Coco Lee Undergoes Surgery for Leg Pain

During the span of their 11-year marriage, Coco Lee (李玟) and her husband, Canadian businessman Bruce Rockowitz, faced many negative rumors. It was alleged that Coco finally had enough of Bruce’s extramarital affairs and moved out of the couple’s home. The rumors were further propelled when Coco shared on social media, “Today, I am facing one of the greatest challenges of my life. It is the greatest fear of my life.” It was later revealed that Coco was referring to her declining health.

Sharing that she was born with a defect in her left leg, Coco had an unsuccessful operation at the young age of two. “The most uncomfortable thing was that the doctor inserted a thick iron rod through my left heel and put me in a cast, which completely immobilized me. It was quite excruciating for a child.” After being discharged from the hospital, Coco had trouble walking and had to learn the physical skill all over again.

“The process brought me a lot of pain and cast a shadow that has followed me through the years. I have always relied on my right leg. I have been singing and dancing on stage for many years and mainly use my right leg to bear weight. After every concert and performance, my leg would be in excruciating pain. However, I never showed people my suffering. For many years, I only wanted to show my best side to everyone. As long as everyone is happy, then all the pain is worth it,” Coco said.

At the beginning of last October, Coco danced too excessively and reopened old wounds, causing a hip joint displacement. “Without the protection of cartilage, the nerves were suppressed. Although I couldn’t walk, I was able to dance without pain. Perhaps it’s because dancing brings me so much joy and happiness.”

Posting a recent photo of herself in the hospital, Coco underwent surgery recently to address her leg issues. Her sister further revealed that Coco had a pelvis and thigh operation in Hong Kong and is currently recovering in the hospital. Although the recovery is at least half a year, Coco remains positive and comforts her fans, “I have to learn how to walk again. I hope everyone will accompany me through this difficult journey. Right now, I need you guys more than ever. You will always be in my heart, and I will always love you all.”

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  1. Her fans are more loyal than her cheating husband. She needs lots of support from loved ones and friends and fans currently… I really admire her courage.

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