Andy Lau Drinks 20 Cups of Coffee Daily

Released on January 14, The Wandering Earth 2 <流浪地球2> broke 1 billion Chinese yuan at the box office. With moviegoers’ appetite for sci-fi action films growing, The Wandering Earth 2’s cast was ecstatic over the stellar results.

Wu Jing (吳京) and Andy Lau (劉德華) have been busy doing promotions for the film. On a talk show, the cast shared they would often drink a lot of coffee due to the long filming days. Director Frant Guo (郭帆) was even hospitalized for drinking too much coffee while working on the first movie, but he continued to do so during the sequel. The director was revealed to be drinking at least five to six cups, to which Andy exclaimed, “I currently drink 20 cups daily!”

Shocked by Andy’s revelation Wu Jing exclaimed, “20 cups? Is the secret to eternal youth drinking 20 cups of coffee?”

When asked if drinking this much coffee would make him uncomfortable, Andy explained that other drinks make him feel sick and that coffee is the only beverage that makes him feel at ease. However, Andy admitted that he does not drink coffee at home to avoid being scolded at by his family due to the health risks.

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  1. it must depend on the quality of the coffee… Very well made coffee is strong… and not watery… to drink 20cups of those can be very dangerous… Butt if he drink regular instant coffee on site with milk etc…it will not be as bad. But it does boils down to the quality of the coffee… Not just number of cups.

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