Joey Yung Selected for Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award

Joey hopes to inspire others to work towards their dreams.

Popular singer Joey Yung (容祖兒) has been honored as one of the awardees for Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the Junior Chamber International Hong Kong (TOYP Hong Kong). Thanking her fans for staying with her throughout her highs and lows, Joey remarked that she would continue to work hard to be a positive force. 

Staying Power in Showbiz

Carrying the theme “In faith, I can,” the award recognizes young people who strive for their dreams and have been role models to Hong Kong society. Previous artiste winners include Kay Tse (謝安琪) in 2010 and Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) in 2004.

Joey was particularly encouraged to receive such an important award recognizing her achievements outside the music industry, which signaled a “new milestone and motivation” for her. The 40-year-old star shared that the process of applying for the award gave her a chance to look back at her past. Although she has many more areas for improvement, she will continue to believe in her dreams and work hard to spread positive energy to those around her, with a renewed sense of purpose.

Born in an average family and having grown up in public housing like most Hong Kongers, Joey has enjoyed singing since a child. Though she had encountered obstacles and negative feedback before making her official debut in 1999, Joey defied expectations and has proven herself in a career spanning over two decades. A believer in putting in more effort than others, she is constantly working towards the next breakthrough, with her success reflected in a string of hits, which have accompanied an entire generation of listeners.

The singer is thankful for the award as it allows the public to understand the real Joey outside of her showbiz persona. She hopes her journey can spur more people to find their passion and work hard towards their dream.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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