Mag Lam Breaks Up With Boyfriend Sheldon Lo

Mag Lam (林欣彤) and her rumored boyfriend Sheldon Lo (羅孝勇) have apparently called it quits after three years together.

Meeting while competing on 2010’s The Voice 2 <超級巨聲2>, Mag and Sheldon have supported and relied on each other through thick and thin. When Mag suffered from anxiety and an eating disorder last year, Sheldon reportedly rented a luxury serviced apartment for $40,000 HKD a month so that Mag could recovery in peace and safety. Sheldon was also very understanding and remained loyal when Mag’s record label, EEG, demanded her to keep their relationship a secret.

During her recent promotions for new album District 23, Mag suddenly referred to Sheldon as just a friend, prompting gossips that the two have broken up. Reporters later caught Sheldon moving out of their shared apartment, transporting television and computers to his new home. Mag had also returned to her parents’ subsidized unit in Tai Po in August, suggesting that the two have separated over the summer.

Sources close to Mag and Sheldon revealed that the break up happened in June and that the cause is likely Mag’s ongoing emotional issues. Although Sheldon was supportive, Mag often loses control of her emotions and threw tantrums. Adding to this is the constant fear that Mag would harm herself. Sheldon is tired of the situation despite his best efforts. Mutual friends also feel that it is time for them to separate, making no effort to encourage repair of their broken relationship.

When reporters approached Sheldon regarding their break up, he did not provide reasons, stating simply, “We will now have a different type of relationship, but we are still good friends… I have already tried my best.”

Aside from Mag’s mental health, the same sources also blamed the break up on a possible third party, Mag’s EEG label mate Carlos Chan (陳家樂). “Carlos said that he was already into Mag when they filmed Diva <DIVA華麗之後> two years ago. He waited for so long, which only gives him even more credit in Mag’s eyes. Mag and Sheldon’s relationship was also in trouble at the time, so someone was able to take advantage of the opportunity.”

Carlos had also attempted to ask Mag out several times; the two were even caught sharing a cup of coffee. Despite their closeness, Carlos was hesitant to officially confirm their relationship status, upsetting Mag. Feeling deceived, Mag ultimately decided to cut ties with Carlos as well.

On September 30, reporters reached out to Mag about the news. She admitted to the break up but did not give a reason. “I am really grateful to [Sheldon] for taking such good care of me…we want to focus on our careers. I of course wish him all the best.” When asked about her condition, Mag shared, “I still need to visit the doctor, but honestly, I have been going less often than before.” Asked if she felt Carlos had betrayed her, Mag joked, “I don’t understand why it was written this way, made him sound like a terrible guy. I am not too bothered [by the articles] because at least I don’t look bad in the photos.” She emphasized that she is good friends with both Sheldon and Carlos, and that she would not hesitate to meet up with them for a meal every once in awhile.

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  1. I still remember their duet from The Voice, they are a very cute couple, what a loss!
    This proves once again that keeping secret relationship in the entertainment industry doesn’t rly work out.

  2. wow, i know there were rumors about these 2 and hubert wu? right after the voice 2 ended,

    but didn’t know they ever confirmed their relationship ?

      1. it just werid,

        like moses and bernice back then

        they never admitted their relationship, but suddenly announced a break up ..

  3. Sheldon definitely comes from a rich household. I wonder what his parents do for a living. His brother attends some prestigious university in Singapore. Apparently he’s pursuing his MBA there. His mom looks mixed. What exactly does Sheldon Lo do now?

  4. Sheldon reportedly rented a luxury serviced apartment for $40,000 HKD a month so that Mag could recovery in peace and safety.

    rich boy

  5. No idea who they are but pasted into utube and the guy is actually quite cute. Wow, rich, young and cute, too bad for the girl? haha LOL..

  6. In fact, Mag Lam is very lucky to find such a good, attentive and rich boyfriend. It is too bad that they had to break up.

  7. It is sad that they had to break up. But hey, maybe they may rekindle their romance later on in life, who knows??

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