Raymond Lam Wins 4 Awards at 2011 TVB8 Golden Melody Music Awards

At the 2011 TVB8 Golden Melody Music Awards last night, Raymond Lam (林峯) was a big winner and won four awards! With his song, Let Me Love You One Hour <讓我愛你一小時>, Raymond won a Golden Melody song award, as well as the “Favorite Male Singer Award in Mainland China” and “Favorite Male Singer” awards. Hong Kong pop music queen, Joey Yung (容祖兒), won a total of three awards, including “Most Popular Female Artist.” Newcomer, Mag Lam (林欣彤), received the “Best New Artist Award.”

Releasing his first Mandarin album this year, Raymond acknowledged that it was a great start to win four awards, “Although I put in more time on my music this year, I still feel that it is not enough. I can do even better!”

Failing to complete separate Mandarin and Cantonese albums this year, Joey Yung vowed to double her efforts next year. With TVB’s improved relationship with Hong’s Kong’s Big Four Recording Companies (EMI Group, Sony Music, Universal Music, and Warner Music Group), there may be additional singers to fight for awards. Joey noted that it would be more interesting with additional competition. Ultimately, the audience will be the biggest benefactor.

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: I think Raymond will also sweep the music awards at Jade Solid Gold Music Awards in January.


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  1. Where’s the prestige? The music industry really has too many awards.

  2. They really just keep giving awards to the same people over and over again. I felt that in the hong kong industry they won’t let much people in it. You have to have connection or some sort of way to get it. I wonder how come mainland and other Asian countries don’t get bored of these singers. They need to give the opportunity for more people to shine.

    1. Well if the other singers who don’t usually get awards are good enough, they will get awards, but because they aren’t good enough singers, they don’t get awards. Awards are given to singers who actually sing good and do good in the industry.

  3. Man, those are some ugly looking awards. Is that a picture of a rat on the bottom?

  4. He can’t possibly reject awards if TVB decides to blindly shove it right in front of him~

    1. I actually think Ray deserves his awards, but just didn’t think he’d get or should have got more awards than Joey.

  5. Who the hell design that award? and Who’s the bone head TVB exec sign off the award design?

    There is really no competition, it is the same old news as the last 2 to 3 award years ago.

  6. Congrats to Lam Fung, surprised that LF won that many awards. GOOD JOB

  7. Lam fung ‘ mandarin album pretty good. keep up the good work:)

  8. I was so amazed that Ray got four awards. To be honest with you, he doesn’t deserve it really. He can’t even sing “LIVE.” I just don’t understand why all his fans still adore him. He’s just a playboy with a big load of money in his wallet. He’s another plastic role model.

    1. He sang live in all 4 performances this day, why you say he did? Hmm, maybe you didn’t listen to it “live” :P. BTW, his singing was actually good this day.

      To be honest, asking why fans like someone is quite… uhm… nonsense, sorry for the offense. If can’t see something in an artist, these fans didn’t become “fan” :).

    2. He’s a plastic role model playboy with a big load of money in his wallet = he can’t sing ‘LIVE’?

      Raymond L is one of the few TVB actor-turn-singer who can actually sing and sing live well.

      I know many dislike him for his supposed ‘over-promotion’ by TVB, but, be more fair. He already can sing well before he became a singer.

      1. Agree with you,I know his song before I got to know him(referring to TLB theme song when at first I listen to this song I think this singer has very nice and warm voice which I’m very like,then I listen to Masked Raider theme song ‘Be Brave’ which make me more like him because he is not just can sing ballads but also pop).After quit sometime then I know that he is not a singer but an actor which coincidently acting as cute doctor ‘Dr. Ken’ in TLB.
        Until now I really like him and my favourite series is TLB because it not only shows love story but how they help those in need from all over the world which shows in this series when they went to Kenya and some other places.I also like his chemistry with Leila Tong.

    3. Well, for the matter of promotion. TVB is a company, when he can bring profits (loads), why should not promote him? It’s a win-win game. If his CDs can’t sell and he can not sing live, EEG and TVB would not bother to open concerts for him.

      1. Totally agree. And I forgot to mention that I love his voice. His voice can be very romantic and soft but still sound very strong. He sings with a lot of emotion. That’s what I like the most, the emotions.

    4. I think Ray is a great singer. He actually learned to sing from a really experienced singer and he took music in University. Even my mom who complains a lot about singers these days, says that Ray is a good singer. If he couldn’t sing live, he wouldn’t be able to hold a concert every year now, singing while dancing. I’m not saying he’s the best singer ever or anything. I know he still needs to work harder and needs more improvements. He’s not as good as a singer as Joey yet, but I think he sings better than Twins and Leo. Leo can’t even sing fast pace pop songs.

  9. Maybe he has been taking some special voice medication to improve his vocals lol. Most of these singers do that nowadays. He is not natural looking at all. There was a scene when he had acted in “Men with no shadows,” and when he had opened his gob to cry out, you could see, he couldn’t open it wide enough because plastic surgery had taken over his full facial features haha..

    1. If there is this medication, there isn’t bad singer in this world :P. Every singer will sing well and it’s joy to the world. BTW, really have this medication exist in the world?

      Would you plz show me the scene when he can’t open his mouth wide in MWNS? I wanna see ah~. Maybe you watch his scenes more carefully than me because I can’t recall of any scene like this.

      1. yeah. People here are arguing about Ray’s ability to sing and why he has so much fans, but come on, Twins, I don’t get why THEY have so much fans and can hold concerts. I seriously don’t think they can sing at all. Ah Sa has improved a bit in the past 2 years, but only a bit. Ah Gill is even worse. They can’t even dance properly either when they sing. I bet they use a lot of background singers and sounds in their concerts.

      2. Ah Sa did not jsut improve a bit, shes a a great singer if not how could her song get into the top 5 song of the year at the 903 awards this year(the most credible music station in hong kong?). When shes with gillian, she has to watch over her since she constanly sings off tune and forgets the lyrics.

      3. @ joh
        A Singer’s song becoming famous or getting into the tops is dependent on many factors. People may like the song because of the lyrics, the way the music sounds, or the way the person sang the song to bring out the feelings. Even if the song was not sung that well, but the lyrics have a lot of meaning, the song can become famous. I don’t like Ah Sa as a singer, but I did like one of Ah Sa’s song 二缺一 because I liked the way the music went. So Ah Sa’s song being in the top five doesn’t have to mean she is a good singer. She was just lucky she got to sing a good song.

      4. But if a bad singer gets to sing a good song, it will still turn out bad and why would a music producer liek Eric Kwok give the song to ah sa if she is a bad singer?

    2. I don’t know about HK, but I’m sure American singers do that since they like to sing screaming and yelling alot and they like to show off how high they can sing. In order to sing that high and yell every performance while keeping their pretty voice, they’d have to use those kinda medication or shots. Also, I don’t think Americans know how to protect their voices like the chinese singers who drink chinese herbs and be careful about what they eat. I know Joey had to take those shots a few times when she lost her voice but still had to perform and had not choice. Maybe Ray did it once too cause he also lost his voice from a cold. But Chinese singers don’t take these medications all the time and don’t do it unless it’s seriously neccessery.

  10. Who are you to judge Ray, why you keep bringing him down, actors need their respect as well, they are still human.

  11. Congrats to Raymond. I’m not that familiar with the HK music scene other than the really popular singers, so I can’t tell whether he really deserved these awards or not, but at least Raymond can sing. I sometimes watch JSG and a lot of those live performers are really horrible!

    1. See, even someone who doesn’t listen to much HK music says that Ray can sing compared to a lot of other singers.

  12. Give the boy a break. He sings well live. I am a big fan of Kevin and feels that apart from Raymond he is the other only actor-singer who sings well and heard him live as well. But I doubt if Kevin can shoot a TV series and 2 movies at the same time and prepare for a concert in the HK coliseum and do well in all the parts. I was at the Come 2 me concert and my son told me that and after watching MWNS and the 2 movies he shot at the time, the only thought is how many artist can handle that? He certainly has my respect. Give him some credit.

    1. Surprised that an older person likes Ray and would go to his concert. Watching his sereis is ok no matter what age you are, but older ones usually only like to listen to songs their age which are quite different from the songs now. My mom knows he can sing and act, but don’t think she’d go watch one of his concerts.

      1. Yeah, old to 74 years old :). There was a 74 woman in his concert who won a present. Other than this old lady, many old people there.

      2. In his C2M concert, there was a 90 year old elderly, she said she loved him very much and would continue to support him.

  13. I agree he sings well live too! I first heard his song in TLB series too and for a few years I had no idea who sang that song.

    If there’s really such a medication to improve vocals, I’m pretty sure many ppl will wanna take it.

    Name of medication pls?

  14. For those who think Ray can’t sing live, watch this. Fan recording but you can still tell he sings in tune very well. Way better than most singers these days like Twins.

  15. Ray is not that bad of a singer actually..not sure what kind of awards he got…

    I think he did do something to his nose and chin (right?) but wow can’t open his mouth wide enough?? perhaps it’s just botox? Not sure..though I do think he looks slightly different in MWNS, perhaps he lost a lot of weight or was depressed or something…

  16. Stupid astaalavistababy88.. Talk cock n crap here.. If he can’t sing well, i doubt u can.. Negative type of people without concrete evidences. If u dun like him, why watching his movie n listening to his songs..

    1. No, I doubt she/he had ever listened to his songs, that’s why she/he thinks he can’t sing live 🙂 Bashing him is just what she/he wants to do.

    2. Are you two one of the many die hard girl fans of Ray?? I’m sorry, but I like Ray’s singing and acting, but I don’t like his many crazy girl fans.

      1. Haha, don’t call me die hard, I don’t deserve that 🙂 If talking about protect him purely, I think u did a better job than me.

      2. Anywho, bashing him is not a problem with me, just give persuasive evidences then I would agree. LOL

      3. @ NX
        I am not a die hard fan. I just like Ray’s acting and singing. I like a lot of other actors and singers too. I’ve never been to any of his concerts or even gone to see him in person. Even when he came to Vancouver,Canada (where I live). I think going in with the crowd to see him in person just to get his signature is a stupid thing to do, so I don’t bother. I wasn’t trying to protect him or anything, I was just saying the truth. Cause he is a good singer considering he did take lessons prior to working in the entertainment industry and he does sound better than quite a few singers.

      4. So you are both not die-hard fan, case is solved. Saying too much is unnecessary.

  17. Well, he actually changed a lot. His Men without shadows was ok, but ratings were disaster. That was an atomic fail of all his dramas. Ha Raymond, definetly isn’t the “Young supported artists of TVB.

    1. Young? he’s not that young anymore. There are lots of male actors younger than him. But atleast he’s not that old. Kevin and Laughing is old, so he’s at a good age compared to them. he works way too hard and too much though now. he’s starting to look really old.

  18. My question is how many girls will he have sex with and how many times will he cry before getting married? I enjoy his fake crying moment, like my little sister cries.

    Hongkong entertaiment industry this year is not fun. Awards would be given to whom were predicted.

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