Coco Lee’s Family Presses For Cause Of Her Death

Late pop singer Coco Lee (李玟) has finally been laid to rest on October 21 at Wuhan Shimen Peak Memorial Park in Central China, the hometown of her mother. In a video circulating on blogging platform Weibo, Coco’s elderly mother berated her son-in-law Bruce Rockowitz for cheating on Coco during their marriage, “causing her grievous pain”.

Due to Finalize Divorce Proceedings

Passing away in July at the age of 48 after a suicide attempt, the singer’s ashes were buried in a private ceremony at the famous mausoleum. Reading loud slowly but firmly from papers she was holding, the 85-year-old accused Bruce of “years of cheating and years of extramarital affairs”, revealing that “Coco was extremely troubled, extremely pained, she broached the topic of divorce several times, she was twice cajoled and brought back her marriage papers, then the 3rd time, (which was) recently…even I had thought that that this time (it)’d be a success.

“The divorce papers have been submitted to the courts and approved, and needed to be signed after just two weeks, it was at this point that Coco suddenly left, she is forever gone, (the pain of) having a white-haired person to send off a black-haired person is unbearable…”

“In loving memory of Coco Lee”

Laid to Rest in Wuhan

Continuing, Mama Lee said, “I may be old but I’m not muddle-headed…I will protect and defend the remaining 3-person family I have, while I am still alive,”

Coco’s eldest sister Nancy Lee mentioned that it is her mother’s wish for Coco to be laid to rest at the Wuhan memorial park together with her father, whom she has never met, as a way for father and daughter to reunite. He passed away due to illness just months before she was born.

It is understood that Coco’s family had transferred his ashes to the Wuhan mausoleum on October 21, Saturday before Coco’s ashes were buried.

With swirling rumors over the 48-year-old’s cause of death – Hong Kong media reported that the singer might have suffocated due to regurgitated vomit while on the ambulance to hospital, Coco’s family has also raised an inquiry into her cause of death, which might take up to years. A commemorative exhibition titled “Coco Lee, the girl from Wuhan is going home” is now on at the park and open to the public.

Source: WorldJournal

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