Andy Lau Splurges on Private Plane for Wife & Daughter

Sparing no expense to protect his family from the media’s prying eyes, Andy Lau (刘德华) was rumored to have splurged HKD116 million on a luxury mansion as a gift for his daughter, and even acquired a private jet so his wife could enjoy uninterrupted peace every time she flew back to Malaysia!

Strict on Himself but Splurges on Family?

Despite his fame and high recognisability, the veteran actor and megastar was spotted riding on public transport several times without the presence of bodyguards, and once on a flight to Malaysia with his wife and daughter. Known for being fiercely protective of his private life, he kept his underground romance with Malaysian-born former beauty queen Carol Chu (朱丽倩) under wraps for twenty-four years. Their secret marriage registration was revealed in 2009, and the pair welcomed “dragon daughter” Hanna (刘向惠) in 2012, following successful in-vitro fertilization treatment.

Becoming a father at the late age of 50, Andy continued to shield his family from inevitable media glare that came with his celebrity.

When Hanna turned four, the doting father, who recently admitted to spoiling his daughter was rumored to have moved the family out of their original mansion into a Kadoorie Hill luxury residence – one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious addresses, hiring 4 bodyguards and 3 nannies exclusively for his wife and daughter’s daily needs. To stop the paparazzi from getting wind of Carol’s yearly trips back to her hometown in Penang, Malaysia, he is said to have spent a reported RM100 million on a private jet!

Personally Attends to Hanna’s Educational Needs

To ensure she receives only the best education from young, Andy personally picked out Hanna’s preschool to provide her with conducive learning environment. However, when the location of the originally chosen preschool was exposed by the media, Andy went to lengths to repick another preschool.

In December 2022, the veteran actor was spotted by netizens making a low-profile visit to Hanna’s school on a day that the 11-year-old was due to perform on. Eagle-eyed netizens figured from photos shared that Hanna was enrolled in Victoria Shanghai Academy, a renowned international school in Hong Kong, which charges exorbitant fees of over 140,000 HKD for its primary years programme and 160,000 HKD for middle years programme. In addition, parents either pay for a debenture certificate to be guaranteed a slot, or fork out 60,000 HKD for school development.

Source: ChinaPress

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  1. Okay, I know I sm going to get a lot of backlash for what I have to say, at least from ONE person, lol.
    There are many Asian celebrities who are on the same level of wealth and popularity as Andy. They are even more talented than Andy and they don’t behave like this.
    Have you all ever asked yourselves ,,,,,,, what does he have to hide by being so over the top secretive? Why does he change his houses so often? Why is his wife living in a sort of prison? She cannot go anywhere without an army of bodyguards, and she is not allowed to say even ” hi” to anyone. Not that anyone bothers her, of him for that matter. He is delusional, with it all in his head that he is more than he is, and people will bother him and Zhu Liqian. Maybe there is a more secretive reason he has to act this way, and do these things. Maybe he is vainer than he is said to be, and thinks he is so above even God that he has to create this lifestyle of mystic, mystery and majesty. I believe it is all of the above. Oh, I forgot, he is above God. He is the most heavenly of the heavenly kings. I can feel myself being roasted for being evil already, lol. Andy really takes it too far. No one bothers him, his wife or his daughter, who by the way, looks nothing like him or Carol. So many fans abd media knew where he lived before, yet they never camped out around, or in the vicinity of his house to bother him, or his family.
    Is there a more pressing reason for his insane secrecy? ….. hmmmmmm…..

    1. No intention to offend, Just my thoughts.
      Maybe his wife is happy with such arrangements… I am just speculating. Andy really have a number of super crazy fans…and he must be really scared for his loved ones. I can understand who he is so secretive. I still remember the crazy fan who spend so much on following him and even thinks herself as his wife… she got family in debt. Her dad passes away due to the stress….it was just awful news. There is just very little protection against such crazy fans. Kidnaping are also very commmon amounts celebs’s loved ones. Even thru we dont read those cases often, I bet they happy alot in the pass… Carina Lau is a well known victim. People can kidnap Carole to force Andy to do their will. Traids gangs are so powerful in those days. When they find your weak achilles, they will spare no time to use it to their advantage. It is very real, scary and full of violence. No wonder Andy panic. I really respect him for making all those effort for his loved ones.
      He is doing what he can within his means. Maybe Carol really enjoys such protection. And she is happy living under the radar as her love for Andy is very strong.
      As for thinking he is God…I would not agree… But one thought does comes to mind. Members of the religion Scientology, especially those in the top tier…they really do think they are God.
      As for your comment on members of this blog that will attack you… the person is that way. We all know that. I learn it is best to ignore and not even bother to response. Any advice given will go in to deaf ears. I personally love how many of us here have decent conversations and discussion. Nothing personal at all.

      1. @Hohliu
        No. you did not offend me, not in the least. Also, thank you for your advice. Your points are very constructive and appreciated. They are also very well explained. However, I still think that he overdoes it.
        Even Lionel Messi, the football genius had people publicly threatened his family, and shoot up his in-laws supermarket, but he is not hiding his wife and children. They are still out there, and are even allowed to go places and chat with fans without him being present.
        If these people really want to kill or hurt him, they will. Anyone who really knows the score knows not to mess with Andy, cause it will be the biggest regret, and biggest mistake they ever made.
        That fan is a bit much. I hope she got, or is getting the professional psychiatric help she needs. Her parents encouraged her in this, especially her father. He should have put his foot down and not encouraged her. This wishy washy excuse that a father loves his princess and will do anything for her is no excuse for that family’s behaviour. As distorted as that fan is, she is not to blame for her father drowning himself in the sea. That was his conscious, yet crazy decision.
        You know, I still wonder if the parents went along with her crazy schemes for a reason. That reason being that Andy will date and marry their daughter, and they will be the in-laws of Andy Lau.

      2. My Typos:”I bet they happy alot in the pass”, I bet it happened alot in those days. Where traid gangs ruled Hongkong..

    2. Yea, I heard Andy has crazy fan, too. At least there is that one crazy fan that made headlines! And @Hohliu is right about the triads in HK, they will always trying to get their paws on the rich people! Look at Cecilia! And recently, there was a TVb actress who got tangled with them, isn’t it?

      I have a few HK friends, and their parents are like super paranoids lol (it’s so funny hanging out with them, even though it drives my friends insane, even though that add another level of hilarity lol). They are Andy’s age, so it’s pretty normal, his paranoia lololol. And if you have the money, why not lol. With the current inflation, it’s good for ppl to get hired by him lololol. I agree about the private jet usage though, especially with the latest Apple TV show, extrapolation, it really shows we are doomed lol

    3. @teddy
      I think Andy’s daughter looks a lot like him in his younger days, when he was still with TVB in the 80s.

  2. I am really against private planes usage due to environmental reasons…..but it is their choice.

  3. I think it’s not so unbelievable that Andy would want bodyguards around his loved ones. I think everyone in Hollywood has bodyguards, and they’re not even that important. Just too many crazy fans overall, you never know what to expect in case of an accident. If I had the money, I would probably do the same as him.

    Private jet…is a bit far? But if it protects his wife and daughter’s safety, I guess it’s the least he could do. The Kardashians have multiple private jets and they are on par with Andy’s popularity and fame (in Asia.)

    1. The Kardashians have afew private jets?? Gosh, I dont watch their program, I never knew it is so common.

      1. @Hohliu oh yeah the Kardashians got two private jets. I don’t watch their program either, but I love watching parodies of them via someone called Yuri on YouTube. They’re such a household name that their news are always splashed on the front page on every entertainment news in the U.S. It’s impossible to get away from them, but I don’t mind cus I think they’re entertaining in generating controversy

      2. I dont dislike Kardashians too…I may not follow them but I do like the show is about a family then just individuals…I feel that must be why they did better then Paris Hilton etc… The family dynamics appeals to different audience. Ands regardless what conflicts they seem to have every now and then, they are still a family. In my Country, I dont watch them as I think not on Primetime telly but there are lots of news on them.

  4. Before all of you getting so hyped up about this……..this is tabloid news. I take all these with a grain of salt. Ever heard of fake news??!!

    1. There is a lot of fake news out there, but unfortunately, that news is making a lot of people rich. Andy is not bankable anymore. He does go over the top unnecessarily, and has done some incredible things that no other celeb has done to maintain privacy. The way he made a mockery of his late father-in-law’ funeral is more than disgusting and disrespectful. He had to do whatever to cover the lies he had already fed his worshippers, who ate up every word out of his mouth. His marriage xposyre, as far s I am concerned, was no accident. Maybe someone had had enough of his lies.

      1. You are right? He has angered a lot of his loyal fans in HK. My niece in HK was a huge fan of his for many years and was part of his fan club. In the last few years, like you said, some of the things he did just did no sit well with his fans. He has also started to alienate his fanbase in HK and only care for the fans in mainland China. Many of his HK fans have left his fan club, including my niece.

      2. @KoKoMo what did Andy do? Aside from getting a wife and having a daughter – what has he done differently than before?

  5. Everybody comes and goes, and especially so I’m the entertainment. There are many stars if the past who people have not have heard of now. There were huge superstar US singers from when I was younger that my children world smirk at if I told them how big they were. Everybody has their day and current Andy is still living as he was in his prime. Most of his fans have already settled down with families.He might be sacrificing a normal life for himself and his family due to his paranoia. Or he might be enjoying the self perception that he is worlds biggest star. If Chow Yun Fat and his walking pals can enjoy a chilled life in public than I can see why Andy has to be in such contrast. Fans more likely to surround young mid 20s heartthrobs than over him.

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