Joey Yung Returns from London Concert; Imposes Self-Quarantine

The singer did not visit the restroom even once during the flight which took over 10 hours.

Completing her recent concert performance in London, Joey Yung (容祖兒) returned to Hong Kong around 5 p.m. on Friday. Dressed in thick and long-sleeved clothing with glasses plus a face mask on, she also had a portable air purifier slung on her neck and handbag. Upon seeing reporters, Joey exclaimed how hot it was, and laughed that the mask caused her glasses to mist up.

Avoids Going Out for Gatherings

Sharing about her flight, Joey said, “In over 10 hours, I had not gone to the restroom even once, even I was impressed! I also allowed myself only a small sip of food and water. It’s worrying now to go anywhere. Getting on a flight is worrying, so I had to use alcohol-based wipes and avoid touching my face, plus wear protective glasses.”

When asked if she would quarantine herself, Joey said, “Yes! As my mom belongs to the high-risk category since she had recovered from illness, I’ll quarantine myself for at least a week. Upon getting home I’d sanitize myself completely, and bathe immediately and have my meals in my room. I’d put on a mask once I step into the living room, cancel most of my gatherings, and avoid meeting others as much as possible.”

As Joey’s concert in Paris has been cancelled, she hopes to have the chance to perform in the city some day. With all her European stops on her music tour completed, she has an upcoming show in Malaysia on March 21, but added that she would be keeping a close eye on the current situation as health and safety are paramount.

Source: East Week

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