Joey Yung and Leo Ku Win Top Awards at 2011 JSG Music Awards

TVB held the 2011 Jade Solid Gold Music Awards ceremony last night. Leo Ku (古巨基) won the “Most Popular Male Singer Award” for the fourth consecutive year, tying the record with Alan Tam 譚詠麟 [in the total number of times earning the “Most Popular Male Singer Award”]. Breaking historical records, Joey Yung (容祖兒) won the “Most Popular Female Singer Award,” which marked the seventh year she has won the title. In the last four major music awards events, Joey swept a total of 14 awards, earning the title of the “Universe’s Strongest Female Singer”!

Raymond Lam (林峯) won four awards, including the “Most Popular Male Singer in Asia-Pacific Award” and “Top Golden Melody Award.” Dark horse candidate, Ivana Wong (王菀之), won the “Most Popular Female Singer in Asia-Pacific Award.”

Although TVB made progress in settling their differences with Hong Kong’s Big Four Recording Companies (EMI Group, Sony Music, Universal Music, and Warner Music Group), Eason Chan (陳奕迅), Hacken Lee ( 李克勤), Kay Tse ( 謝安琪) and other artists did not have any songs qualified for the JSG Solid Gold Music Awards. Since Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) did not have a contract with TVB, Joey Yung and Leo Ku had no competition in the awards race. With zero competitors in sight, Joey Yung, Leo Ku, and Raymond Lam won four awards each.

TVB’s Contracted Artists Win Big

In the industry for 10 years, Twins dressed up prettily for the 2011 JSG Music Awards. Charlene Choi ( 蔡卓妍) wore pink one-shoulder dress, while Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) wore an equally eye-catching orange gown. When Charlene won a “Golden Melody Award” for her song Every Year <年年>, boyfriend William Chan (陳偉霆) applauded excitedly offstage.

Due to the absence of singers from the Big Four Recording Companies, second and third line singers such as William Chan, Ken Hung ( 洪卓立), and Wong Cho Lam’s (王祖藍) status were promoted, as they sat in the front row seats along with Leo Ku and Raymond Lam. TVB’s “own friends” won big at the awards. Aside from TVB’s “biological sons,” Raymond Lam and Wong Cho Lam, new TVB boss Charles Chan’s (陳國強) record company artist, Tak Dik (狄易達) won the “Most Popular Duet Song Award.” Mag Lam (林欣彤) won 3 awards, while Grasshoppers (hosts of All Star Glam Exam) won 2.5 awards.

Wealthy heir, Jonathan Wong  (王梓軒) beat out Wong Cho Lam and Ella Koon (官恩娜) in an upset to win the “2011 Outstanding Performance Award” Gold Award. Wealthy heiress, Abella Leung (梁佑嘉), won the “Favorite Female Newcomer” Bronze Award, which did not waste the rumored $2 million HKD in purchasing a TVB program.


Excerpt from Oriental Daily

Jayne: It is sort of a nice tradition to welcome the New Year with the handful of music awards ceremonies. Congratulations to the winners! Love Joey and Charlene’s dresses, very feminine and pretty!

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      1. honestyly Raymond Lam sings pretty well. i can react emotionally to them since he sings with much emotion.

      2. Yeah, I take Raymond Lam seriously – “Chok” as the Gold song…. GARBAGE

      3. Agree… by the way what the hell is chok !! sound like choke,for me Raymond Lam so gay n he always post can,t stand him ,seriously he just to much makeup sorry fan.

      4. everyone is entitled to their own opinion and so am i. raymond is fine to me. period.

  1. Charmaine’s dress is fine but the matching tights and little hat ruined the ‘pretty’ look. What was Gillian thinking?? Orange dress + orange hair + orange washed-out make-up?? And that dress is too pretty for Joey.

    1. I actualy saw the awards show and gillian looked very pretty, charlene was a pink mess
      I thnk its just a bad pic x

  2. Woah, Gillian looks so old without her heavy makeup! 8| Charlene’s dress is cute and it will look better without the hat. Love Joey’s dress.

  3. Really happy for those JSG award winners especially Leo Ku and Joey. Come across media tabloid, EEG executive had forbid leo ku for refusing any music award in the future.Its is compulsory for HK singer to obtain JSG awards based on these factors:-
    1) JSG top ten award is a global live music event watched by billions of chinese viewers from hong kong ,china( 13 districts),singapore,malaysia,macau,taiwan,japan, south korea, indonesia, australia, new zealand,england,france,holland,germany south america, usa and canada.

    2)Metrovision music award presentation,chik chak music award presentation and RTHK top ten music award presentation are only radio station award which are locally & domestic event watched by minority chinese viewers from hong kong, macau and small viewer from taiwan (delay telecast)

    3)That’s the reason why hacken lee, grasshopper ,sally yeh, tat ming pairs are eager rushing in to involved in JSG award presentation to kick start their demise careers.

    4)The aftermath of winning JSG award will entitle those artists to obtain global status in chinese speaking communities where they will be able kick start world tour,signing for hk or china production movie, become ambassador for multi-national products ,appearance fees for international shows or open-ceremonies. e.g : Andy Lau, raymond lam ,joey yung

    4)Thats the calibre of winning JSG award contra to those RTHK award or Chik chak award.

    As conclusion , it’s better to win a single JSG award than winning 5(big) RTHK or Chik Chak or Metrovision awards.

    1. You may have severely overstated the significance of JSG awards for its recent years of operation.

      1. JSG song are partialy based on online voting while RTHK, metro radio and chik chak are based on deejay’s countable airplay for selective songs which means deejays are the judge for particular award which I really don’t think is fair.

      2. @ malmal

        You are aloud to vote for JSG awards, but don’t think TVB counts the votes just like their anniversary awards for dramas. TVB makes up the results for the awards internally. I wish they did count our votes.

    2. Malmal, thanks for the great info! Now only i realise that JSG award so important than others award。 Anyway, congratulate to Joey, Leo Ku & Raymond L!

    3. imo, majority of local HK audience think Chik Chak way more important than RTHK/Metro/JSG, in almost the last 10+ years

    4. I agree with this comment. I find JSG award presentation much more enjoyable than any of the others. Chik Chak is the worst. So boring. Minimal stage presentation. Lots of blah blah blah. They keep cutting singers off their songs, so many times they are left hanging in the air. These award presentations should be like any other shows- needs to be enjoyable, see people have fun, laugh, joke etc. And the fact that like MalMal said the others are based on DJ broadcast number, as an audience to the radio station you are pretty much stuck with whatever they choose. Not a true representative of music listeners as a whole. it is the big 4 music companies lost for boycotting JSG. I don’t buy cd often but when I heard a good song on JSG, I go in search of the cd.

      1. I watch JSG awards like a show and don’t take the results seriously. Even the singers who attend this awards ceremony like a show too. They are very playful and say funny things in this ceremony. But the other 3 ceremonies are more serious and realistic.

      2. Agree. Plus at Chik Chak I have to watch those ugly DJ’s in their fugly dresses. There is a reason they are DJ’s.

  4. Sally Yeh looked and sounded amazing when she made her return!

    Also, Chok is not that great of a song, but I think all this rage over that song winning is a little over the top. It’s a TVB sponsored award show so it’s not a surprise that they favor their own, and the media makes it seem like no one knows that song. It was the theme song for one of their most popular variety program so I’m sure a ton of people know that song. The hate towards Raymond is crazy.

    1. May I asked where you can DL the JSG award show? Where I usually DL shows didn’t have the last 20 minutes.

    2. I do not know the song ‘chok’is that popular but I believe the slang’chok’ is commonly used daily mandarin communication in taiwan , shanghai , singapore and malaysia

    3. I’ve only heard the song twice- New Year firework display in HK broadcast live and at the JSG award. The song is not catchy, it’s not appealing and dance is so so (compare to Korean singers it’s nothing). I’m not surprise he got slam by the media. It’s so obvious TVB wants to boost his popularity after all the scandals and hope people forget about it. I’m surprise they didn’t ‘freeze’ him. Then again they put a lot of money into him…

      1. Why even compare to Korean singers if this is for Hong Kong singers? and it’s stupid to freeze people over scandals.

        I’m not even trying to defend Raymond or the song. I just think it’s silly to get so worked up over it.

    4. It is a disgraced to award the crappy song “Chok” as a Gold award, one of the Best Ten award or even awarded Best Composed award.

      Rigged! JSG awards.

      1. Urgh.. can’t believe “Chok” won the Gold award.. this song sucks.

      2. Of course its sucks. JSG award reputation is just a joke lately!

      3. I love the song Chok (not the dance so much), but even though I like it, I don’t think it deserved the Gold Award (Winning Best Composed song is ok). I think Joey’s song should have won the Gold Award. His song is not that amazingly great compared to Joey’s song and a few others.

      4. I just watched a few minutes of the award show… LF actually looked embarrassed to win the award. Even he doesn’t think “Chok” deserves it.

        I can’t watch/listen to HK music anymore. If there is a decent song, please recommend!

      5. Of course it’s rigged.. especially since some companies were shut out. why are people so surprised? lol

      6. Exactly. This is TVB, they give awards to friends only. Just watch it as a comedy show, taking this seriously is bad for your health. TVB are really sad, but that is the problem of an almost monopoly.

    5. “The hate towards Raymond is crazy.”

      Just like the love from TVB towards Raymond is crazy.

    6. Yeah, I just read this news article where it said that Sally Yeh and a few other people said that they never heard of the song before. I don’t know how that’s possible cause you see Raymond sing this song a lot on TV and I even heard his song Chok on the chinese radio in Canada!!! So how is it possible that people has not heard of this song?

      1. There are a lot of airplay for this song ‘chok’in local chinese radio station in Singapore and Malaysia .LF is infact very popular and famous here.There are million of legion fans here.

      2. Exactly, and I think if some other song won, there would be tons of people who have never heard of that song either.

      3. For your information, JSG award is not MTV award . JSG will not give you an award merely on how good is the award

        Chok is the ending theme for TVB game show-chok chok chok hosted by christine ng and louis yuen which garnended high ratings of average 29 points per week ( almost 2 million viewers) .So how can no one heard of this song before.

        The video is not the best but the live performance in LF ‘ concert is pretty impressive.

      4. Well, not everyone follow TVB variety shows or even listen to latest songs.

        It varies people to people, I dont blame them. They shouldnt hear that song. 🙂

      5. ^It looks too unnatural. (which I would use the g-word)….

    1. Well Joey is a really good singer and Her songs were just amazing this year. She really deserved her awards in all the award ceremonies!

  5. What else is new from JSG? Bringing back girl hitting host Amigo Choi on the show?

  6. I think JSG has the worst top 10 list of any of the award ceremonies. They should just rename it the EEG awards. No way does William Chan deserve to win a singer-songwriter award or did Chok deserve to be a top 10 song not to mention gold song gold. I understand this is TVB’s award and it’s expected for Raymond to win a lot but at least give it to a better song. I can’t wait until next year with the inclusion of the HKRIA record companies. JSG needs saving.
    Btw does anyone know what record company William So belongs to? I wasn’t aware that he was with the Big 5. He definitely should have gotten gold song gold.

      1. I’m aware. That’s why I was asking if he’s a part of Big 5.

    1. This article is so funny .From eason’s pic,I realised eason chan is more chok than LF .From the background,he himself is watching JSG award presentation( lam fung’s fan board. I have a feeling that eason indulge a feeling to hate or to love on ‘chok ‘issue.

      1. remind me of old time when leon lai won gold award in the mid 90s. he bombarded from the media and andy lau’s fans for occasionally singing off pitch. Leon is also a tvb contracted artist then. Same case and same fate

  7. Ratings for the awards:
    JSG…. 24 points
    RTHK…. 23 points

    1. – ‘JSG Awards’ received a total of 35 complaints.
      — The Broadcasting Authority received 25 complaints: unfair results and the vulgar language use by the MC.
      — TVB received 10 complaints: unfair results; objections to Raymond Lam getting the ‘Asia-Pacific Male Singer’ and ‘Gold Song Gold Award’; Why Twins wasn’t nominated for the ‘Most Popular Group Award’.
      — TVB Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs (Tsang Sing Ming) responds to the complaints: “JSG had their own mechanism all along. The results are made up of votes by audience, Variety Show Producer and the Music Office.

      1. I think Ray deserves the Asia-Pacific Male singer award. I think Raymond is a better singer than Leo Ku. The Gold Song Gold Award should have been given to Joey’s song. I never liked Twins cause I know they can’t sing, but They are popular (for some wierd reason). I wouldn’t think they deserved the Most Popular Group Award.

      2. YYK,

        WHile u think LF is a better singer than Leo Ku, I can think otherwise..

        Imo, I think William Soo is better than both leo and LF.

      3. totally agree with you yanyankong. I do find that C all star’s song quite good also. But gold song winner sometimes based on singer’s popularity and the song sometimes attached to popularised game show or the sales of the artist ‘s album. Both leo and LF did really well in album sales which also take accountability.

    1. That’s cause these two singers deserved it. They worked so hard and they are really good singers. I don’t think there is anyone else they can give the awards to cause no other singer are as good as they are.

    2. They work hard and have a great staff to create great songs… wanna bet they will win same big awards??????

      1. I am sure there are many singers in Hong Kong that work jus as hard and sing just good as Eason, but they just don’t get publicized as much.

  8. i really love charlene’s whole apperance!! (Y) i have to admit im liking her more and more since her debut 10 years ago!! haah it’s like a childhood idol growing up with you:D

  9. TVB Awards Shows are more and more ridiculous and full of self-praise for their own artists. Not a single drop of credibility.

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