone not willing (unless u’re into ‘that’ sort of game and it’s with your own partner who’s used to that kind of play).

  17. rose chan is not even pretty. she really needs makeup.i knew that she is willingly to let them perverts grab her. a young girl trying got make her way up to the top.

  18. i don’t understand why those girld make everything to created new about them… hey, after 16, you,re not innocence anymore…

  19. I feel bad for Rose. When a girl says “no” the guy should end it right there n respect her no. End of story.

    1. If u were one of the female crew members sitting in their midst, would u step up to help her? There was another lady in the midst and she went on as usual. I don’t think she is heartless, rather she didn’t hear the NO or she is used to it happening to rose.

      1. I think that if there was only one female crew member and she was of a lower position than most of the men there, then it’s likely she would not have said anything for fear of offending her seniors.

        In my high school, there was a girl who was gang raped at a party with both men and woman present, but nobody did anything to stop it.

    2. If u were one of the female crew members sitting there, would u step up to help her? There was another lady there and she went on as usual. I don’t think she is heartless, rather she didn’t hear the NO or she is used to it happening to rose.

      1. I want to hear the from the othee female who was there too. How will she describe the situation

      2. @lol: I want to hear the from the othee female who was there too. How will she describe the situation

        I’m reposting this very weibo entry that I’ve previously posted here on the very first report on this incident. I presume the weiboan is the very same woman sitting next to Joe. Most likely either she or the man in the photos was the insider who spoke to the reporter on condition of anonymity. But be aware that the weiboan is on BC’s side.

        I was there and knew everything. Now see them twisting white to black, and resurrecting dead to life, (i.e. egregiously twisting everything out of context)so wantonly harming them, but I’m powerless to help. (I)can only look on. What should I do? This kind of powerless makes me feel very helpless!

        说得真地道!(?) Everybody knows it was a Truth or Dare game! Because I’ve played with you before! But I don’t understand how come there are pictures being leaked? Also why waited until the pictures came out then report to the police? If want to file a police report, should have done it already, why delay it for a few days? Was it to wait for the photos to come out on the tabloid? I think this Sima villain’s design is obvious to all.

        Admittedly, this entry colored my perception of this incident right from the very start. It seems this sifu of Rose has clout in showbiz.

        But anyway, the men have no one to blame but themselves for this deplorable situation. And them being married make it worse.



        说得真地道!谁都知道这是True or Dare的游戏!因为我也跟你玩过!只是我不明白的是,为何会有相片流出,还有为什么非要等杂志出街才说要投诉报警什么的!要报警要投诉早就应该做了,拖几天是为什么呢?是为了等杂志出版么?我想司马超之心路人皆见!放心兄弟挺你

  20. Then my theory is correct: The guys are covetous of girls and the girl is young but not (half) innocent with craft :P.

  21. If it’s the truth that she lets the men played with her then she was just using this to get herself famous.

  22. If the harasment is an unusual happening, why didn’t the others stand up for her. Instead they went on as usual. Don’t forget that there was another lady sitting very closely. The guys may be wrong, but I strongly feel that rose is not entirely innocent.

    1. Rose sifu is more suspicious to me. Rose is still being molested whether its trap or not.

  23. What those guys did was obviously wrong, even when they haven’t had wives, they shouldn’t do such disrespecful, humiliating even, behavior. But they DO HAVE their wives. They really need to be punished accordingly.

  24. It is about RESPECT

    It does not matter whether consent is needed from a woman. The fact is that men should show respect to the fairer gender. They should not harass, molest or rape, whether or not there is consent!

    1. But if there is consent, how can it be harass, molest or rape?

      That would mean any form of sex is harass, molest or rape regardless of the relationship. So every husband rapes his wife? And every boyfriend is harassing his girlfriend?

      1. If there is consent, there can never be molest, rape, harassment. Question is what sort of consent? If being drunk equivalent to consent: If removing all clothes short of sex and then she says no, can there be consent? I have been reading a lot of men sleepwalking and raping women and get acquited. If they didn’t know their condition, fine. But if they knew and did nothing to restrain themselves, I feel they should be convicted.

  25. I feel that Rose is not entirely innocent as well. I mean if she was drinking, what really happened? I hope she wasn’t drinking like she said since her sifu is strongly defending her.

    I felt like she was having a lot of fun with the guys from the group dinner to the karaoke. But I think she gave the guys the wrong impression that they could go further, like kissing, groping and hugging her. The guys are wrong and they should be punished. I think in the picture she looked uncomfortable with Benny is because he went too far and she doesn’t know what to do. They are in a public restaurant with people looking at them. Her group of friends left including her assistant, the atmosphere probably changed. Now she realized she is in hot water. I agreed like most of you mentioned that if the pictures weren’t published, she wouldn’t have mention this incident.

  26. Is look like Rose Chan is staged the whole event,she shall win Oscar award ,anyways i believe she already sleep with dozen of guy before this event,Edison and Raymond Lam could be among the guy she have sex with ,who know.

  27. I just thought of something about Gillian.. No wonder she’s on Rose Chan because Rose mentioned something about Naive.. which eventually was Gillian’s statement from the edison’s incident that she was naive and innocent, didn’t know Ed was cheating on her sort of..Both of them have the same motto. “I’m Naive”

    1. Rose Chan is Gilian Chung of the past ,both are cheap girls .
      Rose could be even cheaper than Gilian Chung ,maybe Rose shall call Gillian elder sister or Jie Jie since she could too sleep with Edison Chen .

      1. Kidd, you should come and save your name fast. I mean the original Kidd.

      2. @ NX

        What can I do to save my name? Can’t prevent others to use kidd if they want to.

        Anyway, just remember my avatar is yellow with a ‘going to cry’ face and I usually write my name with capital K.:D

        pink kidd is not me. :

      3. Oh sorry if I make it sound too serious, your “fan” just make me want to say something madly LOL

  28. i am just waiting for the real truth. from the looks of everything, it seems like benny was at fault here since he actually admitted everything while joe denied all accusations. and it can also be a publicity stunt because i have never heard of rose until now.
    *sigh* where’s keith, wallace, and mavis when you need them?

    1. Rose name actually come to light earlier before. She is rumoured to be Raymonds girlfriend and 3rd party to Raymond and Mavia. Thats first time I saw her

      1. Didn’t Rose take pics with LF at his home,some of the pics were taken with his dog rite? Doesn’t that already shows Rose’s overfriendly attitude towards some guy she just collaborated in a MV?

      2. There is no pic of Rose in LF’s house or with his dog. There is a pic of Husky seberian dog which look like LF’s dog but smaller and a pair of legs that the reporters claimed to be Rose’s.

        The very first scandal of Rose and LF is different and it’s happened before LF and PSS’ pix are leaked. Rose is said to be successful in convincing LF to let her become female lead of his MVs.

      3. The article didn’t say. They only mentioned that Rose did something to be invited as female lead in two of his MVs. He filmed totally 4 MVs in Taiwan, 1 doesn’t have female lead, 1 has a Taiwanese model to be female lead and 2 have Rose. Rose flied from HK to Taiwan with him.

        BTW she is also in EEG’s sub-company might be the reason.

  29. Just because she’s willing to go out with some guys and hang out, doesn’t mean it’s an invitation for them to get drunk and grope her. It’s obvious that’s she was uncomfortable and there’s a fine line between being playful or flirtatious and molesting. Let’s not blame the victim here.

  30. Dunno why I have this feeling that Rose is quite wild as compare to Linda. So far, Linda can be categorised as the next Vivian Chow with hardly any bad gossips of her.

  31. Regardless of the “truth of dare” game, whoever called out the sexual harassment to be executed had no RESPECT and MORALES. This also apply to the executors of the acts. By the way, what society allow us to blame the victim of sexual harassment for being assaulted? As indicated by some of the pictures, there were moments when Rose was traumatized by the indecent acts and clearly wanted help. The other members of the group failed to act or intervene due to the bystander effect that inhibit helping.

    HAVE ANYONE WHO COMMENTED BEEN IN SIMILAR SEXUAL HARASSMENT INCIDENT? I experienced a minor experience when I was nine when the trusted father of my best friend gave me an unusually long and deep hug. I felt uncomfortable with his look and hug and was numb and quite while my other friend screamed and yelled. Please note different people reacted differently especially to those they trusted. Rose did grow up exactly like you (or experience your life) nor you hers. So please don’t judge her actions or non-actions by your definitions and standards. No one person is exactly like another.

    1. correction in one sentence

      “Rose did NOT grow up exactly like you (or experience your life) nor you hers.

    2. I completely agree with you.

      I also know someone who was sexually harassed. I’m sick of how things are twisted around to put blame on the victim, saying that she ‘tempted’ them.

  32. she could be over flirtatious…and sending wrong messages…and as soon as she saw REPORTERs taking photos… she probably changed 360 and acted as a victim…cuz if she got caught being the third party…she would look REALLY BAD… but i still think the actions were inappropiate and benny did apolize and admit…so that it the truth…he did go overboard!… so much ifs and maybes,,, only the three will know the truth.

  33. Right from the beginning i knew this girl isn’t an innocent girl. Not knowing the place well was not a good reason. If she wanted to resist she could just ran out from to outside the building or toilet, not necessary to leave the place altogether. She is an attention seeker. Suddnely she is known by everyone and i am sure soon she offers would come to her in droves and she would be laughing all the way to the bank.

  34. Ironic how the sifu claims Rose is more famous than Benny when she was first known due to being linked to Raymond, and again, through this. Admittedly, I’m starting to believe in both sides of the story – ie, she was too open, yet they took advantage of that openness. Both are wrong to me. Oh Jayne, how you mention The Other Truth reminds me of Aimee’s case in that… was that intentional?!

    1. Lychii04,
      I referenced “The Other Truth” because this Apple Daily article suggest that there may be additional details to Rose’s sexual harassment incident which are not as they were simply presented in Oriental Daily’s report.

      I think the truth lies somewhere in between. The inconsistencies in Rose’s press statement suggest some gray areas, such as Rose’s extent of willingness at the BBQ event. Rose may not be entirely an innocent (as naive as she may claim) but neither do I think she is a temptress and plotting opportunist who trapped Benny and Joe to create a publicity stunt.

      There are a couple of areas which raise red flags, which may color people’s assessment of the situation:

      1. Why were the paparazzi there just in time to snap the photos?

      It was mentioned that Benny, Joe, Rose, and others met for dinner a few times prior to the harassment incident. Maybe a crew member observed the “friendliness” between the trio already and alerted HK paparazzi, whose intention was to take photos of the trio together? Maybe the reporter wished to take photos of Timmy and Rose as Kidd had pointed out?

      There is a flaw in the speculation that Rose set this up as a trap for Benny and Joe for publicity stunt. If this were the case, then Rose’s expressions in the photos would have been less mixed. Then she would not have hugged and kissed Joe willingly in the photos? If pulling a publicity stunt, then the message Rose would have delivered would have been more straightforward, either she didn’t let Joe kiss her, or if she did let him, then appear “unwilling” in the same manner as Benny.

      2. Why didn’t Rose run upon Benny’s harassment?

      The Oriental Daily reporter said that Rose only drank juice all night. However, Rose did not state herself that she was alcohol-free all night. If Rose had indeed drank some alcohol that night, perhaps her reaction was a little delayed and thus prevented her from being the most alert that evening, to run and flee upon danger. However, we don’t really know whether she did drink alcohol, as her company did not directly address this point. If they admit her judgment was impaired (but not to the level of a drunken stupor), this might affect Rose’s “good girl” image.

      If Rose did drink alcohol, her reaction would be delayed and perhaps that explains why she did not even get up from the table during the incident. Perhaps she did feel fear upon Benny’s harassment (as indicated by the photos), but her “frozen” to the spot was due to alcohol as well as taken by surprise?

      Rose’s sifu mentioned that the roads were very barren in Hengdian. Perhaps there are no taxi cabs that can be readily hailed outside the BBQ joint? The BBQ joint looked like a simple, cheap place which taxi cabs do not normally stop outside.

      3. The woman at the same table claimed it was only “Truth or Dare” thus no one came to Rose’s help.

      It may have started with “Truth or Dare” over the kissing (of Joe and Rose) and the sheep whip. Maybe Benny even acted upon a “dare” to reach his hands into Rose’s shirt (Sin Kwok Lam said Benny put his hands inside her shirt), thus the woman at the table thought nothing of it.

      Did the woman also drink any alcohol? Was the woman’s account also impacted by alcohol? What started as an evening of “Truth or Dare” may have escalated into territory that violated Rose’s personal limits (which explains her fearful expression).

      If under the guise of “Truth or Dare” maybe that is why Rose did not cry “No” slap Benny or even try to run away. If everyone did drink alcohol that night, include Rose and the other woman, everyone’s judgment and reaction at the time may be delayed and confused.

      Given the social circumstances, the “Truth or Dare” game, Rose’s willingness to kiss Joe Ma, this may have colored the perception of the other woman towards Rose. However, harassment is not just dependent upon a 3rd party’s observation or even Benny’s true intent. Some forms of harassment are gray and others’ opinions are exactly opinions, their perception upon the matter. Whether harassment occurred or not is dependent upon the recipient and how she felt. If she felt disgusted and did not wish Benny to touch her, then it suffices as harassment.

      4. Rose was happy hugging and kissing Joe Ma. She must be willing participant to Benny’s harassment?

      Kissing and hugging can be considered mildly flirtatious behavior. Questionable for a married man such as Joe and Benny, yes. Did it cross ethical barriers? It depends on your perspective? Perhaps Rose was okay in kissing and touching Joe, but not in Benny’s groping.

      Advances would be considered as harassment depending on the recipient’s consent at the time. Funn and Iampheng discussed this earlier. Based on her expressions, Rose did not enjoy it. Her expression is one of fear and protest. If she had drank alcohol, perhaps it decreased her ability to convey her non-consent more verbally.

      5. Why did Rose not use her Wing Chun skills to defend herself? Why was her alertness so low?

      Again alcohol could be the answer, which I think is very probable given the social environment. Very few people hang out until early AM hours without drinking any alcohol, especially if their social company drinks and likely offered her many drinks throughout the night.

      6. Why did Rose post photo of group dinner after harassment incident?

      Sometimes depending on the social environment and how the harassers present their actions, the recipient may not be led to feel that true harassment had taken place. Perhaps the “Truth or Dare” and “We drank too much” and Benny and Joe’s apologies at the BBQ may have sufficed. I do believe that Rose had mixed reactions to this incident. Maybe she consented to some of the actions (Joe’s kissing and hugging) while not to Benny’s.

      This one is the most perplexing point I find too.

      7. Why would Rose agree to hang out so late with a bunch of drunk men? She must have known that the men would turn touchy?

      Everyone has a different personal comfort limit. Some people would avoid going out with drunk men at all, since they would likely act risque. Rose’s personal limit seems okay to kiss and hug married men, such as Joe. However, her limit seems to end with groping. This indicates that while she may be more “open” than women who refuse to be near drunk, married men, Rose is okay with that. Her “openness” does not automatically mean that she was willing to let Benny touch her in this manner.

      It appears that the involved people (Joe, Benny, Timmy, Rose, and woman at table) used their own judgment to opine whether harassment had indeed occurred. Joe, Benny, and Timmy said no and laughed it off until the photos appeared. Perhaps they did get carried away by the circumstances and did not “intend” to take physical advantage of her. However, that does not mean that without intent, the men did not do so. The situation was quite gray, as Rose may have willing to “play” with the men until Benny groped her and surpassed her personal limit.

      Whether Rose did drink alcohol that night would explain a lot of her “slow, non-alert” behavior. However, this is an area which her management company does not wish to state explicitly. If Rose admitted to drinking, this will affect her good girl image. If she admitted to drinking, people will question whether there was true harassment taking place, as under the influence of alcohol, will people dismiss her testimony’s reliability?

      If the men, Joe and Benny, said that Rose had drank alcohol, this makes it worse for them. This would paint the men as taking advantage of a drunk girl.

      The above are my speculations, but I just wanted to point out that the inconsistencies in the harassment event does not automatically mean that Rose had set up the entire harassment scenario herself to gain publicity.

      1. Hmm thanks for the summary Jayne, as this was basically what I meant when I said I think both parties have contributed to the mess they are in. I believe Benny and Joe are disgusting in taking advantage of Rose. However, I think Roses side is trying to drum up too much publicity over this. And I mean, their purpose is to paint Rose as a victim not to ‘speak out against sexual harassment’ hence cue makeup less face, manager being overprotective and saying they won’t let her accept the apology, them not doing anything when she was groped by the foreigne guy etc. I do think that there was a severe lack of judgment on het part yet to say that she set it all up is kind of questionable. But insider accounts and the way her management dealt with the issue clearly shows they are stepping on the men and this incident to build her fame. And thats why I found it ironic that Sin sifu claims that she is so famous yet not many knew of her until this.

      2. I too don’t believe this was an entrapment, either. The incident happened, unfortunately for the men it blew up on their faces because of the pictures. So wily Sin sifu (順水推舟) made good use of this ‘golden’ opportunity to promote Rose. Contrary to sifu’s claim that Rose is much more well-known than BC, the general public including me, knew her only as RL’s rumored gf featured in his mv.

        Whether Rose did drink alcohol that night would explain a lot of her “slow, non-alert” behavior.…The Oriental Daily reporter said that Rose only drank juice all night. However, Rose did not state herself that she was alcohol-free all night… we don’t really know whether she did drink alcohol, as her company did not directly address this point.

        Here’s what Rose reportedly said on the matter of drinking: “Someone offered Rose some drinks, but she refused the offer, “I’m still young, so I prefer to drink juice!”” (see 1st news report here) Rose’s quote not only states that she did not drink alcohol that night (hence must be alcohol-free all night), but also implies she normally doesn’t drink either because of her youth. So did Rose lie about not drinking that night because that might tarnish her ‘good girl’ image? Or she truly didn’t drink, which then negates your analysis on how drinking may have impaired her judgment and affected her behavior.

        A crew member witnessed the situation and separated the trio. Afterward, Joe Ma and Benny Chan apologized to Rose.

        Who was this unknown crew member who not only witnessed the whole situation but separated the trio? Now we have a threesome? How many people were there? In the pictures, I see only 6 people namely: BC, JM, Rose, an unknown man in white (Is UM=TH? But the man was conscious then), and an unknown woman (UW). UW had to be the sina weiboan and maybe also the insider, because both claimed to be there. (Weibo avatar resembles UM with her long hair.)

        Interestingly UW wrote this on her weibo: “Slut贱人, are you satisfied now? Pray everyday you won’t be terrified to death by ghosts!”

        So who actually stopped BC’s harassment? (I still don’t think Joe harassed Rose.) However, Rose did say both men apologized to her before. IIrc, there was this small inset on the tabloid that shows Joe gallantly helping Rose into her coat before leaving the restaurant. Everything seems peachy then.

        Rose’s sifu mentioned that the roads were very barren in Hengdian. Perhaps there are no taxi cabs that can be readily hailed outside the BBQ joint?

        The Insider scoffed at that excuse saying if Rose was truly upset she could get a ride home easily. But I think Rose didn’t leave immediately because she just didn’t want to make a big scene. Maybe she was confused or shaken by what had just happened. BC’s public apology means he is guilty as charged. BTW, I’m absolutely disgusted by his ‘performance’ in his press conference, and his dragging his wife along is terrible. How far can a man fall?

        Kissing and hugging can be considered mildly flirtatious behavior. Questionable for a married man such as Joe and Benny, yes. Did it cross ethical barriers?… It depends on your perspective?

        Ethical barriers? Not going there. Our perspectives on someone else marital situations are absolutely irrelevant, because each marriage has its own personal rules. And from her post Joe’s wife seems to support her husband, I think. What do you think?

        Mrs. Ma’s weibo: As wife, mother and a learner/pupil, this incident is truly a good lesson learned. As old as 39 years old to 19 years old to 9 years old, regardless male or female, all must learn how to protect and cherish oneself, only then can one know how to love other people and one’s family. Last but not least, imparting these 4 words 「克己復禮」*from our country’s great philosopher, Confucius’s “Analects”. Its bylaws are: ignore evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and act no evil.”

        *「克己復禮」- restrain yourself and return to the rites ; to subdue self and observe proprieties

        Why did Rose post photo of group dinner after harassment incident?

        I believe Rose was going to let BC’s harassment slide. Chalked it all up to lesson learned (maybe) and stored. Hence the delay in filing the police report. Sifu was doing damage control from the picture exposure at the same time promoting Rose with this incident.

      3. Claimine,
        Just responding to a few comments you made earlier:

        “I too don’t believe this was an entrapment, either. The incident happened, unfortunately for the men it blew up on their faces because of the pictures. So wily Sin sifu (順水推舟) made good use of this ‘golden’ opportunity to promote Rose.”

        I disagree that Sin Kwok Lam is making use of this opportunity to promote Rose. Sin Sifu is Rose’s martial arts instructor and in the absence of Rose’s father (due to her single-parent background), Sin Sifu is stepping forward to speak up for Rose on a matter which he felt violated human decency. I think Sin Sifu sounds like a logical man, he also noted that he criticized and slapped Rose for her “stupid” behavior that night and did not blindly protect her because Rose is his disciple. The fact is that Benny did touch Rose inappropriately and Sin Sifu felt the need to stand up for Rose, much the same way a father is angry and offended when his daughter in violated.

        My earlier hypothesis is that Rose Chan’s “slow reaction” was due to drinking. Sin Sifu also professed in another interview that Rose only drank coke that night and no alcohol. Then perhaps’ Rose indeed did not know what to do because she felt she was “amongst friends” and taken by surprise.

        “Ethical barriers? Not going there. Our perspectives on someone else marital situations are absolutely irrelevant, because each marriage has its own personal rules.”

        Agree that each married couple has their own limits as to each spouse’s behavior in the company of the opposite sex. However, public outrage is hinged upon the moral judgment that people are quick to place upon the harassment incident when it first surfaced, due to the inappropriate touching of Benny on Rose and the speculated kiss of Joe on Rose. Since the men were married, this likely sparked more angry responses from people as well.

        “I believe Rose was going to let BC’s harassment slide. Chalked it all up to lesson learned (maybe) and stored. Hence the delay in filing the police report. Sifu was doing damage control from the picture exposure at the same time promoting Rose with this incident.”

        Sin Sifu already spoke out against Benny and Joe for taking advantage of Rose before the photos surfaced. I sense that Sin Sifu is an “old-school” martial arts master who truly cares about the well being of his close disciples as if they were his own children. Thus, I believe that his foremost interest is in the well being of Rose and exposing Benny for his misconduct.

      4. Why is my comment waiting moderation?

        Is it because of the links in it?

      5. @Jayne: I retract what I said about Sin sifu because really I don’t know anything about that man, or much about the other players in the incident for that matter. Sifu maybe exactly how you viewed him. I hope so. You did put in a strong case for him.

      6. Claimine,
        I don’t know Sin Sifu before this incident but he seems to be a well respected individual in the circle. My positive view on him is also based on my admiration for martial arts masters, whose talent comes from a lifetime of training and hard work. True martial arts is not only about developing physical skills, but it is also a philosophy in which the skills are used for self-defense and protection of the weak. Martial arts originated from Shaolin thus has Buddhist influences of respect for life and teaches foremost human decency.

        Some people train for martial arts because of their competitive nature, but to go far and truly advance in skills, martial arts is a self-journey and aside from the physical skills, it preaches a lot of compassion and human kindness. Thus, my presumption is that Sin Kwok Lam has gone through this hard self-journey of martial arts and gained respect in the circle as well as among his disciples. Based on his public statements, Sin Sifu is only speaking up based on his perceived sense of justice over the situation.

        There are also hypocrites and people in the industry who capitalize on situations to their own advantage, such as generate publicity for themselves under all circumstances. However, I just choose to see the good in people and human kindness unless proven otherwise.

      7. @Jayne, this is not to dispute what you say. Just some gathering of info on Sin sifu as my curiosity was piqued by the players behind Rose. So I baidu Sin sifu 冼国林. Sifu is indeed a highly intelligent and resourceful man who wears many hats and quite successful at that: martial arts master, film director, film producer/backer, and the chairman of his own finance/credit company.

        And from surmising his baidu Sin sifu is indeed an old hand in generating promotion and publicity like how he promoted & publicized his then fledging credit-finance company to a well known company all through ingenious, decisive and competitive promotional strategies.搅得业界满城风雨的他,也被借贷者们称为 “贷神”

        Sin sifu is a very wealthy and powerful man in the martial arts world,finance world and entertainment world. Definitely not some to cross.

      8. Claimine,
        Thanks for your information regarding Sin Kwok Lam. I was unaware that he is such a resourceful mind. Suffice to say that he has experience in publicity and no doubt he is trying his best to deal with Rose’s situation in a positive light. It sounds as if Sin Sifu gave Rose a thorough cross examination and upon her inconsistencies, that is when he had slapped her.

        My initial assessment was that Sin Sifu’s priority was in Rose’s well being. Hopefully everything else comes secondary….

  35. I don’t think they knew reporters were around. I f it was not for the photos, everything would of been swept under the carpet. I don’t think Rose would of said anything, maybe afraid if she made a fuss it would affect her career.
    But due to the photos surfacing,was told to stand up for herself by her sifu and manager.

  36. I just read in a report that the HK paps were around Hengdian coz they wanted to follow up rumors of Timmy and Rose secretly getting together after meeting last year. Supposedly, Timmy takes Rose out to nightclubs (that he own) quite a lot.

  37. See what I meant!! This so called “innocent woman” is not as simple as you think!! There are so many witnesses there, can easily speak out.

    It’s because these pictures are captured, hence she has no choice but to treat it as sexual harrassment and claimed that she is a VICTIM!!

    The Sin Sifu should stop calling the men bastards when his own mentee is a bloody *****!! Or rather a loose Cork Teaser!! Cant afford to play and don’t even want to admit you are in the wrong!! No guts at all!!

    Women out there, please wake up la!! She is no ordinary innocent woman as she claimed to be!! She is a very good player! Don’t be fooled by this kind of woman!

  38. I saw the video clip of benny chan’s long winded press conference. He blamed it completely on alcohol. Pathetic. On the other hand, i feel that Sin Sifu is also a little annoying. Guess he’s just trying to show who’s boss. He sounded like he wants Benny to die.

    1. Benny: Pathetic ham sap luo groping mid age man

      Joe: Flirting ham sap luo man who never got tired of infidelity

      Rose Manager and Sin Sifu: Exaggerators who never stop talking and make everything high profile. They’re talking a lot more than Rose herself

      Rose: A new breed of attention seeker?

    2. That’s not unreasonable to expect something like that. He’s practically like a father to her.

  39. she never admitted in the press con or elsewhere that she was molested by the two men. all she said was “i can’t believe two of my seniors would act like this.” so unless she says outright that she was indeed indecently assaulted, i don’t believe it took place.

  40. Regardless if she was innocent or a temptress/ flirtatious/ this is a trap, I think we can safely conclude that both Joe Ma and Benny Chan are very STUPID haha (IMO)

    1. This whole thing might be staged or exaggerated by her and her manager, but at the same time Benny and Joe are still ham sap lou at heart! They won’t fall for this if they’re not one ROFL

      1. hahah yeah, exactly my point..not only are they ham sup but they are also stupid…haha. I guess it does not take much for them to show their inner ‘hamsupness’ haha

  41. I think she is retarded. Only in China, they make such a big deal over these kind of things.

    1. What do you mean by that?

      Sexual harassment should not be accepted anywhere.

  42. This really reminds my of The Other Truth episode with Aimee Chan being the supposed victim and then the truth was she set everything up.

    When I first read the news about Rose Chan I immediately believed she was the victim (just like in TOT..), because this the usual and normal reaction most people have towards sexual harassment cases.

    But once more “facts” were revealed, statements were made and people started analysing the points/situation (such as her martial arts background,other people being around, not knowing how to defend + how to leave the place + paparazzi that got all the photos etc etc), it really seems to this could be a complete setup by the people around her.

    I’m really eager to see how this whole “episode” unfolds..

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