Raymond Lam: “Joe Ma Is A Loyal Friend!”

At Raymond Lam’s (林峯) autograph signing event for the release of his concert DVD, over 500 fans appeared. A giant gift box was brought out, upon which a beautiful woman jumped out  the box with a birthday cake in hand. December 8th will be Raymond’s birthday, in which he revealed that a large birthday party will be held with fans around the world. Regarding the competition for TVB’s TV King competition, Raymond expressed confidence.

Raymond’s rumored girlfriend, Rose Chan (陳嘉桓), was recently implicated in a scandal in which Benny Chan (陳浩民) had touched her inappropriately after a few drinks. [Joe Ma (馬德鐘) was also present at the time, but his involvement was cleared by Rose’s sifu, Sin Kwok Lam (冼國林).] Raymond noted, “After filming a music video together, Rose and I have very little contact with each other. I found the news to be very shocking. I have known Joe Ma for a very long time.” (Joe took advantage of being drunk to take advantage of Rose!) “He is a veteran who possesses loyalty (義氣) and takes good care of me. The news was very shocking to me!”

In Raymond’s mind, Rose Chan was very pure. It has been several years since Raymond last filmed in Hengdian, China. After working, Raymond would normally eat dinner with the cast and crew, but he rarely drank alcohol due to the tight filming schedule. Regarding conflicting conjectures that Rose Chan had brought the incident upon herself due to her warm personality, Raymond said, “Since the incident had progressed to this stage, it is inappropriate to comment too much on the matter.”


Source: On.cc

Jayne: I was wondering when Raymond would comment on the incident due to his earlier rumors with Rose. Raymond was filming earlier in China and could not be reached.

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  1. Jayne, he finished his filming weeks ago. He is recording his album now. He went to Li Chen’s Birthday party in Beijing 2 days ago, and then hang out with Ron Ng. He stayed in HK most of the time.

    Well, his comment is typical LF. Everybody is good.

      1. Yes, It’s basically rape. The girl will live with it for the rest of her life. Joe Ma is lucky he has friends in high places. Deep down he is still disgusting pig for turning a blind eye. Even though he didn’t do the groping he is still as guilty as benny.

      2. TC, Jina, look like you guys are trying to put Joe Ma in a more serious crime that he didn’t do. Sexual harassment is different with rape.

    1. TC and Jina,
      excuse me? it is NOT “basically” rape. do you know what rape is? it is the act of forced sex upon an un-consenting person. there is and was no forced sex. yes she will live with this, but sexual harassment? yes. Rape? no. get your facts straight. stop making this into an entirely different matter.

    2. Wouldn’t say it’s rape. Not a Joe’s fan, but none the less, I thought Rose looked very consensual when Joe kissed her.

    1. Agreed. His side face looks younger. His clothes are always that ugly.

  2. He looks old must be all the stress wish he would just slow down take a break and if u r well loved then after a much needed break u will be back on ur game no matter what

      1. His health is getting poorer with smoking, partying, drinking, working, less sleeping, womanizering, crying…..

      2. He is not smoking anymore,for a very long time all ready,please get your fact right before ambush him as you like.
        Poor him,he has been cold(not feeling well,since filming Saving General Yang and Ad Mania),he could not perform(sing) in one Mainland music award which he got 3 award. Congratulation LF.Will always support you.

      3. @larry3: some in ur list is good for health? Such as crying, good for eyes. Dont watch and blv korean series. Crying wont cause to eyes cancer like the k series say.

      4. I wouldnt believe he fully quit smoking, with his hectic work schedule.

      5. Larry 3 why ignore me, why :P?

        Hectic schedule means smoking? It’s first time I’ve heard :P. My boss has hectic schedule but I haven’t seen him with a cigarette ever.

      6. Fun fact: Ruco and Raymond Wong are still smoking too. They’re caught smoking during reherseal for the recent TVB anniversary Gala.

      7. Raymond Wong should quit, for his kid and his wife :). It’s the responsibility of a father.

      8. LF does not smoke. It’s easy to recognize a smoker when you stand near him (well, especially for me, I’m allergic to cigarette of all type, even the slightest smell make me cough), and his teeth are super white, smokers do no have white teeth.

        It’s normal for a man to smoke, but I do not approve it.

      9. @Fox

        Raymond Wong and Ruco are the type that made me surprised when I saw them smoking esp Raymond Wong since he has a clean image and just had a baby. Ruco reportedly smoked several cigarettes in a go.

      10. TVB artists dont really have a clean image. If TVB gives their employees free health care, they’ll be bankrupt.

      11. Raymond Wong? Ruco Chan? The last people I thought would pick up a cig

      12. @Larry3: You are sure but the paparazzis this time can’t work like you expected or simply he dun smoke anymore :P.

      13. Evergreen Mak, Ruco, these are the people you wouldn’t expect to be smoking.

        I’m not surprised about Michael Tse, and Bosco also is generally known as smoker and he smokes like a chimney in LOO, Kevin never quits lol that’s true.

      14. Ive seen Evergreen Mak smokes in TVB series, he is a veteran back in the 90s where smoking on the tv series is accepted.

        Not that surprising to me.

        Hope all those TVB artist smokes, just smoke freely! Dont hide your sparkling clean image out to the public when you do smoke break.

      15. Reply back to larrys comments about the smokers.
        Kevin looks addictive, ray Wong still looks innocent, bosco looks gay and the picture of them two evergreen and bosco should be a smoking ad that smoking is the latest trend.
        Rucco still looks nice and Michael just looks ganagsta. He looks badass.

    1. So girlfriend isnt friend:-P? However it’s good of a loyalty frd.

  3. He should stay clear of all girls for the next few years….lol…….
    All these girls are not innocent, they’ll use whatever leverage to get ahead!

    1. Or he’d better shave head and become a monk :P. Lol, he is 32 already, shouldn’t stay clear of girls for years or his parents will cry silently :P.

    2. the girls traded sex for popularity…and the men are willing to trade…i don’t see any wrong in this

      1. Since both of them have their benefits and are willing then whatevs…Remember that this is the year of 2011.

    1. He still looks worn out. He needs his beauty sleep. Raymond and kevin cheng both dress like a teenager sometimes. Raymond’s chin is almost as long as jay leno’s.

  4. Of course Fung will be support Joe Ma, they are good friend, poor Rose.

  5. Joe Ma hasn’t been in the media a lot because it’s all about money. He is still a scum. This isn’t the first time he has been called out for sexual harassment. He is just one of the lucky ones that gets away with it. This is what sexual predators do. They sexual harassed girls. When they are busted they try to defamed the girl.

    1. When are the other times? Last time scandal of Joe Ma isn’t about sexual harassment at all :P.

    2. Would you tell us when was the last time Joe was called out for sexual harassment? I haven’t heard from Joe for a long time less about the sexual harassment.

      1. Yes, what other times did Joe get called out for sexual harassment?

      2. In my memory, his last time scandal is with his wife to see who cheat who. He is caught go out with a girl and his wife on the other hand, with a guy. No sex pix.

      3. lol yes I heard about the scandal too and Joe and wife almost divorced at that time

      4. Obviously not a sexual harassment. Both parties are willing lol 😀

  6. To be accused of sexual harassment is bad enough not to mention rape. Joe would certainly have landed with a jail sentence for that which would mean the end of many things for him – marriage,alienation from friends (even good ones), a good job, etc. Why was he so irresponsible over his actions? Apparently, besides his wife, he has an eye for other women. Poor wife!

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