Coco Lee Had Attempted Suicide More Than Once

After her tragic suicide, Coco Lee (李玟) was finally laid to rest and cremated on August 1. However, gossip surrounding her death continues to linger. The singer had allegedly attempted suicide more than once due to her battle with depression.

A source revealed Coco was banished from their home by her husband Bruce Rockowitz . She moved to a service apartment in a hotel and attempted to take her life on June 29. A hotel staff noticed in time and rushed Coco to the hospital. She stayed overnight for observation and was released the next day.

Even though Bruce knew of Coco’s attempted suicide, he still chose to travel to Hawaii for vacation the next day. The source also angrily shared Bruce knew that this was not Coco’s first attempt at suicide, but decided to hide it from her family and would often leave her alone. In February when Coco had to undergo leg surgery, Bruce was not by her side. They believe that Bruce being called a “coldhearted heartbreaker” was absolutely correct.

Coco’s family was worried and did not want her to live alone, so they took her back to her maternal home.

When  Coco’s two sisters issued a thank you letter in the newspaper, there were only three names in the thank you section: Coco’s oldest sister and her husband, as well as her second sister. This is the third time the Lee family made announcements in the newspaper regarding Coco’s funeral schedule and the list of helpers. Bruce’s name was noticeably absent each time.

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Singer Coco Lee Committed Suicide

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  1. Is it necessary to post thank you note and list of helpers 3 times on newspaper? I feel the purpose of this is to name and shame the ex husband, which I feel rather petty if it was done for this reason. Are they trying to make the public hate him even more than it is? Is it necessary? Also we don’t know whether the husband told the family or not about her conditions? We heard from a “friend”.

    1. She really should be allowed to rest in peace… Whoever that keeps talking to Press…should just shut up.

  2. I really wonder how a relationship could go this wrong for someone as successful and beautiful as her to take her life multiple times. This is so heart breaking

  3. My question is who was the person that recorded and released this? She has to be talking to someone close to be ranting all this personal stuff.

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