Mag Lam Suffered Physical Abuse from Ex-boyfriend

Hong Kong singer Mag Lam‘s (林欣彤) life has been full of turbulence. Suffering from depression and anorexia earlier, the 24-year-old revealed that she was also physically abused by her long-time boyfriend, Ben.

When Mag first met Ben in high school, she was attracted to his quiet exterior. The couple had an on-again, off-again relationship after Mag entered the entertainment industry. When they reconciled last year, Ben’s personality took a 180-degree turn. Becoming suspicious and paranoid that Mag would cheat on him, Ben began monitoring Mag’s daily activity and whereabouts. When Mag began noticing Ben’s strange behavior, she ultimately ended the relationship for good.

Ben Claims Mag Cheated

After their breakup, Ben fired angry posts on Facebook, listing Mag’s alleged faults. Ben claimed that Mag was frequently emotionally unstable, had cheated on him and remained unrepentant.

Ben posted, “When you cheated the first time, I thought I wasn’t being good enough to you. The second time, I also blamed myself for not knowing how to handle the problem. This is the third time and you still get angry that I check your phone. When you were sick, I took days off to come see you. I even quit my job to take care of you.”

Continuing to unleash his anger on Facebook, Ben wrote, “When I scolded you for cheating, you had the audacity to tell me that having the freedom to love is not wrong. I thought [being cheated on] was an embarrassing thing. You wronged me three times – I’ve done what I could for you already!”

Repeated Abuse

Ben reportedly began hitting Mag last March. Since the couple has been together for years, Mag did not want to call the police. Staying silent in hopes of saving their relationship, Mag even planned a trip with Ben. Unfortunately, Ben was unable to control his temper and hit Mag once more.

While Mag tried to keep the secret to herself, many noticed Mag’s constant habit of wearing sunglasses this past October. As it turns out, Mag’s eye was severely bruised and she used the sunglasses to cover the injury.

Mag expressed, “We’ve been together for so long that I didn’t want to let go. I tried so many methods – when he needed my help, I would do my best. I tried changing myself and we even planned a trip together in hopes of renewing our relationship and resolve the hate. But it’s still the same – an unhappy ending resulted and then there was some physical pushing and shoving involved. I can’t suffer like this anymore. I’ve tried my best. I feel hurtful that he would badmouth me – it’s scary. I never thought the opposite of love could be this extreme hate.”

Artistes’ Responses

Mag’s ex-boyfriend Sheldon Lo (羅孝勇) trusts her character and believes she would not cheat in a relationship. Since Sheldon currently has a girlfriend, he also shot down speculations that he had come between Mag and Ben’s relationship. No matter what had occurred, Sheldon berated Ben for hitting a woman.

Fiona Sit (薛凱琪) commented, “Men and women are equal. Men shouldn’t hit women, and women shouldn’t hit men. If you love someone, you should treat each other well.”

Source:; Ming Pao

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  1. I guest when you love someone it’s really blind what anyone say or do

    1. She’s a cheater and he’s a beater, what’s love got to do with it. LOL 😀

  2. is glad she moved on.. once a person start hitting in a relationship, it should be OVER that instant as once a hitter, always a hitter!

    1. Yup, and if he’s so unhappy, why not just move on? Why hang on? Why tarnish her image knowing that she’s in the entertainment industry? He obviously doesn’t love her.

      Mag Lam can do way better. Just move on.

      1. Mag Lam should definitely file a police report and make sure that this incident is on record.

  3. Well, looks can be deceiving. That guy sure looks decent…hmmm…she deserves someone far more better.

    1. Yes lokks are very deceiving and we should not just judge anyone based on outer appearance alone.

  4. “Men and women are equal. Men shouldn’t hit women, and women shouldn’t hit men. If you love someone, you should treat each other well.” – KUDOS TO FIONA SIT!!!!!

    I am tired of people saying guys should hit girls, blah blah blah. NO ONE SHOULD HIT ANYONE.

    (And FYI I am a female who believes in equal rights)

    1. Men and women are equal. Men shouldn’t hit women, and women should hit men because men are monkeys and monkeys are born from rocks. If you love someone, you should treat yourself well. LOL! 😀

      1. I’m really hoping that’s a joke. If not then I’ll pretend this comment doesn’t exist because I think that thought is disgusting.

      2. OK thanks, some of your comments are funny too. LOL 😀

      3. Wow people are really disgusting. How do I report comments.

    2. Totally agree with you Complainer! I also believe in equality and get sick of it when people when people say that guys cannot hit women but it is ok for women to hit men. That is total BS to me. No one should hit anyone!

  5. So sad that she tried to keep it to herself, good thing everyone knows he’s a beater now

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