Andy Lau Shows Off Toned Bod

On the back of a recent announcement that he would be kickstarting his 2024 world tour, HK superstar Andy Lau (劉德華) dazzled fans by revealing his fit bod on social media!

Strict Dietary Rules

A showbiz veteran for over forty-three years, the 62-year-old is well-known for his well-maintained and youthful looks. Recently announcing his upcoming tour to 8 Chinese cities from July to September 2024, Andy updated his IG with a photo of himself on stage in an unbuttoned lime green suit and matching trousers which revealed his washboard abs — garnering 21k likes and countless fan comments marveling over his impeccable self-discipline!

Recently spotted by fans working on upcoming Emperor Motion-produced film Nameless <無名之輩2>, the actor was seen wearing reading glasses and had a head of hair dyed white, with a fake paunch fitted for his onscreen role. In reality, Andy has been labelled an “ageless male god” for his hot bod, and has a head full of black hair.

His strict diet has been credited as the secret to his youthful good looks. Influenced by his wife Carol Chu (朱丽蒨) and daughter Hanna who are both vegetarian, the heavenly king started making adjustments to his dietary habits in the year 2013. He revealed, “Basically I’d eat wholegrain foods, original cheese and a little boiled chicken, the whole year round,” Persistent in his diet, Andy has also been abstaining from cold beverages for three decades, as he opined that “Hot beverages are helpful for blood circulation and does not make you age”. He would also insistent on a few ground rules for eating and working out, such as “No food after 7pm”, “Stopping at 70% satiety”, and would engage in “aerobic exercise everyday”.

Source: WorldJournal

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