How Andy Lau and Carol Chu’s Romance Started

Dating and married to Carol Chu (朱麗蒨) for over 30 years, Andy Lau (劉德華)  kept much of their relationship a mystery. Veteran Malaysian reporter Ye Xiao (葉嘯) recently posted on social media disclosing details of how Andy and Carol met and claimed to be the couple’s matchmaker.

As Andy and Carol did not want to publicize their relationship, Ye Xiao guarded the secret for over 30 years. “In the 1980s, I helped Carol and her sister attend Andy’s concert in Malaysia. Since Carol’s looks were Andy’s preferred type, he fell in love at first sight and they chatted for half an hour.”

One week after Andy returned to Hong Kong, Ye Xiao ate at Carol’s family’s restaurant and discovered the pair already started dating. The reporter said, “At that time, we didn’t have cell phones and only had landlines where you had to put in coins at the front desk to call. Carol’s sister sat with me at the table and I could see Carol hovering over the phone. Her sister secretly said Carol was waiting for Andy’s call. Not long after the phone rang and it turned out to be Andy. Carol’s sweet expression told me she was deeply in love.”

The couple allegedly started dating in 1987, but Andy wanted to keep their relationship a secret. Not wanting to affect Andy’s career, Carol was willing to be his secret lover. “Since they started dating, Carol never talked about their relationship with me. This may be why Andy was even more appreciative and how Carol became Mrs. Lau and the mother of their beautiful daughter.”

Carol was widely reported to come from a wealthy family and that composer Chi Yuen Chan (陳志遠) was her uncle. Ye Xiao clarified that Carol’s background was just a normal family. “She has two other sisters and their family owned a seafood restaurant on Old Klang Road.”

In 2008, Andy and Carol secretly married in the United States and welcomed their daughter Hanna Lau (劉向蕙) four years later. Last seen at Andy’s father’s funeral, Hanna closely resembled Andy in looks.

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  1. Very sweet, everyone’s relationship are different. There is no right or wrong method on how to deal with celeb dating life… I am glad this work for them. I still remember how upset/shock everyone found out about his marriage. This is really one of the best kept secrets… I remember gossips in my younger days when I was told Andy was gay with gay lovers…I did laugh then.

  2. @Hohliu
    The surface has not been been scratched on Andy’s life and private matters. There are many reasons for that. I told sineone that Carol’s family was not rich, far from it and they almost bit my head off. They worship Andy and they wanted his wife to be on the sane financial kevel of him. Carol fell in love with Andy and gave up her partying and socializing to be molded into the woman Andy wanted. Carol lijed to party, socialize and eat, a lot. She gave that up to be Andy’s subservient woman, to be molded by him. Another Priscilla Presley.
    There is so much to uncover, haha. My peeps call her Alcatraz Rapunzel.

    1. They both made this work and she won the man in the end… I wonder if they wanted another child but was not possible… she is no longer young… that could be a reason.

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