[STYLE] 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards Red Carpet Fashions

The winning results of the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards were predictable, with Miriam Yeung and Tony Leung Ka Fai bringing home the Best Actress and Best Actor awards after early buzz. Dressed in high fashion garb and bejeweled with the most expensive diamonds, the stars shined on the red carpet on Saturday night. JayneStars hands out the best and worst dressed awards for the star-studded event.



Karen: Elanne Kong (江若琳) proved that you do not have to reveal skin to be a stunner. Dressed in a shimmery cream belted gown by Elie Saab, she exudes doses of youthful healthiness with her natural makeup and her casual hairdo.

Jayne: Elanne Kong looks fantastic! The body-hugging lace is pure elegance with a hint of sexiness. Her entire look is subdued and effortless! This is my favorite look at this year’s Hong Kong Film Awards.


Karen: Sammi Cheng’s (鄭秀文) eclectic style is usually not my cup of tea but her Victorian-inspired lacy Valentino gown gets a nod. Because of the complicated floral design on the overlay, she chose to go minimal on her makeup and accessories and let her dress do the talking.

Jayne: Sammi indeed chose the right gown. The retro lace pattern is striking, although I wish the gown didn’t come with the nude turtleneck collar, which almost spoils the elegance.

Karen: Amy Kwok’s (郭藹明) dress style is often on the safe side. And in this case, too safe. I love the dress but I find the color does nothing for her. The same dress in wine or anything jewel-toned would be stunning. Her messy hairstyle and very light makeup gives the impression of a hurried do.

Jayne: Judging by Amy’s past fashion choices on the red carpet, she prefers to stay out of the limelight. The layered beige dress Amy wore  at the HKFA is actually “frivolous” by her standards. Her dress is quite elegant, but also heightens her frailness due to the below-the-hip detail and flowing skirt.

Zhang LanxinHKFA Joyce Feng

Karen: Leggy model Zhang Lanxin (张蓝心) wore an off-white peek-a-boo lace dress with an elaborate train. With an updo and a pair of dangling diamond earrings, she was at once plain yet captivating at the same time. I like the idea of the gown but can’t quite say what is wrong with the overall look.

Jayne: It’s virginal bride in sexy lingerie! While everyone else hid their cleavage, Zhang Lanxin was bold enough to show hers! I like the ensemble minus the mermaid train.

Karen: Chinese actress Joyce Feng (馮文娟) was also decked out in a white lacy peek-a-boo dress that is at once reminiscent of a wedding gown, especially with its satin skirt. Her makeup is kept to a minimal and her hair is more of an undo than an updo.

Jayne: Why do actresses insist on dressing for the red carpet as if they are walking down the wedding aisle? Joyce Feng looks to be another over-eager bride. I shuddered at Joyce’s dress, which looks like a 1980s wedding gown from a time warp. It’s just missing shoulder pads.

HKFA Chrissie Chau dress 2Chrissie Chau dress 1a

Karen: While Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) may have every reason to flaunt her figure, I feel the plunging neckline with the revealing side view is too distracting though I love the green overlay lace. While I prefer her other costume, and won’t mind the gaudy belt, I think she lost it with the sneakers.

Jayne: Between Chrissie’s two dresses, I prefer her green lace gown, which showcases her best assets. For her other dress, the belt spoiled the entire outfit.


Karen: One of my favorite looks of the night belongs to Taiwanese actress Mavis Fan (范曉萱). Though she was also dressed in white, her platform heels, and edgy choice of accessories make it a winning combination in my book. And somehow, her tattoo just adds to the whole look.

Jayne: I can’t get past Mavis’ tattoo. I think it spoiled an otherwise elegant look.

Karen: Miriam Yeung’s (杨千嬅) sharp red Elie Saab dress and her bold red lipstick with slicked back hair is just too harsh for me. The natural beauty could do so much better with a softer look.

Jayne: Miriam chose a gown that’s too heavy for her petite frame. This Elie Saab dress contains the designer’s trademark shimmery elegance, but agree that the color is unnerving.

Miriam Yeung Yves Saint Laurent dress

Karen: When Miriam changed into a black Yves Saint Laurent number to receive her Best Actress award, she swapped her red lipstick for a nude color. With a stark black dress and almost a bare face, she looked too plain on the stage. The black suit gown was also unflattering and frumpy.

Jayne: Between the red Elie Saab and the black Yves Saint Laurent dresses, Miriam looked better in the latter. The Yvest Saint Laurent cut is actually quite romantic, with the bell sleeves and flowing skirt.


Karen: The usually sexy Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) was dressed rather conservatively in a red satin gown by Valentino. I say yes to the dress because it makes Carina look poised and she easily stole the limelight from husband, Tony Leung (梁朝偉).

Jayne: Carina is able to carry off anything she wears, but this red Valentino looks too mature for her.

Karen: Dada Chan (陳靜) wore a simple deep-v black slinky dress. With her doe-eyed makeup and red lips, she was rather elegant compared to the image she used to project even though there was the inevitable reveal of cleavage.

Jayne: Did Dada know in advance she would win the Best Supporting Actress award? Her hair looks terrible!

HKFA Jiang Yiyan in Basil Soda and Gigi Leung in Gucci dress

Karen: Gigi Leung’s (梁詠琪) outfit is one of the worst for me. The Gucci gown may be a classic cut, but the olive is so blah that it does nothing for her at all. Perhaps accessories and makeup could save the look, but even her dazzling necklace did nothing for her. She just ends up being frumpy and dull.

Jayne: The olive color is not kind on Gigi. The color is really difficult to pull off for most women.

Karen: Also in green, Jiang Yiyan‘s (江一燕) green dress may not be one of the best dressed for me, but the beaded top and the chiffon layers, together with the bold makeup gives her a thumbs up over Gigi’s green dress.

Jayne: The pairing of the textured top and tulle skirt gives Jiang Yiyan’s dress interest. The color is debatable though; the dress would have looked more flattering in silver or cream.

HKFA Mag Lam

Karen: Finally a short dress. Hong Kong actress Mag Lam (林欣彤) may have chosen to dress her age with a short dress, but the material of the dress and the shimmery leggings is anything but youthful. She would do well with a less complicated material, like silk. I love her hairdo and youthful makeup though.

Jayne: Mag under-dressed for the HKFA. It looks like she’s at a 1980s retro pop concert rather than Hong Kong’s most prestigious red carpet event.


HKFA Janice Man

Karen: There is just too much going on in Janice Man’s (文詠珊) Stephane Rolland dress that I do not want know where to focus my attention on. More than anything, it seems there’s not enough black material to cover her up. I do like her hair and makeup though.

Jayne: The intention is to look sexy, but Janice managed to look dowdy in the awkward ensemble.  From the odd shoulders to the bi-color palette, this dress screams a split personality and can’t decide on its real identity.

This fashion review is written by Karen and Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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    1. I agree with you RLF Lover! 🙂
      Elanne Kong is quite simple but elegant!

      1. Kristal Tin looks good but what a weird picture. her head seems bigger than her body. Must be the angle. But she is skinny.

  1. Really? I liked the olive Gucci gown on Gigi! But the bust area looks too loose. I think they should’ve altered the bust area more. And yes, Elanne Kong gets my vote for Best Dressed (maybe it’s because she thought she had a high chance of winning ?- she even prepared a well-thought out speech) because she certainly looked like a big winner at the Hong Kong Film Award Ceremony.

  2. My verdict for best dressed was Janice Man, finally saw fashion forward decision!
    I don’t understand why she was your worst dressed but she was the only one who stood out from those boring gowns and see through skin revealing outfits!

    Elaine looks incredibly youthful and right for the event but she looks to poised and the hairstyle on her, I loved but for this event, I needed to see a updo and some major emeralds on her ear!

    Overall disappointing in terms of fashion.
    It made me think their fashion choices are even worse than singapore star awards!http://www.fash-eccentric.com/2012/04/best-dressed-star-awards-2012-show-2/


    1. You’re right. Janice Man was one of the better dressed stars for me as well.

    2. Janice Man doesn’t seem to be the worst-dressed to me either.

      1. Mag Lam’s dress/overall look is worse in my opinion.

    3. Totally agree. There were some dresses there that looked horrible. Carina looked liked she was at a parent-teacher conference. Mag Lam and Miriam need to fire their stylists. They were way under dress.

      Janice was one of the only few that looked like she was at a reward show.

      1. They are all big stars in asia, they probably have access to any designer or labels they want or even haute couture dresses!

        But their stylist don’t make them look as good as they should on many occasions!
        Wasted the dresses!

        I do love fann wong but even if she can get Alexis Mabille haute couture dress for SA last year, surely carina and miriam can as well!

        So what if that red gown carina wore was valentino? Nothing special except it was red!

    4. Agree too!!
      I love Janice’s dress!!
      Sophicasted yet she dresses it so elegantly 😉

    5. I thought janice’s dress looks great too, simple and the contrast between the colours and the sleeves work well.

  3. All looks like colour washed out! I thought Miriam looks good, edgy and all. Maybe a redder lipstick would be great.

    Carina usually knows how to dress. The colour is nice but the design is frumpy.

  4. Elanne is so glamorous and feminine, my corazon is melting.

  5. I agree Elanne looked the best among the others here, Carina reminded me of a hong bao while Gigi reminded me of Otak-otak (鲤鱼包).

  6. worst dressed are those 2 chicks in bridal gowns….hello its not a wedding dingbats….

  7. Good call on best dressed. I agree that it is the nicest looking dress by far and she carries it great with the “less is more” hair and makeup. The belt is kind of useless though imo.

    Mavis Fan looks great, but I cant help but think she might look a little better without the tats, like you guys said. Although it’s definitely a unique look with them.
    The rest of the dresses either had too much cleavage for such an upscale night, or had weird design flaws that otherwise might have made it a great dress.

    Carina Lau’s dress is just fugly though. Looks like something some rich old white lady would wear at a fancy dinner to try and look younger and grab attention. – But she did an awesome job of making Tony Leung look even better. Maybe that was the intention. If so, good on her!

  8. Actually think Amy kwok’s, Miriam Yeung’s & Janice Man’s dresses are the best dressed. Suits theire body type figure.

  9. Elanne Kong’s dress simple and yet elegant snd Amy’s dress design is nice but the colourbis a little boring as for Janice’s dress is more suitable for a stage runway of fashion. The rest are common outfits I could say.

  10. After viewing all the dresses. Elanne’s dress was the best and most appropriate. Sammi’s dress was so weird, it just looks off. Lanxin and Joyce’s dresses reminds me of a wedding gown which is not suitable for a red carpet events like this. Chrissie’s dress shows off too much boobs for me. Showing off your girls doesn’t always work. But a dress that focus on the back or legs and shoulders could sometimes be very beautiful in a clean way.

  11. The picture of Miriam laughing makes her look like a C-Lie and the yellow teethes? It needs bleaching.

    1. She’s always been weird and C-Lie looking. But then again, alot of celebs are like that. Always too bubbly and too full of laughter in the most unappropriate times hahaa… I agree w/the bleaching haha LOL.. It’s like they are rich and everything but they don’t really do anything about their appearances.

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