Andy Lau Ages by 10 Years

After Andy Lau’s (劉德華) father passed away in early December, the 62-year-old actor seems to have aged 10 years overnight. Making an appearance at the graduation ceremony for the Leadership Institute on Narcotics, Andy appeared with dark circles and his face was very haggard. A well-known filial son, Andy’s grief for his late father can be felt.

When taking photos with the graduating students, Andy was careful to not steal the limelight and quietly stood in the corner. Although he did hold up a peace sign during the photos, his smile looked somewhat forced and stiff.

In photographs of Andy and his family attending Mr. Lau’s funeral, Andy looked distressed. Dressed in a black suit, Andy’s eyes were hollow and his skin looked saggy in comparison to his old self. Despite being known for his graceful aging over the years, Andy looked many years older.

Besides praising him for being a good son, fans urged Andy to take care of himself as they are worried about his physical well-being.

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  1. @JaynesStars I am surprised Kathy Chow’s death is not announced on this site. She had contributed alot to HK entertainment industry thru out her life. I hope it will be announced out of respect to her.

    1. @Hohliu Kathy Chow’s passing has been posted. She had starred in so many TVB classic dramas. She was still so young. Her passing is a big shock to everyone.

  2. Why is the media so obsessed with his looks when he has just lost his dad. Just respect the man and let him grieve.

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