Singer Coco Lee Committed Suicide

Singer Coco Lee (李玟), 48, attempted suicide on July 2 at her home in Hong Kong. Her mother discovered her unconscious at home, and her elder sisters rushed Coco to the hospital. Falling into a coma, Coco died on July 5.

Her elder sister, Nancy, confirmed Coco had suffered from depression for several years prior to her death. “When Coco entered the hospital, doctors already said they could not save her due to brain death.” Coco’s mother was in shock and refused to accept that Coco would never wake up. “Our mother is already 86 years old. She was already a widow at 40 and had raised three daughters on her own. We begged doctors to try their best to give my mother and Coco another chance. We didn’t want to give up, even if there was the slightest chance of bringing her back. We truly thank the medical team for trying their best.”

Blazed New Trails for Asians

Born in Hong Kong, Coco’s family moved to San Francisco when she was 9 years old. She launched her music career after winning a singing contest in Hong Kong, and later became a sensation in Taiwan. Coco is best known for her international collaborations, and for blazing new trails for Asian artistes. In 2001, Coco became the first Chinese singer to perform at the Academy Awards with her rendition of  “A Love Before Time” for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon <臥虎藏龍>. Coco also lent her powerful vocals to the Mandarin version of “Reflection” for Disney’s 2020 live-action adaptation of Mulan.

Behind her confident performances, Coco suffered from extensive pain in her left leg for years due to an unsuccessful surgery in her childhood. After a hip joint displacement last year, she received surgery in February. When her weight dropped to an alarming 93 pounds, it was speculated that Coco’s depression was exacerbated by divorce rumors. 

Despite Coco’s tragic decision to end her life, her sisters believe she is now at a better place without suffering. “We are very grateful and honored to have such an outstanding sister. We are grateful to God for giving us such a kind angel. We hope that now she has gone to a happier place, and no longer suffers from depression.” The Lee family stated, “In addition to missing Coco, we hope that others will share her iconic bright smile, treat people with sincerity, and convey kindness and love to everyone around you as per Coco’s wish.”

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Coco Lee Undergoes Surgery for Leg Pain

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  1. Sadly, not all who have depression will display that side of them to others.
    Medications on mental health can have varying side effects which can discourage the person from taking it. There’s also the stigma that society in general associated with mental health.
    I don’t know if psychiatrists everywhere are the same, similar to what we see in TV, always patient. I was told that sometimes the person needs to consult the psychiatrist for the diagnosis and medication, at the same time to go to the psychologist for psychotherapy.
    The doctor’s attitude towards patients is also important. I have disgusting experience with unemphatic physical health specialists that I would never want to go through again. Someone with mental health symptoms may be more sensitive to the others’ behavior and attitudes.

  2. She had a carer 24/7 but she took her life when she was in the shower room. Only she knew if she had planned for it or at that moment lost her will to live.
    There are speculations of her depression – her cheating husband and her step daughters turning their back on her, the physical pain and surgery or perhaps everything.
    Saw a YT clip that her cheating husband was still married when they were dating and she was the reason of his divorce then. I will probably gets negative response for saying this but if this is true, a wrong is a wrong. She might have been hurt by her step daughters for not supporting her but they may not have forgiven or cared much about her if they perceived her to be the reason of their parents’ divorce.

    1. The reports saying her husband was still married when they were dating are false. In an interview, she said that she is good friends with her husband’s ex-wife and the ex-wife’s boyfriend. Coco even said they often hangout and go on trips together. I don’t think any woman would be friends with their ex-husband’s new wife if the new wife was the cause of the divorce. So Coco was definitely not a third-party in her husband’s last marriage.

  3. There are a lot of speculations as to what led to her decision to end her life.

    I remember back in 2018, she had mentioned undergoing IVF. Those hormones could’ve triggered a lot of issues for her, not to mention, it must’ve failed, which would’ve dampened her mood. Plus, she just underwent surgery, which caused her immobility and other issues, further spiraling her emotions. Then, while I’m unsure of her relationship status, it seems her relationship was very unstable. All of these are compounding variables that can lead to this unraveling within her. It is a lot.

    Maybe if she had taken some ‘shrooms, it would’ve helped her condition. I’m just very sad because she always looked so brave, so indestructible, bright and fierce. Like she could take on the world. She’s very talented and a legend in her own right. Someone like her is taken away too soon. Ebiz has lost one more light. May she rest in peace now from her suffering – death is a respite from unending misery.

    1. Generally, many people feel being alive is good. But the emotions of those who feel being dead may be better is when the lost all hope to live a painful or a life of darkness. Some can actually find a way to live in darkness…not healthy but they still find a way to cope with the darkness… But those that cannot, will want to try to end their pain/anger/hopelessness.

      She definitely went thru alot. Her failed marriage and not being able to give birth to a child must have hit her alot.

      1. @Hohliu agreed. sometimes I’m glad there are people that exist who firmly feels suicide is wrong, because these are the people who will ultimately put up a fight to help those who don’t want to fight anymore. And then sometimes I feel they’re terrible, because who are we to decide what’s right or wrong for someone to do? It’s their life and they’re miserable. Look at Coco now – she’s passed and not feeling anything. While the rest of us are now sad and feeling bad.

      2. I never judge those that decides to take away their life as I know what a tough decision it takes to really do so. The point of helplessness and hopeless one must feel. Suicide is like the last big decision making, risk taking action they feel they can make. I feel sad for her death but she feels sad for her life…

      3. I think your statement is very powerful: “I feel sad for her death but she feels sad for her life…”. I think we all feel that way when someone ended his/her life. The victim felt so hopeless and thought that was the only way out. RIP Coco.

      4. @Hohliu
        I think your statement is very powerful: “I feel sad for her death but she feels sad for her life…”. I think we all feel that way when someone ended his/her life. The victim felt so hopeless and thought that was the only way out. RIP Coco.

      5. I sometimes wonder why the starting and ending of one’s life cannot be in the hands of the person himself.
        We always say to make our decision, take charge of our lives, from daily activities of what to eat, what to wear to bigger matter like job and marriage but not the choice in deciding whether we want to be born and in most countries not when to end it.
        Euthanasia is only legalize in very few countries and it’s expensive.
        If the decision is not made impulsively, like a regular 17yo who felt her life becomes meaningless after being dumped by her boyfriend of 6 months when she is highly likely going to find someone else who loves her later in life, why then it’s wrong for someone who’s life is miserable and suffering even in the eyes of others?

  4. My only consolation is that she is now no longer disturbed. So that is for the best (for her.)

  5. I’ve always loved Coco. When they say there are people with personalities that shine bright like the sun, I think of her. She was so genuinely happy, warm and friendly with every one on variety shows. It’s hard to imagine that she’s been battling such a silent disease. But depression is a sly thing. I had a college roommate who was very outgoing and had such a positive energy. She told me she had depression, but she never showed it. One day, after living for 2 years together, she disappeared and didn’t respond to my text or calls. She finally called me 2 weeks later to tell me she was in the hospital after trying to take her own life, and her parents moved her home after to take time off from school. I felt so helpless for not being able to be there for her when she needed it most.

    Coco accomplished a lot in her career, and worked hard for all of it. I hope this won’t leave a shadow on her life, and people focus on her achievements. While I have no way of knowing, I do hope that she’s found a better place where she’s no longer suffering.

    1. It’s very hard to tell as an outsider especially when the person is on meds. I have a friend who’s on prozac and comes across as bubbly and happy all the time but when she skips her meds, she turns into a very dark and quiet person that stays in her room 24/7.

      Still shocked and sad to hear about Coco Lee’s passing.

  6. Hopefully her mom and her sisters will get to inherit her properties and money – not the horrible and cheated husband.

      1. @BearBear Ah…… really!!! He is going to fight! That cheater and low life. Does not surprise me if he does…he is a selfish businessman. I hope he loss more money as he will need to pay a good lawyer to fight this case… Only if he is really doing so.

  7. Never thought she would succumb to depression as she had often portrayed herself as an optimistic and resilient person despite her health woes. Following her tragic departure, this will certainly shine a light on the importance of mental health. Still, she will always be remembered for her vocal prowess, captivating smile and dynamic stage presence.

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