Coco Lee’s Estranged Husband Insists Finance Were Separate

After the passing of Coco Lee (李玟), Coco’s estranged husband Bruce Rockowitz has largely remained quiet and was called out for not issuing Coco’s obituary. As fans express their annoyance that Bruce is reportedly assuming Coco’s assets, Bruce finally speaks out to dispute the claims.

Ahead of Coco’s funeral service to be held on July 31, Bruce issued a statement in Chinese to clarify his marriage and financial status. Bruce claims that netizens are maliciously fabricating news in order to gain online traffic and criticized their behaviors for infringing on his and his family’s privacy.

In his statement, Bruce emphasized that he and Coco had always maintained separate finances since their marriage, “I respected Coco’s arrangement on her personal property. I have never been or will not be involved in anything regarding the distribution of Coco’s property.”

Bruce also issued a stern statement to malicious netizens to stop their actions and to delete their remarks. He added that he enlisted a lawyer for further legal action and to hold malicious netizens accountable.

Coco’s Family Confronted Bruce

While Bruce addressed the netizens, Bruce reportedly had an incident with Coco’s family. According to Hong Kong media, Coco and Bruce separated at the beginning of the year but Coco’s outfits were left in Bruce’s house. Coco’s family wanted to get the outfits back, but because Bruce was not at home at the time, Bruce’s staff asserted that not a single piece of Coco’s outfit could be found.

Coco’s family was in disbelief and threatened to call the police unless the staff returned Coco’s outfit within 48 hours. In the end, Coco’s family received two boxes of Coco’s family which included six to seven outfits, one of which was the red Cheongsam that Coco wore to the Oscars.

Source: World Journal

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  1. I really hope he will not challenging her will… Since they have yet to sign divorce document…I suspect he might could really have legal rights to some of her assets. And if he does, it is within his rights to claim some. I dont know the law, if anyone does, please share with me.

    1. @Hohliu According to one YT clip, he is not allowing her family to take her performance gowns and her family had to resort to legal means but could only retrieve a small number. The gowns and accessories are said to worth a lot.
      It will be interesting to know how her will is written. She had the financial means to hire good lawyers so the will should have been foolproof, hopefully. Key assets are usually clearly spelt out in the will item by item, there is also (usually) a disclaimer or note in the will indicating that all other misc assets that are not individually listed are willed to who. It also depends on the law in each country. In some countries, the nominated beneficiary for certain types of assets would take precedence against the will, e.g. the will might state that all her assets would go to X but if she had also nominated her beneficiary for certain asset outside her will to Y, Y will receive that particular asset while the other assets will go to X.
      Her will is said to be made in HK. Anyway familiar to HK law can comment.

  2. There is definitely distrust to the point where they literally hate each other. Otherwise why would they air their dirty laundry out like that.

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