Raymond Lam to Dominate Cantonese Pop Music, Winning JSG’s “Most Popular Male Singer Award”?

On Sunday, January 8th, TVB will be holding the Jade Solid Gold Music Awards ceremony, bringing the year-end music awards to an exciting finale. Due to TVB’s impasse with the major Hong Kong recording companies, it was rumored that TVB management possessed the inclination to give the “Most Popular Male Singer Award” to Raymond Lam  (林峰), who will take the top prize away from last year’s winner, Leo Ku (古巨基).  Allegedly, Leo will be receiving the “Most Popular Male Singer Award in the Asia-Pacific Region,”  while Joey Yung (容祖兒) will receive the “Most Popular Female Singer” and “Most Popular Female Singer Award in the Asia-Pacific Region,”  making her become the strongest female singer in history [in total number of music awards received]!

Raymond Lam: King of Today’s Idol Generation

TVB’s annual Jade Solid Gold Music has been in existence for 28 years. The singers receiving the top “Most Popular Male Singer Award” signified that they were the most popular in Cantonese pop music, from Alan Tam (譚詠麟) battling Leslie Cheung (張國榮), the Four Heavenly Kings, Hacken Lee (李克勤), Eason Chan (陳奕迅), to Leo Ku. There was a large possibility that Raymond Lam will receive the top award this year.

In 2009, Raymond Lam was ridiculed when he won JSG’s “Most Popular Male Singer Award in the Asia-Pacific Region.” Critics taunted that Raymond was in fact the “Most Popular Male Singer from Argyle Street to Prince Street” only. However, Raymond possessed significant charm in the eyes of fans ranging from mothers to little children. His public appearances result in packed crowds. Raymond’s music albums sell well and he was appealing to viewers. Thus, winning the “Most Popular Male Singer Award” was not excessive. Eason Chan’s fans may not be as crazily passionate in comparison, but his fans will enter a record shop to buy his albums. The situation can be compared to how Jacky Cheung (張學友) was able to stimulate album sales in the past.

Raymond Lam: “We Will Wait for the Results”

Raymond Lam appeared as a singer at radio-sponsored medical event. One fan indicated that while she was sick, she received inspiration from listening to his songs and watching him act in television series. Raymond commented, “I am very happy that my songs are able to help people in this small way!”

Recently, tabloids leaked the winners list for the upcoming Jade Solid Gold Music Awards, which touted that Raymond Lam will receive the coveted “Most Popular Male Singer Award.” Raymond replied, “Every year, similar reports surface. It will only be a few days before the music awards event will be held. We will know the results at that time!” 

Excerpt from Ming Pao and On.cc

Jayne: It may be possible that Raymond will indeed get the top award at this year’s JSG Music Awards. This year he will focus on music and film, so TVB may indeed give him more music awards.

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  1. Really? Seriously? I know he is very famous but THAT famous?

    1. I presume it is also due to the limited amount of competition.

    2. Since there’s no Eason anymore in this award, it’s a battle between Raymond and Leo. Both of them held a 3 day concert this year. Raymond released a mando and canto album which both sold quite well. Raymond has won a few awards already from the past few major award ceremonies and don’t think Leo won anything yet.
      I personally think Raymond Lam is a better singer than Leo. I bet Raymond lam can sing and dance together better than Leo and Raymond’s songs this year were quite good to me. I didn’t like Leo’s songs this year at all. So I think Ray deserves the best male singer award (over Leo).

      1. Personally I don’t think Raymond’s voice is better than Leo in terms of technique, but his voice is warmer and more emotional, maybe that’s why I like to listen to him more. Sing and dance, I haven’t seen Leo sing and dance for a long time, but he used to be out of breath when performing in TVB 39th lightning show, hope he improved.

        Anywho, the award is for popularity, not for techniques right, its name says so.

      2. I adore LF but no way he’s a better singer than Leo. Maybe better songs this yr but not better voice.

        My all time favorite Leo song is “killer move” (beet Sat gei). I don’t think ray has that instant classic song yet.

  2. Well, there are not many contenders this year (due to Big 4 music singers absent) for the Most Popular Male Singer Award . Leo Ku has not really great songs this year. I am not surprised when Raymond will get this award.

      1. The Big 5 (forgot to include BMA) music company singers are not competing for this year awards (2011 JSG awards show) if I am not mistaken.

        The song need to be included in one of the JSG music awards shows (first quarter, etc.) to be able to compete for the final awards show and there aren’t any songs of the Big 5 music company singers.

      2. OH really? Even if they are there, giving him the award is not such a big deal.

  3. Oh Raymond. He gets criticism due to being forced to receive an award. :/

  4. personally i think he is a great singer and deserves this award.

  5. personally, i think he is a great singer and deserves this award.

    1. This is what happens with TVB gives him sufficient rest. 🙂

    2. I don’t like his wavy hair. It reminds me of eason’s perm.

  6. In my most sincere opinion, LF definately deserve JSG Most Popular HK Male Singer Award in three years time.But luck is on his side, HKRIA dispute and leo ku’s unpopular up tempo song is helping LF to achieve his dream. I believe his popularity either based on positive or negative tabloids had surpassed many legendary artists in the industry whom make him ‘the special one’

    1. Look at Joey. They were announcing at the Chik Chak awards that ever since Joey won the chik chak new singer award in her first year of singing, she has always won one of the 3 chik chak best female singer awards every year after that till now. So if Joey can do that good, why can’t Raymond?

      1. In Joey’s first year, ppl do not like to complain as much as they are now. Or just internet forums is not that popular.

      2. B/c joey’s always had better songs. And she’s even more of a performer than ray.

  7. Which just goes to show how small the market in HK and Taiwan which represents the majority of the Asian Music market is. Each year the same artists dominate and only very very few new acts of substance made it to the awards stage. Which in turn results in the failure or pointlessness to organize an award show akin to something like the Grammys with a more diverse list of different artists being nominated and winning each year. Not to say the Grammys is perfect but at least it is way better than the current crop of music awards in Asia with each being controlled by either a TV station or a Radion station.

  8. eason resembles modern era of jacky cheung
    LF resembles modern era of andy lau/leon
    LeoKu resembles modern era of hacken lee
    (this is mainly based on hk music industry/just my personal opinion)

    1. But hacken is still active and will be back in the awards race next yr.

      I think LF is like Leslie and Leo like Alan.

  9. I would not be surprised if Ray does win best male singer award cause TVB loves him, but i think that Ray does kinda deserved the award more than Leo this year. They both had a 3 day concert this year in HK and i sure Ray can do better at dancing and singing together than Leo. Ray released a mando and canto album this year and his mando album did do quite well. I voted for him for best male singer award. Yes, i know the votes are useless cause TVB does not count them, but i still do it anyways.

  10. yea i love raymond lam. wish him all the best. that will be his dream come true. i never knew that leo was even good. i guess my eyes are laid on ray for all these years. so not sure what the other artist do.

  11. I love him.
    However I feel he still lacks a signature song.
    But that’s hardly his fault, where are all those GREAT song writers from the past????

  12. its a joke, Id think its a big insult too the likes of EASON Chan… raymond LAm winning best male LOL it just goes to show how crazy and meaningless, not only awards but number 1 songs can be…. Raymond lam is rubbish… it is simply all to do with the hype of him being the NEW LENG JAI…. just like louis Koo was the king of leng jai, now its raymond…… however louis koo is actually not only better looking, but super talented and very charasmatic and funny…… raymond lam, is ok looking, ok singer, ok actor… but for some reason is doing really well….. I personally dont know why, i am a musician myself and i dont see the appeal except the hype of his name…. its like you only have to say lam fung. and you know thats leng jai… bit like saying koo tin lok in the day…… i dont think most people these days miss the point and are on a different wave length.. with the internet being so accesssible, idiots are able to speak out, and i think this has had a big impact on the world as a whole…

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