Mag Lam Joins Wong Cho Lam’s Production Company

After winning first place in The Voice 2 <超級巨聲2> in 2010, Mag Lam (林欣彤) signed under TVB and EEG. Mag was considered to be one of the most promising new stars due to her powerful vocals. Due to her deteriorating health, Mag decided not to renew her contract with TVB and EEG last month and instead hoped to seek out alternate opportunities.

Despite her singing talents, many recording companies were hesitant to sign Mag due to her notoriety for losing control of her emotions. With the pressure of fame, Mag fell into depression and suffered from bulimia in 2012. Although her eating disorder is now under control, her mood continues to be unstable.

However, Mag was recruited and convinced to join Wong Cho Lam’s (王祖藍) new production company. After Cho Lam’s TVB contract expired, he sought funding from Shaw Brothers to start his own company. He was successful in signing Mag after promising to promote her career in Mainland China and featuring her in Hunan TV’s I am a Singer 4 (我是歌手4).

Despite Cho Lam’s promises, the prospect of Mag being a participant on the esteemed show appears uncertain. The program, which successfully boosted G.E.M. Tang‘s (鄧紫棋) music career in China last year, has remained one of the most popular singing competition shows. Even with Wong Cho Lam’s connections, it may be difficult to fulfill his promise of helping Mag earn a spot on the show.


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  1. “He was successful in signing Mag after promising to promote her career in Mainland China and featuring her in Hunan TV’s I am a Singer 4 (我是歌手4).”

    “Even with Wong Cho Lam’s connections, it may be difficult to fulfill his promise of helping Mag earn a spot on the show.”

    How can he make a promise to get her on the show when he hasn’t make the connections yet? Don’t make the poor emotion unstable girl go crazy if you make the promise and unable to fulfil it…

    1. @mike WCL has very good connection with HunanTV. However, I am a singer is a show for established singers so it will be hard for Mag (who cannot be considered as an established singer) to join. Right now, the audiences voiced that they have no idea who is Mag Lam or Mag is unqualified for the show.

      1. @alluka ya maybe he shouldn’t lie to the poor girl then. he already knows she is having a difficult time emotionally. its toying with her emotions.

      2. @mike It was what the tabloid said. We all dont know what WCL said to her. Overall, signing with WCL is not a bad idea because WCL really has good relationship with HunanTV and also Shaw Brothers.

  2. Is it just me or others also find the following totally nonsensical and contradictory?

    Due to her deteriorating health, she decided not to renew her contracts with TVB/EEEG. But she is well enough to sign on with others?

    Isn’t I am a Singer 4 (我是歌手4) a Chinese version of American Idol, an amateur singing competition? Why do you need an agent to get you on the show? Is this just some fast talks from the midget?

    1. @aiya I am a Singer isnt Chinese version of American Idol. It is the singing contest for established and famous singers. Last time they have Han Hung, ONE, Leo Koo etc.. It is perfect for a singer to show ability and get closer to big China market. Therefore being in the show is a great chance to get more famous. For example, G.E.M won the 2nd season and her fame skyrocketed.

  3. i don’t think the show is for well established singers. it is for singers. doesn’t matter established for not. definately not for amateurs and nothing like american idol. think the show originated in korea.

  4. having said that, i don’t know think mag has any chances of winning. i do not think she’s a good/ talented singer.

    1. @m0m0 I heard her live singing, she isnt that bad at all. But it is true that she doesnt have many chances to win. The biggest problem is her Mandarin. She spoke funny Mando and I am singer is a show where Mando should be the main stream. Look at Leo Koo. He was strong when he was able to sing Cantonese but when it comes to Mando, he showed weakness and lost quite soon.

      1. @alluka I don’t think one’s Mandarin Chinese has to be perfect in order to sing well in it. The phrasing of the words, along with other vocal mechanics, is much more important.

        For example, I was quite impressed by Malaysian singer Shila Amzah and Korean “TheOne”, both of whom had placed in the top 3 I believe.

      2. @aiya Yes, it doesnt need to be perfect but as the way to speak Cantonese and Mandarin is different, the oversea competitors faced the difficulties when singing in Mandarin properly. As a result, they cant put their soul in the songs. I listened to Mag’s Mandarin, it sounds funny.

        Off topic: One sang Mandarin well except the fact he is a Korean. Btw, isnt he a Korean-Chinese? Im impressed at his singing as well.

      3. @alluka The One is pure Korean whose real name is Jeong Soon Won. He is one of a long line Korean singers who attempt to enter the Mando-Pop market. The last one who had done it successfully was Jang Nara.

        It still seems a bit funny to me that HK singers are considered part of the “oversea” crowd with limited Chinese speaking skills to make it in the China scene while Koreans, Malaysians and others have made it in bundles. Such is the wacky world in which we live with all the geo-political intrigues.

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