Hacken Lee Accused of Ignoring Coco Lee’s Plight

Late pop diva Coco Lee’s (李玟) bullying claims against the production crew of hit reality show Sing! China <中國好聲音>, where she had been a celebrity mentor in 2022 has evoked a furore among netizens, who have vowed to boycott Zhejiang Television.

With the continued snowballing of the saga and the show producer’s shares taking a beating amid controversies, Zhejiang TV released a statement on August 20 that it will suspend the show to look into the issue, in a development seen as a triumph for netizens seeking justice for Coco.

Besides the production crew who have been slammed for their outright bullying, other celebrities who had been involved in the filming of the same season of Sing! China are also being accused of being complicit by netizens – amongst them are singer-songwriter Li Ronghao (李榮浩) and HK singer and actor Hacken Lee (李克勤) – whose social media has been flooded with comments accusing them of turning a blind eye to Coco’s plight!

Netizen Rage

(Left) Coco had performed as a guest at Hacken’s concert. (Right) Hacken seen leaving Coco’s wake.

Known to be a long-time friend of Coco, Hacken Lee had participated in several seasons of Sing! China and had been crowned as the champion mentor the very first time he participated.

Slammed by netizens for maintaining silence on the matter, and suspected of being a bystander when Coco had fallen on stage despite both of them being HK singers, netizens took to Hacken’s Weibo with comments expressing their disappointment, and accusing him of being a different person compared to days when he performed his hit song “Red Sun” (红日). Others urged him to “speak up, according to his conscience”. However, some netizens commented that Hacken had in fact helped to support Coco from the stage back to her hotel after the fall.

Andy Lau Speaks Up for Li Ronghao
Attending a recent event, HK superstar Andy Lau (劉德華) was asked about his opinion on Coco being bullied on Voice of China, and why Li Ronghao has not spoken up for Coco, to which he plays safe with a humorous response. “When Coco was a mentor, she was always bringing positive energy and was responsible and serious towards her mentees, actually I feel no matter Sing! China or Li Ronghao, (everyone) needs a little of their own time and space, of course, maybe Li Ronghao and (the rest) are now busy dating their wives.”

Source: HK01


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  1. Why blame everyone?? Who knows what goes on behind the scene? Honestly, these netizens just have too much time on their hands. Or, someone is trying to turn the focus away from production company and channel to the other judges just to take some heat off…
    Using celebs to divert attention is so commonly used. And many netizen falls for such tactics. I am sure Hacken did help Coco behind the scenes… All the netizens should focus back to the core of the issue which is production company instead of being affected by diversions.

    1. Feel it’s another diversion tactic too and the rest of the netizens just blindly follow.
      If fellow singers who have worked closely with her during the programme and have turned blindly when she was being treated unfairly or even bullied, netizens can go at them but not now. They should focus their anger on the actual people responsible. The market value of the company behind this programme has dropped since the scandal broke out.
      Coco came across as someone who set the bar high for herself on stage even if it was at the expense of her discomfort or pain for the matter. So what netizens had saw on TV with her fellow singers not supporting her could be misleading. It could be something that she didn’t want to show to the public especially when she was on stage or the scenes were edited out.

      1. I feel it is good to have celebs standing up against such treatments. But it is very tough for local celebs to do so…it is their rice bowl on the line.

    2. I m not following this history… but with the help of net citizens… this show is stop now

      1. Don’t know whether this news is accurate or not, but some yt videos claim the government stepped in to cancel production of the program, and the guilty parties will be arrested for corruption and abuse.

    3. @msxie0714 I hope it is true…the guilty should be punished. To be honest, it is always the top managements/ investors who are truly the biggest guilt. They want to use those celebs, participates to create shows under inhumane working conditions for the shows…All to turn over big bucks.
      Many of these reality shows overwork everyone… A law should be in place to have set healthy working hours… It will cost them more to produces the shows but that is only fair…

  2. This is just stupid. Even in a work environment, when a coworker is getting bullied by a boss, most people will not speak up in fear of losing a job. Many will instead try to cheer the coworker up after work hours. Netizens have way too much time in their hands.

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