Deceased Celebrities Are Resurrected by AI

AI technology has been moving in leaps and bounds. Previously, musician Bao Xiaobai (包小柏) had used AI to “resurrect” his beloved daughter who passed away from a rare disease. In the video, which was made for his wife’s birthday, the family of three sang Happy Birthday together. Bao Xiaobai said emotionally, “AI is a tool and a way to express our longing.”

Recently bloggers have taken a page from Bao Xiaobai’s book and are using AI to help resurrect celebrities who have passed such as Coco Lee (李玟), Godfrey Gao (高以翔), and Kimi Qiao (喬任梁). The response to these videos was polarizing.

In 2016, Kimi committed suicide after suffering from depression. Kimi’s father saw a video in which AI was used to bring back the actor. Unable to accept the videos, Kimi’s father felt very uncomfortable they are circulating without his consent. It was like opening the scab to a recovering would. The creators also did not notify Kimi’s father in advance. He hopes the originator of these videos can take them down as soon as possible.

Other netizens agreed saying, “Please stop this nonsense and let the deceased rest in peace. Please also avoid hurting their family again;” “Where is the respect for the deceased?” “They’re doing whatever it takes to get views;” “I feel like this is a bit scary;” “This is not appropriate–this is not them and this is not their real wishes;” and “Making money off deceased people is like eating mantou tainted in human blood.”

Godfrey’s past agent also shared the actor’s family’s wishes to not use his image randomly. If the infringement is not stopped immediately, the family will take legal action.

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