Trip Down Memory Lane: JSG Awards All-Time Record Breakers

With the decline of Cantopop, many local Hong Kong music awards have also begun to lose their credibility. TVB’s Jade Sold Gold Music Awards, which used to be one of the most prestigious music award ceremonies in Asia, took most of the bad hits, and each year has been looking less and less star-studded.

But the JSG Awards, which started in 1984, have witnessed the highest and lowest points of Hong Kong music industry. The following are some of the biggest hauls in JSG history, recording some of the biggest Cantopop singers of all-time.

Most overall wins: Joey Yung (80 awards)
Most wins for “Asia’s Most Popular Male Singer”: Andy Lau (10 times)
Most wins for “Asia’s Most Popular Female Singer”: Faye Wong (7 times)
Most wins for “Most Popular Male Singer”: Andy Lau (6 times)
Most wins for “Most Popular Female Singer”: Joey Yung (11 times)
Most wins for “Gold Song Gold Award”: Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai (4 wins each)
Most wins for “Gold Songs”: Andy Lau (21 awards)
Youngest artist to win “Most Popular Male Singer”: Leon Lai (27 years old)
Youngest artist to win “Most Popular Female Singer”: Anita Mui (22 years old)
Youngest artist to win “Asia’s Most Popular Male Singer”: Lollipop F (27 years old)
Youngest artist to win “Asia’s Most Popular Female Singer”: Faye Wong (24 years old)
Youngest artist to win “Gold Song Gold Award”: JW (20 years old)

List of Gold Song Gold Award (Song of the Year) winners:

1984: “Love in Autumn” <愛在深秋> by Alan Tam
1985: “Love Trap” <愛情陷阱> by Alan Tam
1986: “Who Feels the Same? <有誰共鳴> by Leslie Cheung
1987: “Don’t Want to Sleep” <無心睡眠> by Leslie Cheung
1988: “Blessing” <祝福> by Sally Yeh
1989: “Song of the Sunset” <夕陽之歌> by Anita Mui
1990: “Burn the Heart With Fire” <焚心以火> by Sally Yeh
1991: “Loving You More Each Day” <每天愛你多一些> by Jacky Cheung
1992: “Breaking Up On Rainy Days” <分手總要在雨天> by Jacky Cheung
1993: “Just Want To Be With You Forever” <袛想一生跟你走> by Jacky Cheung
1994: “Always Thinking of You” <那有一天不想你> by Leon Lai
1995: “After Leaving” <離開以後> by Jacky Cheung
1996: “Words of Love Not Yet Spoken” <情深說話未曾講> by Leon Lai
1997: “If Only You’d Love Me For One Day” <只要為我愛一天> by Leon Lai
1998: “I Love You Like This” <我這樣愛你> by Leon Lai
1999: “Sub-theme Song” <插曲> by Sammi Cheng
2000: “A Girl’s Prayers” <少女的祈禱> by Miriam Yeung
2001: “Shall We Talk” by Eason Chan
2002: “Next Year’s Today” <明年今日> by Eason Chan
2003: “My Pride” <我的驕傲> by Joey Yung
2004: “Bright Lights Small City” <小城大事> by Miriam Yeung
2005: “Rascal” <無賴> by Ronald Cheng
2006: “Too Late to Love” <愛得太遲> by Leo Ku
2007: “Who Will It Be?” <花落誰家> by Hacken Lee
2008: “Wedding Invitation Street” <囍帖街> by Kay Tse
2009: “In Search of Gods” <搜神記> by Joey Yung
2010: “What Do Men Believe” <男人信什麼> by Janice Vidal and JW
2011: “Chok” by Raymond Lam
2012: “Leave Blank” <留白> by Ivana Wong
2013: “Window” <天窗> by Joey Yung
2014: “Love Is Not Easy” <越難越愛> by Jinny Ng
2015: “The Secret of Tears” <眼淚的秘密> by Jinny Ng

Source: Yahoo! HK

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  1. Forever Anita mui !! ~

    Joey Yung should just retire from receiving awards and give other singers a chance.

    I mean thats what Andy lau, Jacky cheung, Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui did – they retired from receiving any awards….!!

    1. @shimmerstars its totally different scenario la compare to the past. Anyway, HK experience the lowest point in the music industry because of the song composer problem. They just could not coming out with better song compare to the past. Imagine if you put 4 heavenly king in this era, they still could not shine like in the past. I doubt they can get any good songs now. They can be so popular because of excellent songs they got in their time. Compare to the song now with the past, totally cannot compare lo.

  2. Omg. I remembered Sammi Cheng’s and Leon Lai era. Full of good golden ballads and dancing track. JSG used to be so so so important. But now???? Sud have just phase it off before it become worse than it ever is now….

  3. This is another dumb article.  JSG is probably the least credible of all the music awards due to the fact that it’s the one awards ceremony where more than half the music industry doesn’t even get to participate – plus, with the music industry changing so much over the years and things such as the royalty dispute, TVB creating their own record label, the restrictive award eligibility criteria that TVB imposes, etc as well as so many artists having retired and/or announced they will no longer receive awards, it’s pretty much impossible to do this type of “JSG record-breakers” thing and have it be even remotely accurate.   Basically, the numbers are going to be skewed no matter which way they try to slice it.

    And will the media stop touting how Joey Yung “broke” Anita Mui’s record for Most Popular Female Singer?  (This particular article didn’t say so directly but most of the other articles did).  The comparison is irrelevant, since Anita had taken herself out of the running decades ago when she announced back in the late 80s that she would no longer compete for awards – otherwise, she would’ve gotten the award so many times that NO ONE would be able to “break” her record. (Nothing against Joey, I just feel it’s disrespectful of the media to make such a comparison, especially at such a sensitive time with that whole auction debacle going on and the upcoming anniversary of Anita’s death). 

    1. @llwy12 yes, very unfair comparison, Joey yung’s status is no where near Anita’s. Everyone knew big sister Anita mui back then, not many people around me knows who Joey yung is

  4. jinny ng does not deserve to be litsed as a gold song gold award winner among all the top singers

  5. JSG was the “most prestigious music award ceremonies in Asia??” You gotta be kidding right? Can’t help but laugh at that line!

    1. @happybi Yea, I laughed too….there hasn’t been anything “prestigious” about  JSG since like the early/mid 90s. The writer of this article was probably paid off by TVB or something, lol.

      Honestly, TVB should’ve canceled JSG Awards 6-7 years ago when the royalty dispute started and their awards ceremony pretty much became “exclusive” to EEG and their own affiliated record company (Voice Entertainment and its predecessor Stars Shine).  To me, an awards ceremony that excludes majority of the music industry doesn’t even deserve to be in existence, but seeing how shameless TVB is, they will probably keep JSG going for the rest of time even if no one gives a care about the ceremony anymore.   

      1. @llwy12 it’s not even as anticipated as how it used to be. giving the awards to more than 80% unknown people.even if i see them on the streets i wont’ even recognize them as singers

  6. it’s really sad to see the fall of CantonPOP it was the leading music in Asia back in the 80’s 90’s and early 2000’s… KPOP took over the music scene and TVB started giving awards to their own label singer and artist and their best friends EEG.

    Not sure what will happen this year but i’m sure it doesn’t mean anything no more anyone can win now a day with crappy song.

  7. There are many great acts to revive cantopop from guangzhou, guangzhai,malaysia & singapore.cantopop should not be murdered by singers from hk

  8. the jsg awards from ’85 till ’89 are the best. the battle between alan and leslie two most talented singers of cantopop and other exellent singers is a must watch for me in those times. after them the four heavenly kings era was also enjoyable.after them jsg awards lost their charm year by year. if you look at the singers and the songs nowadays and compare to those times then the difference is really heaven and earth.

    1. @kolo i totally agree with u. even to the reason years of nic tse or eason chen or daniel chan. now the singers are jus zzz. i honestly don even know a single song and who sang it now.

  9. GOSH. look at the name list of singers
    Hins Cheung – 過客別墅
    Joyce Cheng – 你瘦夠了嗎
    Mag Lam – 我們都是這樣長大的
    Alfred Hui – 歲月無悔
    Jason Chan – 別來無恙
    Alfred Hui & Hubert Wu – 真相
    Joey Yung – 這麼近(那麼遠)
    Joey Yung ft. Jan Lamb – 黃昏點唱機
    Jinny Ng – 我們都受傷
    James Ng – 原來她不夠愛我
    Jade Kwan – 關家姐
    Hubert Wu – 明知故犯
    Fred Cheng – 投降吧
    Fred Cheng – 揚帆
    Ken Hung – 少年遊記
    Alfred Hui – 郵輪
    Phil Lam – 安徒生的錯
    C All Star – 逾越生死
    Hins Cheung – 找對的人
    Jinny Ng – 眼淚的秘密

    how many are competitors of Joey Yung? all of them i feel are still apprentices. Canton pop is really dying. i used to love canto pop alot when there was eason chen, nic tse, etc. joey yung can win so many awards? why? she can sing yes i agree. but is she tat good? there is no fierce competition in the industry now. gone are the days of anita mui, sally yeh, kelly chen, sammi cheng, etc.
    like nancy wu, joey won cause there is merely fierce competition.

    1. @c3stlavi3

      Hins Cheung, Fred Cheng, Hubert Hu, Alfred Hui, Mag Lam, Joyce Cheng, Jason Chan, C All Stars, James all can sing. Hins Cheung is already a very skilled singing and his singing a lot of times can touch people’s heart. The others might not reach the the level of Anita Mui, Sally Yeh, Eason yet, but, they are still young. Give them the time. They will grow with time and experience. They have the talent and a good voice. C All Star is even writing their own songs.

      Cantopop is not dead yet. There are still talented young singers and bands who are serious about music around. It’s the matter of whether you choose to look at them or not.

      I also know more about 90s and early 2000s canto pop scenes than the current one because during that time, I’m still a student and have more time to chase this entertainment stuff. After I came out to work, I didn’t follow it much. But sometimes, when I do pay attention, I discovered new songs I like and discover new singers that can sing.

      I like Hins Cheung, Jason Chan, James Ng and Huber Hu and C All Stars. Congrats to Kwan Gor (James Ng). You finally made it after 5 years. 🙂

  10. I kinda feel bad for the current batch of HK singers. People just keep on reminiscing past and dismissing the current singers. How many of these people who dismissed them actually take the time to listen to their songs, to pay attention to their work?

    But, I admit it’s not all the audience fault. The music companies nowadays don’t know how to promote their singers and utilise their singers’ strength. If there were good songs for Ella Koon maybe she would be more popular now.

    Lastly, want to talk about Terence Siufay. All these while, my impression of him was all from the silly comedy he acted in. The impression was not good at all. But, my impression changed now after listening to him sing (for the first time) in 麥王爭霸. He sang so well.

  11. I have seen the show. How can hins cheong wins best singer? His performance like amateur singer

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