Winners of the 36th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards

Hosted by RTHK, the 36th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards were successfully held at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC) on January 12, 2014. As expected by critics and fans alike, Joey Yung (容祖兒) and Eason Chan (陳奕迅) continued their reign as Hong Kong’s reigning queen and king of Cantopop with their consecutive wins for Best Female and Best Male Singer, respectively.

The annual awards presentation also yielded unpredictable results. Popular favorites and Big Four members Andy Hui (許志安) and Edmond Leung (梁漢文), who have won top honors at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards earlier this month, were left with empty hands.

Top Ten Gold Songs:
“Run My Way” <任我行> by Eason Chan
“Heaven’s Window” <天窗> by Joey Yung
“House of Cards” <紙牌屋> by Hacken Lee
“Older Brother’s Song” <哥歌> by Ivana Wong
“Ode to Youth” <青春頌> by Alfred Hui
“Best Moment” <最好的時刻> by Kay Tse
“Street Light Dinner” <街燈晚餐> by Janice Vidal
“Say One Phrase” <說一句> by Shiga Lin
“One Thousand and One Times of Life” <一千零一次人生> by Mag Lam
“Song of Years Gone By” <歲月如歌> by Chilam Cheung

Outstanding Popular Mandarin Songs:
Gold – “Intoxicated” <你把我灌醉> by G.E.M.
Silver – “Red Dust Inn” <紅塵客棧> by Jay Chou
Bronze – “Love Instantly” <愛立刻> by Khalil Fong

Most Outstanding Singers of the Year:
Male – Eason Chan
Female – Joey Yung

Nation’s Best Chinese Song:
“The Moment” <一念之間> by David Tao

Nation’s Best Singer:
Male – Eason Chan
Female – Joey Yung
Group – Mayday

Best Global Song:
“Run My Way” <任我行> by Eason Chan

Best-selling Singers of the Year:
Male – Eason Chan
Female – Joey Yung
Group – Sodagreen

Cash’s Best Singer-songwriter:
Pong Nan

Most Improved of the Year:
Gold – Supper Moment
Silver – C Allstar
Bronze – Pakho Chau

Best Rookies:
Gold – J.Arie
Silver – AGA
Bronze: Corinna Chamberlain

Merit Awards:
Lesley Chiang
Vivian Chan
Angela Hui

Outstanding Popular Singers:
Joey Yung
Ivana Wong
Hins Cheung
Alfred Hui
Eason Chan
Kay Tse
Fiona Sit
Hacken Lee
Kary Ng


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    1. I will never understand why Eason keeps getting the male award every year………he is one of the most overrated singers in the industry.

      1. I think both of them are? It’s like there are NO OTHER SINGERS IN HK? I mean, seriously? That is just sad really.

      2. LF deserve top ten best potential singer if based on commercial values, popularities,media coverages & album sales

  1. Hk awards are jokes nowadays, unless you are superfans of idols, it shouldn’t be taken seriously when there is literally 2 singers left in the hk music industry who are considered decent.

    1. Rubbish awards

      Song of Years Gone By” by Chilam Cheung to be top ten- its a cover by eason 10 years’s a rig

  2. HK music industry is dead. All I see is Eason and Joey getting most of the awards.

    1. you right,no other country in the world can a singer reigning in award-shows more then 10 years,this say enough about the current state of hk music industry.

  3. that paula tsui? she looks young indeed and smile great as well…paula has the aura of diana ross

  4. i never thought they were any good in the first place…acting perhaps but not singing

  5. Really riduculous how rigged music awards are getting. For example, Gin Lee did very well this year with chart topping singles and she didn’t win anything.

    It’s always the same people who win.

  6. Just one day.. one day if you don’t see Joey and Eason on these awards headline you know the HK’s music industry is truly dead… if it isn’t already.

    At this point, it looks like the only two competition left is Eason and Joey. Have fun battling out among themselves!

  7. Haha Joey Yung is best singer. So comical. Well at least Pong Nan won something. This guy got talent.

  8. G.e.m is prob the best female H.K singer in terms of her vocals

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