Andy Lau’s Wife Successfully Pregnant After In-Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Since Andy Lau Tak Wah’s secret marriage to Carol Chu was revealed in 2009, Carol’s pregnancy rumors often circulated. Spotted earlier at the Hong Kong airport with Andy, Carol appeared protective of her mid-section. It appears that Carol may indeed have become successfully pregnant!

Forty-nine year-old Andy loved children and forty-four-year-old Carol has tried diligently to become pregnant.  Allegedly, Kelly Chen Wai Lam recommended her physician to Andy, which resulted in Carol’s successful conception. Since Kelly’s suffered a miscarriage of her twin girls earlier, Andy was extremely careful in taking care of the pregnant Carol.

According to recent tabloids, Andy and Carol visited Carol’s father’s burial grounds earlier. However, the couple did not step out of their car. Although they may have wanted to share the goods news of Carol’s pregnancy, the couple may have heeded taboos due to her pregnant state.

In addition, Andy allegedly bought a $30 million (HKD) mansion in Ampang, Malaysia recently. Most of the residents in the Ampang district were dignitaries; the quiet surroundings would allow Carol to rest during her pregnancy.

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Jayne: If Carol is indeed pregnant, many congratulations to her and Andy!

On another note, for celebrities who attempt to conceive but are unsuccessful, why not adopt children? There are many unfortunate children who do not have parents to take care of them. If the child is not of the same kin, would that make people feel less responsible as parents? Feel less love? A weaker parent-child bond?


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  1. If it’s true, congrats them.

    @ Jayne: If it’s Western countries or US, adopted children are treated the same as others. But here in China/Asia, the blood bond is very important to the feeling and the view of (1) the parents (2) the kid itself (3) outsiders. They can adopt a/few kid but everyone want to have the kid of their own.

    1. The pregnancy process is indeed the most wonderful moment a women could have experience in her life.The little life grow within your body, you can feel its movement day after day, touch it, communicate with it…That’s the greatest experience. Unless you are barren, it will be pitiful for a women not to go through the “baby making process”. Having your own baby does not contradicts with child adoption.

  2. Jayne, asians usually prefer own blood so to speak. And usually they only adopt so that that will bring them pregnancy, meaning believing that adopting a child will mean more own children. Who would wnat to adopt if not for last measure?

    And why is she always covering hr face??

    1. And why is she always covering hr face??

      Afraid the media? Try to look like avoiding the media? Like I LOL when I see Tavia said she told her family members to cover their face when go out to avoid the paparazzi.

      1. @Funn

        Don’t we all get a little frustrated over Andy Lau’s extremely secretive love life? My theory is she has something growing underneath the mask, hence why she’s always trying to hide it. No other reason.

      2. Or maybe he is afraid if she shows her face we will all be as mesmerized with her as he is. As the old saying goes, Andy Lau’s Wife Has A Very Mesmerizing Face.

        And no, there’s no such saying. He is better at covering his own face. He dresses so nice, she kinda looks dowdy.

      3. @Funn

        Frankly I still find it very odd seeing pictures of Andy and his wife. Like you said, his always well dressed and groomed while Carol has always been very very plain. I mean plain is ok, but they look more like manager-employee or caretaker-employer than bloody married. I guess everyone has different ways to express their love, but if it was me I’d want to share the spotlight with my partner etc. Hence Andy Lau creeps me out now.

      4. I know I will get red arrowed but must say this; I feel she looks like his maid and he is the wealthy employer. Maybe she prefers to look plain but which woman would want to look that plain when you know you’re married to a wealthy superstar husband with cameras following you around? She gives me the impression she is very “ting hua” sort of person. Until the scandal with her father’s funeral, never have I thought of Andy Lau as a control freak. I suppose every nation has one. America with her Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes (well that’s for for money, Carol maybe really for love) and in Asia, Andy Lau/Carol Chu. That’s how I feel and the more I see Andy Lau the more I get the impression he is a cold person who doesn’t trust anyone easily, not even his own wife. Come on, at least let her put some make up on.

      5. It be weird if his marriage was just a cover for something else 😛 something more wicked and sinister…. *smirk*

      6. Carol was once a beauty queen so she must look at least decent.People have seen her a lot before when she was younger so I don’t get what is the point of her hiding her face?? It’s not like we have not seen her before. I am not sure if Andy is controlling her or not, but at least he loves and takes good care of her. Maybe she doesn’t like to dress up or prefers to be comfortable rather than look nice?Well they hold hands, unlike Gigi Lai and her husband when they are out in public. I think as long as you hold hands, then that can show that your relationship is deeper than the typical person. I don’t think you hold hands with your maid or employee.

    2. @Funn, I do understand the Asian value of continuing the legacy of the family name, passing on the family assets etc.

      I see reports of celebrities such as Carina Lau wanting to get pregnant, but failing to do so. Even Carol Chu had many difficulties so far. If their physicians say that it is impossible for them to have children, I truly think that adoption is a very, very good choice. Why resign to the fate of being without children if adoption is an easy second choice?

      A couple wants to have children because they want to create and have a legacy together, to start a family. To surround themselves with the innocent joy of children. To experience the role and emotions of parenthood, to grow as people. And if you adopt the child as a very young toddler at the age of 2, the child will only remember you as a parent in his/her life. The shared memories together are more important than the actual kin relationship. Just like married couples…there is no blood relationship, but the bond is strong there and takes time to grow.

      Is the blood relationship that important? Some children dislike their biological parents and vice versa. It’s more about the actual connection that a parent has with a child. A very strong connection can be achieved with adopted children.

      In NYC, I’m seeing so many American women adopt girls from China, adding to the many multicultural families of the next generation. It costs about $10,000 (USD) and 2 years for the process to go through. The little girls are usually 2 years old by the time they are ready to live with their adoptive parents.

      1. I agree with Funn, most asian do want to have their own blooded children, they don’t seem very keen on adoption. Only the more moderized famillies do adopt, whereas most asian are still very traditionaal. Like in dramas the adopted one still gets picked on, and gets what they deserve taken. It’s not where there are not asian are mean and don’t want to help other children, but the society over hasn’t changed yet.
        My personaly opinion is that it’s by person, if they want to adopt, whereas asians tend to be influenced to not wanting adopted children and want there own children even if they are well into their fourties.

      2. I agree with Jayne that adopting is a very good choice if having your own biological children is not possible. I’ve thought about adoption myself regardless of whether or not I can have children of my own. My only fear is that I will unconsciously love my own child more than my adopted child. I know of a Korean girl who was adopted by Caucasian parents when she was young. Then her parents divorced and had children of their own after remarrying. Both of her adoptive mother and father treated their own biological children better than they treated her. I guess it’s hard to tell how you will act in a situation until you are actually in it.

      3. I actually agree with the sentiment of adopting. In my own family, cousins are raised in another cousin’s home with their aunts and uncles and I have an adopted nephew. I have noticed that the “adopted” kids though are treated no better than second class citizens in the homes of my aunts and uncles. If you’re gonna treat them like that, than why take them in?

        This is why I am SO PROUD of my parents. They have raised their own siblings, a couple of nieces and nephews, an adopted grandnephew, and a random neighbor’s kid LOL I don’t know, but lots of people were raised under the same roof I was. My parents think of all of them as their children and are often sad that they have their own families now…and I’m still here haha. If I do get married, I will have children, and I will also adopt. Hopefully, I will find a partner who will agree with me.

        If I get married…f I don’t, maybe I will just adopt one for myself anyway.

      4. Jayne, remember Chow Yun Fatt? No children, almost had one, never adopted. Asians generally don’t adopt. Blood relationship is important to them. Just imagine, generally, Chinese; son and daughter, both by blood and yet they will choose son over daughter, more so a complete stranger.

        BUT there are those idiots who chooses complete stranger instead of own daughter for one fact; when they die, someone to ermm carry what that thing in funerals?

        That’s when they adopt someone else, for like 1 day.


      5. @Iampheng,
        That’s great that your parents had such an open heart to love children in need, whether they were their actual offspring or not. Through unfortunate circumstances or decisions by the real parents (such as mainland parents abandoning little newborn girls in their pursuit of giving birth to boys), many children do not experience a loving, nurturing environment.

        No need for your mother to be sad that the children she once took care of have now grown up and started their own families. I’m sure she gave them a happy childhood and by taking them in, she changed their lives.

      6. @Funn,
        What Asian cultural values make them dislike adoption? Is it concern about dying and leaving assets to a “stranger,” with no blood ties to the family? Do they think that if there are no children, then leave their assets to the next kin in line, such as a younger sibling or nephew instead? Is adoption undesirable simply because of protection of family worth?

        I wouldn’t call an adopted child a stranger. A stranger is someone you do not know. If the child has been raised with love over the years, someone we have gone through pain, suffering, joy, and other human emotions with, then that person is no longer a stranger. The child will learn to love and treat the adopted parents as they were his real parents. It is all about the values you impart on the adopted child. People who fear that the adopted child will one day turn out to be no better than a “stranger” biting back, betraying the love etc. have not done their parental jobs in teaching the kid love, gratitude, and appreciation. Even pets love their kind owners, martial arts students respect and treat their sifus as a father figure etc. If you love and treat others with sincerity, they will sense it and return in full.

        People generally want to have children because when we grow old and die one day, we want to leave behind a legacy, a continuation of something more. A continuation of life, children we helped grow into able adults. Children who may have potential to realize dreams we didn’t fulfill. Little children remind us of the simple joys in life, help us relive the moments of our own childhood, help us to see life and its stages from new perspectives.

        When we grow old and die, our bodies may turn to ash. However, the legacy we leave behind and will be remembered by are the people’s lives we once touched, whether they are the friends we had, the people we influenced, the family we bonded with, and the children we loved and taught them to be good people. The children we gave life to, whether adopted or biological. The ability to touch upon others’ lives and to realize our significant impact on other people makes living worthwhile.

      7. Totally agree with Jayne! I have some adopted cousins in my family since one of my more distant aunts had no kids. She raised 2 kids and they now treat her better than how many biological kids may treat their parents. Adoption is a very very good option if you cannot have your own. We had 9 kids in my family but my mom was going to adopt another girl(since my sister passed away), however, in the end someone else adopted that girl instead. A lot of biological children and their parents do NOT have a good relationship. Another one of my aunts hates her biological son, but loves her adopted daughter. Her adopted daughter is the one that takes care of her and provides for her now. Therefore, is it that important to have a blood relationship??

        There’s also the saying “The birth mother is not as great as the adopted mother that raised you”. I totally agree with Jayne that the bond that you share with the child. THere are times that a parent can bond with an adopted child better than a biological child.

      8. I also want to say that Jayne made a good point that an adopted child is NOT a stranger. If that were the case, then a husband and wife should not be together because they were originally strangers to each other too. BUt they met and developed feelings for each other, fell in love, got married and will possibly spend their whole life together. If you can do that with an adult stranger, then why can’t you do that with an adopted child??

      9. Because if the adopted child is a baby, it is easier to form a bond. But if the child is a bit bigger, or even more bigger, there lies the extra efforts needed. And I don’t count cousins’ children, somehow related by blood or by marriage or by friendship to be strangers. Strangers mean you walk into an orphanage and adopt from there.

        Many stars prefer to find surrogate these days if they can’t IVF.

        Adoption is for those who has an open mind to it or for those who has no options.

        I don’t mind adoption myself but let’s be frank; I will check into the child’s background and if possible genetics. Because since I don’t know the child’s background and I didn’t give birth to the child, I can’t be sure of the nature of the child. And I suppose there lies the reluctance to adopt. Your child, you will love automatically. Adopted child takes a lot of factors, one of which is fate and chemistry.

        If you can’t win over your stepchildren without much effort, and your apprehension at that, imagine a total and absolute stranger. BUT at least you can choose this stranger, you can’t choose your step children.

        Point is doesn’t matter your child, his child, her child, somebody’s child, as long as you’re prepared to love the child like you will love yourself (not your own BUT yourself), that is a great thing.

        As for husbands and wives… there is a natural between a married couple. Sex. Sex binds 2 individuals together. But with adopted children, unless you’re sure you can love the child without favouritism,then not just give it a try; this is not like money back guarantee. You just make it work. First to test if you can or not, adopt a pet from the pound. If you can’t even handle that, perhaps you might rethink even giving birth. It is a huge responsibility; children are not accessories.

      10. @Funn,
        When adopting a little girl from Chinese orphanages, I believe the assignment of the child is by the agency. Usually the child’s background details are vague. Most little girls are given up by parents who choose to remain anonymous. Testing of genetics is likely not an agency practice. By the time the children are ready to adopt, the agency will inform the family who the child will be and arrange for meeting. By then, the child is usually 2 years old. If there are known health ailments, they will be revealed. An international family adopting a child from the orphanage doesn’t get too much choice in who the child will be. If you are a celebrity or family of influential background, perhaps if you make large donation to the establishment, you have more choice in picking the child.

        One of my ex-coworkers adopted a little girl from China and he described the adoption process to me. Usually families that adopt have to prove they have sufficient financial resources to support the child before the application is approved. He and his wife do not have other children and love his daughter as his own. They told her of her adoption background, obviously since she looks very different from her parents. Rather than question about her past, she is thriving under care of her adopted parents.

        Most of the girls at the Chinese orphanages are given up by their parents usually not for health reasons, but simply because they are girls and they want boys. It’s likely that most girls are overall healthy.

        Even in having our own biological children, we don’t have a choice in whether they are healthy or not. One of my friends has a child with severe physical disability that has presented extreme challenges in parenting.

        Usually families prefer to adopt young toddlers, rather than older children, similar to people’s preference in adopting a young puppy versus an older dog. I agree that temperaments are more difficult to mold the older the child is. If you subscribe to the theory that personality is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors, especially at young age, then the parental care will have a great influence in shaping the child’s personality and temperament.

        Parents even have difficulty raising their own kids, due to children’s immature temperaments, immature logic, and inability to control emotional swings.

        However, there is a difference between regular parents and couples who want to adopt. Some people become parents by accident, at a young age, under trying financial resources etc, factors which may make parenting more difficult. Couples who adopt are generally older (after failing to conceive naturally), have stable financial resources, and truly want to be parents. When the urge to be parents is so strong, you generally put in more effort. Plus these are people who have open hearts and don’t mind loving another’s child.

        The more important thing is the fact that through normal family experiences (aside from the initial adoption process), everyone will also bind together.

        Funn, I disagree that sex is the strongest factor binding a married couple together. The sex can be great but other factors can be empty. We chose our partners and sometimes, shared faith, values in life, common goals, friendship, trust, being joint decision makers together, looking towards each other to share each other’s joys and easing of pain, these are all important factors that bind the marriage and establish that truly strong bond. This kind of bond takes many years to develop. When initially dating or married, sex might be a strong factor, but over time the other factors become more important.

        Adoption of American children in the foster care system is completely different than the Chinese adoption process described. Foster care children are usually older and they usually rotate from foster family to another. These foster care parents receive payments from the American government to provide residential care for foster children, approximately $400 per day. Since money is a motivation to care for the children, sometimes foster care parents are doing this to help themselves financially. So love for another child is not the first reason. That’s why many foster children spend many years of their early childhood living with one foster care family to another, which results in a poor bond with the families and a sense of not belong to anyone family. Sometimes, the foster parents do decide to adopt an older child because they get along well. Due to the child’s “floating years” from family to family, this may have given the child a tough outlook on life, deceptive traits, and other undesirable traits to say the least.

  3. Not quite sure why always have to cover her face. It’s not that ppl don’t know how she look like. Andy lau always cover up his private life so secretive. He probably should be more open in that way probably media won’t follow him so tight all the time. Just a thought.

    1. @Ita

      My guess why they’re so secretive is because either Carol is a North Korean spy, a Italian drug dealer or Andy Lau is a ventriloquist and there really is no such person as Carol Chu but just his puppet.

      1. He bought her from Japan, those robots that can walk on their own but can’t think on their own. But assembled in Malaysia. Hence she is from Malaysia.

      2. Well its not a very good looking robot. I hope it has other functions to make up for that.

      3. Well, looks aren’t important if his emphasis is 100% obedience. One that never ever gets crazy or malfunction but walks where he wants her to walk, talks when he wants her to talk which is a redundant feature since he never lets her do so.

      4. Come on Kidd, we didn’t say she doesn’t look good, we are just saying we have no opportunity to see how she looks now since she is forever covering her face. Doesn’t matter if people know her face, my question is why is her husband dressed gloriously and hair gelled to perfection and his wife is .. ermm.. like that? Why not show her face?

      5. To me, it just seems like he’s the kind of person that likes to keep his work and personal life separate. Just because his marriage has been “outed” doesn’t mean he won’t strive to continue to keep his family out of media’s prying eyes.

        Besides, her father just passed, why would she be interested in putting on makeup and playing dress-up for the media? She’s grieving for goodness sake! Or Maybe, she’s just not a materialistic woman!

    2. It’s not a secret anymore and I agree that she shouldn’t cover up now. Everyone knows about this marriage by now.

  4. Buy mansion at Ampang, Malaysia? Hmm…nice place…He really know what kind of place suitable to hide his private life….

  5. Im so happy for them they deserve it!!!! Congrats!!!

  6. Yep, in Asia, it’s either your child by blood or nothing at all. Most Asian want to have children of their own blood and cannot relate to adopting because it really is somebody else’s child. It’s not a matter of love or bonding or affection towards children. It simply has to be from your own bloodline. Look at Angelina and Pitt. Even though they’ve adopted a whole hoard of children to show the world how worldly they are, they still need to have some kids of their own blood. It’s what ties a couple and family together. Having adopted children just isn’t the same……………

    1. @yuaida

      Oh no, you’re not being negative for once. What happened? I’d think Andy Lau would be the last person you’d spare against your worldly cynicism. 😛

      1. Piss off! This site is for people to make comments on the articles and not to each other so MYOB………..Can’t imagine you actually keep track of who says what…Is reading this site your full-time job?

    2. I don’t agree with your statement that Angelina adopted her children to show the world how worldy they are. What kind of remark is that?

      I believe Angelina Jolie remarked once that she had trouble bonding with her own biological daughter because she thought that they were born into privilege and therefore not as worthy as being pampered and spoiled like her poor and unfortunate orphans…hm something like that. This could have been postpartum depression speaking but I believe she now loves all of her children equally. BTW she adopted her Vietnamese son Pax Thien AFTER she had her daughter Shiloh.

      It’s possible just not for all of us.

      1. I always thought Angelina Jolie loved Maddox more than all her other children, including her own. I believe her adoption purposes is genuine. Shiloh I believe was a sudden pregnancy but the twins were in vitro.

      2. Maybe she realise that her biological privileged daughter also need her love after Shiloh has to go on counselling because her mom loves her less than the her other siblings.

      3. I do get the impression Shiloh is less loved, but her father loved her most

  7. Congrats to them if its true.

    I guess as a celebrity, the more they want to hide, the more paparazzi wants to follow and dig out news and the public will be more curious.

    If they just are more open, no one will be interested at all.

    1. They should just be open if they don’t want the paparazzi to follow them all the time. It’s not like it’s a secret anymore.

  8. As people, we all like a certain amount of privacy, but I think that is where celebrities get it wrong. If they choose that profession they will be in the lime light and they should accept that they have become people of interest.
    This whole business of wanting to hide and have privacy AND have the publicity at the same time is crazy.
    I sometimes think that they want more publicity by being all secretive. I mean, the paparazzi follow them even more, because they want to find out the “secrets”.
    Anyhow, if Andy and Carol are expecting, here’s wishing them lots of luck and good wishes. Being pregnant at 44 is not easy.

  9. Oh man, what’s with HK celebrities and masks? Do they all have bad breath or they ran out of BB cream?

    Andy & Wife always look like they are attending a funeral. Ok, i know the famous one was taken after her dad’s funeral, but this one is just as bad. She doesn’t even look like his maid. Some maids get along well with their employers and look like they are part of the family . However, Mrs Lau looks like an usherer at some kind of Andy event.

  10. I think this is real love. Because Andy can easily make another women pregnant. He only think there is one women who can be the mother of his children.

    I do think Andy is a control freak. But I think he has to. He is so many years on the top. He has to make some dissuasion. And some dissuasion has some Consiquentie. And he have to paid some effort. One of them is no having a private life. He share is whole life with us. But some think he want to keep private. He deserve some private…..

    If the news is true. I really really happy for them. After so many sharing life with the audience. He deserve his own family.

    1. About the Carol’s look.

      It is never good:
      – big boobs and full lips = a slut
      – no make up = plain

      Why we can not have respect of some people? Why we always have to judge them?

      If people don’t know andy & carol. And look at the picture of them. Do don’t look like a ‘perfect’ couple (handsome guy + beautiful lady), but if andy only searching beautiful lady. He easily can get that.

      Otherwise, I am not saying carol is not a beauty. I think andy is finally find someone who is normal. Always on the top, is nice to down on earth, find some peace and normal things….

      1. You made some good points Loekie! I personally don’t believe that a woman with no make up is someone plain. I personally think that a woman that possess true and natural beauty that others don’t have, therefore, she doesn’t need the make up. While there are others that put on lots of it, but is it really them anymore?? Or is it just a mask that they are hiding under?? As we have all seen, there are many pictures of actresses with and without make up and they look like day and night. Maybe Andy likes a woman with natural beauty as opposed to all of the artifical beauties that he sees in the circle?? I think most guys would prefer natural beauty over fake or enhanced beauty anyday…

    2. Maybe it is not easy to find a woman so obedient? Even with the thing covering half her face, she looks distressed. She really likes being in the background doesn’t she? She seems so ill at ease at the attention. Andy should bring her out more.

      1. @funn: maybe she doesn’t want the attention. Afraid for the attention. I mean, handle the media is really hard. There a lots of famous people have media training, but still can’t handle it. So, I think for a ‘normal’ woman is double hard too.

      2. Carol doesn’t seem like the type that craves attention anyways. She is also not from the circle so why would she even want the attention. Getting attention is not necessarily a good thing. I wonder how it would be if Andy was with Yu Kexin instead??

    3. Maybe Andy is not as fertile as we think he is. People always assume that getting pregnant or the “inability to” is always the women’s fault. Maybe Andy is the one who has having fertile problems. After all, he is almost 50 years old.

  11. Carol fits the type of woman that Andy likes. It’s been known throughout the years when he’s been made fun of on shows, etc. that he likes a woman that has long hair, big eyes and very natural. Another example of Andy’s type is Rosamund Kwan. Andy has talked about it before that she is very much his type, but nothing happened between the two of them because they were both already in relationships. Carol is known to be a very quiet and shy person, so therefore she doesn’t like all this attention, so maybe that’s why she has on a mask when she is out. I think it’s quite impressive that for someone like Andy Lau, who can have any woman he wants, but yet he’s been able to stay faithful and loyal to Carol all these years. He may be a control freak, but he must be doing something right if she’s willing to stay by his side all these years.

    1. @Henry:
      I totally agree with you. That’s what I also thinking! 🙂

    2. We really don’t know what’s going on behind the doors. She may be with him for love, or for fear, or because she is used to being with him, etc. Andy Lau is not a simple man, isn’t easy to be with and in my view, chauvinistic and controlling, both doesn’t sit well with women with strong personality so my guess is Carol is happy to sit back or if I will be blunt, dominated.

      1. I guess it is also because Andy is the breadwinner while I don’t think Carol works, so it is normal for Andy to have more power. Maybe Carol is the traditional type that doesn’t mind if her husband controls her?? Who really knows??

      2. I agree with you Funn. I think Carol does love Andy. Rosamund Kwan does seems to be Andy’s ideal type but I don’t think they can ever be together. Two beautiful people together means only one thing, war. So, Carol might be a better fit and Andy is smart, with his popularity, he needs an obedient woman that he can trust would not betray him and Carol seem to fit the picture. However, I do not understand with the amount of money they have, why don’t she dress better, even casual can look really good. And you don’t have to cake your face with make-up but something presentable, come-on your husband is Andy Lau! Unless, Andy forbids her to do so;)

      3. I’ve heard that of rumors between Andy and Rosamund before, but I never looked into the situation and that Andy said that Rosamund was his type. Can someone provide more information about this? What type of personality does Andy like? I do agree with everyone here who believes that he’s controlling and chauvinistic aka, a control freak, lol. Personally, while Andy is appealing as a celebrity, chauvinistic men are a turnoff for me.

    3. Totally agree with you Henry! I was thinking the same thing. I am glad that Andy has been so faithful all of these years to her. Therefore, I guess Carol realizes that so she tries to be a good wife.

  12. I wonder why Carol isn’t wearing make up? But then again, I guess we don’t know that since she covers up her face anyways.

  13. Oh yea, forgot to say CONGRATS to Andy and Carol. I am glad that they are finally having a child. I know that they have been wanting one for a long time.

    Actually, there are some Asian celebs that do want to adopt. I remember Tony Sun saying that he did, but he isn’t married yet and some adoption agencies require you to be married in order to adopt. I do commend people that can raise and love children that are not their own. Not everyone has such a big heart and is able to do that… It is true that many asians prefer their own blood. Even if they did adopt, they don’t seem to love the adopted child as much as their own. I find that sad but understandable…

  14. American/Asian or not, Adoption is a personal preference. I agree that when you have your own child, the child is yours and your own blood. You feel more bond. However, that does not be true to everyone. Some can have children,but chose not to have.

    P.S. CAROL DOES LOOK LIKE A MAID NEXT TO ANDY LOL. I personally love to dress out esp when i’m out in public. I don’t want to look like a rag!

  15. This might come as a nasty comment but I have this feeling that this whole marriage spectacle is a sham. Andy Lau just wants to be seen as a family man.

    I don’t know why but I particularly dislike these highly regarded Chinese male celebrities such as Jackie Chan and Andy Lau. They give me creepy vibes.
    In my view, they are horrible husbands and fathers.

    They seem to reinforce the idea of having a submissive wife who follows their orders and takes care of everything at home while they can do whatever pleases them. At the same time, they want to be regarded as a good husband and father.

    1. 5 year maybe, 10 years maybe, but she has been with him 2 decades I believe? Can a sham last so long with just the same person?

    2. I don’t think this is a sham at all. Andy has known Carol since 1985/1986 so it has been over 20 years. Also, the more that I think about it and on a more positive note, it seems like Andy is also trying to protect Carol from the public. Therefore, I don’t think it is all control like some may think. I heard that Carol comes from a well off family too so it’s not like she is after Andy for money. She also has a big family as well so I don’t understand why would she have to be with him out of fear. It’s not like ANdy is evil and would do something bad to her if she tried to leave him. I remember Andy saying that one of the main reasons why he did not expose his relationship with Carol all of these years was because he was afraid that the mafia would threaten or endanger his wife. But now since the truth is out, he says that he just wants to live a happy life with his wife. Therefore, I feel that they both love each other and have been committed to each other all of these years. At least they have that foundation and now they are finally having kids. Wish them the best!

  16. you will be surprised how money can motivate people…
    just saying.

    1. Carol came from big and rich family too so why would she even need to be with Andy for money??

      1. Gigi Lai isn’t poor herself, yet her choice of husband to me seems….let’s say special. But of course, this is a totally different case.

        I have to admit I don’t know much about Carol or her background. How rich she is or how independent she is, or how natural she is. Whatever.

        They just strike me as an odd couple.

      2. Is Carol from big and rich family?

        Gigi Lai wanted a father figure.

      3. @ Funn

        I’ve read an article before listing actors who dated/married rich girl. Andy/Carol is on the list. The article said Carol’s family is one of Penang riches family.

      4. Really? But why was the funeral such a shamble? Why is she so… like that?!

      5. I think her family’s rich but not tycoon-rich. Probably upper-upper-middle class. And that was probably comfortable for Andy.

      6. @PAGE Yeah, I was quite surprised that she quit and all of a sudden just married to a wealthy man. Her quitting might have been due to her brother’s incident at the time, but did she have to marry? How long have he known the guy? It all seems like a mystery.

        Gigi use to be glamorous at the TVB awards anniversary and apparently, she does seem to careless about her looks and more about her family life. I guess people just have different priorities at different points in their lives, but I feel that Michelle Reis is an exception to this rule. Most artist care less about how they look/dress while they’re pregnant and married, but Michelle and Kelly Chen are really the exceptions.

      7. @ Chriselle

        Her quitting might have been due to her brother’s incident at the time, but did she have to marry?

        She’s already 38 when she married Mr.Ma. It’s the right time to marry already.

        “How long have he known the guy? It all seems like a mystery.

        I remember reading an article last time that said she has been with the guy for some years (I think it’s 5 years) before they married. So, it’s not the case of ‘my brother has an accident, I’m tired of shouldering everything alone, so, I’ll simply find a rich guy to marry’. This man was by her side supporting her in her most difficult period of her life and he promised to take care of her brother his whole life.

        Isn’t the most important thing in a husband for a woman is he loves her and treats her well and better if he’s able to support her? Mr.Ma was able to do that.

        Gigi shows true bliss in her wedding photos and after her marriage, she has express a couple times that she’s happy now in her life.

      8. @Chriselle,
        I heard that Gigi dated her husband for 7 years before they got married. He dotes on Gigi a lot and took care of her brother and was there for her. I remember reading this one article where Mr. Ma told Gigi “Stop working, I will take care of you for life”. I heard that Gigi was so touched by that and agreed to marry him. She posted on her blog a message right after she got married saying how happy she was and how grateful she was to find someone like Mr. Ma. She said that he not only loved her, but he loved her family too. I am guessing she was referring to her brother because he helped take care of him and supported her family during such a tough time… Gigi is lucky to find someone that loves her and her family so much…Isn’t that what any women wants??

      9. @Page,
        Even though Gigi herself isn’t poor, but she definately isn’t really rich either. I heard that even though her grandpa was a famous actor and all back then, they did not leave anything for Gigi’s father due to his disabilities. Therefore, her family always struggled back then so she had to work all of those years to support her family. It is true that things got better and all, was she ever really THAT rich rhough??? But in her case, she is the girl so you know how it is usually the girls that go for a well off guy and not the other way around. With Andy and Carol, if Andy did love her, even if she came from a poor family it would not matter. It just happens that she comes from a well off family. Why do you think that ANdy and Carol are an odd couple??? I think they are cute couple.. She sort of reminds me of Yu Ke Xin(Andy’s ex)in terms of looks.

  17. First, congrats to Andy and Carol on the good news. So happy for them!

    Second, I’m really surprised that so many people are so negative about his marriage. Andy keeps his personal life away from his public life and you cruxify him for having a life he doesn’t need you to know about.

    Third, she might be a woman who doesn’t care to wear make-up. Big deal. But why say he’s controlling her??

    Fourth, maybe she wears the mask for health reasons – with all these reporters around her she doesn’t want to risk catching something and getting sick. She is trying to carry a healthy pregnancy.

    Lastly, he’s been with her for over 20 years – that’s a commitment! – but instead of being happy for them they get criticized from everything of her looking like his maid, her staying for money, he’s controlling, etc. I’m just shocked people say these things.

  18. I have always respected Andy and continued to do so. He the only guy in the industry that his image seems not to be stained by rumors and scandals. He knows what is right and what is wrong. All his movies are very touching and he always seems to play redemption-which why his movies are memorable. And why some of you guys bashing Andy over his wife’s lackluster appearance? I’m sure Andy didn’t tell her to dress poorly. It just her preference and i commend her for that. Most women want to dress in fine clothing and put on make up to adorn themselves. But she doesn’t even bother with it. I think plain and natural is way better than women in thick make up. They the ones who are hard to read.

    1. @Darren,
      I agree with you and after thinking about it, I actually don’t think it is really necessary for Carol to dress up. I also thought that it isn’t necessarily Andy that is making her wear that mask. Maybe she herself wants to so that she can avoid the media due to not being a part of the circle. I think that maybe it is because Carol wants to dress simple, not because Andy made her. I think Andy is probably really easy going so he lets her wear what she likes which may be the reason why she looks like a maid when she is with him. Honestly, I think if Andy was that controlling as some may think, he would force her to wear make up and dress up so that she can look like she “matches” him. However, since she doesn’t, it may be because she doesn’t want to dress up and as long as she is comfortable, Andy doesn’t mind either.
      I also like and prefer to be comfortable because dressing up on a daily basis is a big pain.I think dressing up really simply is much faster, comfortable and convenient. Maybe that is how Andy’s wife is and Andy likes women that are natural and plain? I don’t think every guy likes girls who dress up and wear make up all the time. Andy sees that all the time in the circle. Not every woman likes to dress up and wear up everyday. I am similar to Carol in that aspect so I can understand that. However, I think many expect her to because she married a superstar. I remember VIncent Jiao’s ex-wife. She was sort of the same way. She rarely dressed up even when in public and didn’t seem to match him at all. However, Vincent and his fans did not mind at all. I guess it is just down to a matter of personal preference.

  19. Well, I’m not very specifically saying Andy is this and that. And I’m sure he is a saint to someone in this discussion board.

    It’s the whole image they put in front of the media. I find it phony. I mean ‘they’ as in Jackie Chan and Andy Lau alike male celebrities. Wanting to portray being a good family man.

    Jackie Chan is a famous womanizer and probably just throw money at his son to make up the absence in his life.

    What does it have to do how a woman dresses? This is insane. I don’t get it how you can tie those things together?

    1. @Page,
      I have been a long time fan of Andy but I am fair when I judge him too. From what I know of him, he does not seem like the really controlling type. Andy has done many things that I have admired. ONe of them is that he is faithful to his wife all of these years. He is in the circle and can have any women that he wants. He is also constantly surrounded by really beautiful women, but he still loves only Carol. THat is really hard and rare to find in men, especially from ones that are in the circle. He also does a lot of charity work and I don’t think he needs to do that for publicity or anything since he is already so famous. He is also good to his fans. I remember that he once saved a fan from being beaten… I don’t think every celeb would do that for their fans.

      But of course, he is not perfect and has flaws like anyone. I must say that I was really disappointed in him when he lied about his relationship/marriage with Carol. However, he explained why and felt really bad for it so many fans(including me) have all forgiven him. Of course, I know that they all convey a good image to the public, but I have never expected Andy to be a saint or to be perfect because who is?? However, after being his fan for over 20+ years, I don’t think he can fake it or put on an act for such a long time….

      About Jackie CHan, once again no one is perfect. He has his good and bad. Also, I recently read an article about Jackie saying that he will not leave anything for his son. Therefore, I don’t understand why you said that he just throws money at his son. He said that he wants his son to work for his own money instead of just wasting his…

  20. asian people’s emphasis on “blood relation” is stupid and another reason why they fell behind 500 years ago.
    the whole idea stems on their needing a blood relative to burn money for them so they can be comfortable in hell.
    and anyway,family can stab you in the back. i’d much rather have a kid who loves me, regardless of his lineage, than a blood relative who will kill me for money.

    1. @randy,

      “the whole idea stems on their needing a blood relative to burn money for them so they can be comfortable in hell.”

      Hell? Maybe that sounds a bit too harsh, but your comment about burning money is nevertheless funny. I don’t like how some Chinese, especially the older generation, are so superstitious. I prefer logic any day.

      “i’d much rather have a kid who loves me, regardless of his lineage, than a blood relative who will kill me for money.”

      Agree, but are real life families really like those we see in TVB series where they want to get rid of each other, throw them in jail, or kill them? It’s a civilized society, so I’m not sure if they are going to risk going to jail for killing their fathers to gain the wealth.

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