Eason Chan Taunts Leo Ku, Joey Yung, and Raymond Lam Over Undeserved JSG Music Wins

The new generation of “Music God,” Eason Chan (陳奕迅), taunted EEG artists, Leo Ku (古巨基), Joey Yung (容祖兒), and Raymond Lam’s (林峯) recent Jade Solid Gold music awards. Appearing at RTHK’s “Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards” ceremony, Eason Chan mocked Leo Ku for not possessing the ability to compete with him, sparking Leo and Eason’s fans in an angry flame war in online discussion forums!

Once frozen by EEG and eventually leaving on an unpleasant note, Eason blasted his “godly” powers towards Joey Yung, Leo Ku and “Chok King” Raymond Lam. In an interview, Eason pondered whether Leo Ku possessed the ability to pose as a strong competitor. Eason’s interview clip quickly became viral and was forwarded widely among netizens.

Taunting Leo Ku

In the interview clip, Eason at first appeared to be in lively spirits. The reporter asked Eason about Leo Ku no longer accepting music awards. Eason replied in heavily accented Mandarin, “No, that’s not true. He said they were only rumors. What a nuisance that I have answer questions for him! Between him and I…I will only curiously ask him…and then…that’s it!” (Are you afraid that you will have one less strong competitor?) Eason asked the reporter back, “A very strong competitor?” (What do you think?) Eason once again countered, “What do you think? Do you think that he is my strong competitor? Do you think that Leo Ku is my strong competitor?” Upon seeing no response from the reporter, Eason said, “Okay, see! ”

Eason Said Joey Yung Was Still Far From His Standing

Eason also taunted Joey Yung. At the RTHK celebration dinner on Saturday night, Eason was asked whether he will compare the number of awards he won versus Joey won this year. Eason replied, “It’s not that I wish to compare with her; she wants to compare with me! I am now a Chinese Dora singer now and awards are no longer important. We are talking about the international status of being a singer. The distance from Mr. Lau (Andy Lau 劉德華) and Mr. Cheung (Jacky Cheung 張學友) is now closer!”

At the Jade Solid Gold Music Awards celebration party, Joey countered Eason’s remarks by calling him the “King of Trashy Movies” (爛片王).

Making Fun of Raymond Lam

After jabbing at Joey and the conclusion of the 2011 JSG Music Awards, Eason posted a photo of himself on his blog. In the photo, Eason held a former JSG trophy and wore a chok expression, “Chok-ing for several minutes, I cannot wait for a feature article!” Eason taunted Raymond Lam for winning JSG’s “Most Popular Male Singer in Asia-Pacific Award,” for three consecutive years and pulling an upset victory for the “Top Golden Melody Award” for his song, Chok.

EEG’s Response

EEG executive, Mani Fok, noted that she was colleagues with Eason Chan for several years while he was at the company, thus understood his playful personality. Mani said, “It’s fine to play around. However from a manger’s perspective, I felt a little bit uncomfortable after watching the interview clip. I am not angry, just a little bit uneasy.”

Eason Chan: “It Was a Misunderstanding!”

Eason was currently in the hospital undergoing knee surgery. Through his manager, Eason replied, “Those questions were posed by the reporter, thus I asked the same questions back. No one answered my questions, thus the situation turned out that way. I was definitely not taunting Leo Ku. I do not have anything against him. Everyone always used Leo and I to generate rumors. I am bored of these rumors! The music industry is not like this; I never felt the need to stir any trouble!” Eason emphasized, “I do not have any enemies!”

Eason’s manager, Chan Ka Ying said, “He was only playing! He is a playful star! He is friends with Leo Ku; they are in the same line where they are willing to dedicate themselves to the music industry!” Regarding EEG’s Mani Fok feeling uneasy after watching Eason’s interview clip, Eason’s manager said, “Aiya! I will have to call Mani!”

Eason Chan Taunts Leo Ku Video Clip

[vsw id=”1ipiQptkJD0″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Excerpt from Apple Daily

Jayne: Surely Eason Chan realizes that this will be a very sensitive time to crack jokes like this?! Do you think he was only playing or he had to issue the civil PR reply now that fans are upset?

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  1. Don’t think Eason was making jokes about Joey, Leo and LF. As for leo, maybe hes not yet strong enough to compete with Eason’s level.

    I think Joey’s singing is really ok compare with her peers. among her peers, she can considered the best.

    aS for LF, i could understand the rage from Eason when LF often gets awards consequencely with one reason! *favouritism of course!*

    Btw, I support ya Eason.

    1. Whether eason wants to admit it or not, Leo is same level as him and hacken.

      Joey has been queen for a while now, even beating Miriam.

      Since LF is obviously an idol singer, why does he bother w/ the rage. If someone is small potatoes, u shouldn’t even care about them.

    2. so Eason now different company? Leo has no nice songs, and not as luck as him, Leo can sing Eason song better, haha

    3. The word ‘humble’ is not in Eason’s dictionary. I may not like Eason’s personality very much but I think Eason’s singing is way better than many singers and I love most of his songs. Thus, he may be a real perfectionist or expect more from those who get awards cos he may feel it will be a disgrace to the music industry – especially since he has gotten the same award and he feels he deserves it due to his talent.

  2. ai ya…another laughing gor or jackie chan too boastful….didn’t use their brain when talking. the best ways not to offended others is to have scripts on their hand, coz their brain is not working properly,

    1. jealousy has gone to eason’s head. Why bother to watch JSG if you are not going to receive any award this year. How can you chok your face expression if you have not heard LF’s chok song before?

      1. yeah agree he must have gone temp. insane listening to “Chok” hahaha

      2. hahaha, can u imagine eason’s face when watching CHOK SONG? hahahah, eason must have had his own CHOK. wakkkaka

  3. to compare the song chok with previouse jsg gold songs is no comparison. the only reason y i hate ray is that he gets promoted/favoritism so much.. to the point where i look over his hard wrk cuz i jus think its sooo easy for him compared to other hk singers. i like seeing ppl succeed after yrs of hard work like andy hui winning and hacken lee. someone should make a youtube clip and gather all the previous jsg gold songs and add chok.. to see how dumb ghat song is. it definatley represents the downhill hk music industry. with awful lyrics. so disappointin

    1. The only other bad gold song I can think of right now, is Sammi’s “the crying game”. I love sammi but that song was annoying.

  4. Look at his face, how could it be a joke? Eason is arrogant. But I do like his straightforwardness when it comes to criticizing the HK music industry.

  5. How is Eason’s relationship with Joey? Do they normally make jabs at each other in the news? Or Apple Daily blew it out of the water?

    The timing of Eason’s remarks on the 3 top EEG winners that raked 4 awards each at the JSG Music Awards is too coincidental to be a joke in good humor. Perhaps he did intend to shroud his “critical” sentiments in humor, but it came across as arrogance and thus incited fans’ anger.

    1. They probably know each other very very well since HK music industry is very small. Joey I know is outspoken. So if she is offended she won’t take this lightly.

    2. i remember some 10 years ago, when they were still under the same company, eason pissed joey off by referring her to “gum queen” (牙肉王) to the press. joey countered by calling him “banyan tree legs” (榕樹腳). it got pretty ugly for a while but then they supposedly made up and not a peep since.

  6. he’s just playing. he’s always like that and joey does the same thing right back. him and joey are friends and like to tease each other. see some other interviews they did together, it’s the same thing. the reporters are making a big deal out of it.

    1. There’s always some truth behind every “joke”. Likely more ‘truth’ towards Leo and LF.

      1. I have seen his arrogant and ugly face in his life concert (backstage)before and sometime got me annoyed.He is also famous to show tantrum to his assistant But his singing performance no doubt,is excellence.

  7. I really do think he made a bad joke. And he can say whatever he wants, whether others listen or not is a different thing. And he has the gravitas to criticise. He can sing, and he can sing very well that he can give a few pointers to Raymond and even Joey Yung. As for Leo Ku, he can sing but I find him lacking emotion. In the end I feel these young-er ones should take his comments as a senior to a junior. I have heard worse criticisms by one artiste to the other, even more dismissive. He didn’t sound dismissive even if he sounded arrogant and boastful but hey, he is Eason Chan. He can boast all he wants. At least he is not dissing good looks, then I feel he has no right to say anything.

    1. Can’t wait for Joey Yung;s reply. She is very outspoken. Raymond… will probably cry and sob and be done with it. Leo Ku probably will ignore.

      1. Uh no, he didn’t cry..

        [[Raymond generously accepts opinions from the public and does not feel he’s being hurt: “Artists do not care about personal opinion, the work done is for everyone to enjoy.”]]

      2. Honestly, if Raymond cries in public again, it will be really embarassing for him….

      3. Fact he cried in public really makes his song ‘Chok’ a living gag.

      4. Raymond is a sensitive man. Leave Raymond alone!

        (Or should I film myself crying hysterically as I shout LEAVE!RAYMOND!ALONE!!!! ? I bet Joey just “oh so what?!” and Leo like “I don’t read news”)

      5. ^I want to see that video. please post it after you’re done.

    2. The only person he is senior to is LF. Leo and joey have been singing as long as eason and they have just as many good songs as him. They even one up on him in that they have more entertaining concerts.

      1. Leo is more senior than Eason, he has started singing before Eason joins the industry. I really find that Eason is way too arrogrant.. even the heavenly kings are more popular and humble than him..!! There is something wrong with his attitude and i think his singing is not tt great(sorry to say that… but i do find that he is not singing at all… especially to his fast song.. where he seems to be shouting the lyrics instead of singing..) Seriously, i don’t know why he gets so many awards and fans.. No hard feeling to those who like Eason, but this is just what i think.

      2. I don’t really like Eason’s music but i guess this is just my personal preference. Thank goodness though, because i don’t want an idol who has an arrogant and cocky personality.

      1. Ahhh it’s the part where he cuts his hand with glass…eeeekkkkk!

  8. Whether he was joking or not, the whole situation makes him sound really petty and bitter, especially since it seems like he’s dissing 3 people. Of course, Eason has the right to say whatever he want but I don’t think this situation is putting him in a favorable light. I bet Eason’s PR team is probably glad that he’s getting surgery only because he won’t have to answer to the press for a few days. haha

    1. Surgery? What surgery? because I remember few years ago, he had injured his groin and t_stical caused by firecracker blast in his concert.This accident is written all over the media tabloid.

  9. he said he has reached this “godly” level where throphy winning is no longer important….REALLY??? he wount have lambasted others if he reli doesnt mind. Since he has reached his “Godly” status, he could care less about who is winning what! B!tchy is what i would say.
    Not a fan of him nor Leo or even Joey. In fact, i dislike all 3 of them but on all fairness n logic, it seems to be HE DOES MIND ALL THE WINNINGS OVER HIM

    1. Yes, it does seem like “the lady doth protest too much”. If he doesn’t care, why is he watching jsg and taking pot shots at everyone? Sounds like sour grapes to me.

      Eason is a very talented singer but why has he become so arrogant? I used to like him but his attitude now is too much. He thinks he is on jacky cheung’s level of singing but I don’t think he can match him in terms of class.

      1. Jacky Cheung is way better, in my opinion. I just think that he does all this for some attention to let others know that “he is the one who should be receiving those awards”.. I think as a veteran (well, ish..), he should be encouraging them, instead of mocking and embarrassing them even more.

    1. totally agree. When I saw his life concert ,I will usually close my eye.

      1. when you buy artists’ albums, you only use yours ears anyway LMAO

  10. Personally I think Eason is just sick of fielding similar questions all the time from the media, hence he asked them straight back to the media. These are the sort of questions you can’t answer because you’ll be damned one way or the other and the media knows it, that’s why they ask it. Its like going to work and at a meeting with your boss, your boss’s boss and your colleagues, the cleaner walks in and asks you which persons in the room you think you do a better job than. Any answer you give you’ll be called arrogant, fake or ass-kisser. The best part is the person who asks the question always believes they are immune from the awkwardness of such questions. So I’m glad Eason asked the media back and they all shut up!

    1. Eason gives the impression that he has low-tolerance, is short-tempered and arrogant. Sure, a smart answer is to ask the question back but it is his tone and facial expressions that make his comments/jokes not so funny and even offensive. Being humble and respectful is not necessarily being fake or ass-kisser. Here, Eason is just being his arrogant self. But I’m glad Eason has the guts to ‘say it as it is’ sometimes.

      1. That’s what I applauded Eason for being outspoken and state the truth..not many dare to question the result..depsite knowing it’s rigged.

  11. he said he has reached this “godly” level where trophy winning is no longer important…. Usually accredition are given by others and not self-admitting.Arrogance and jealousy has gone to his head. Same situation as leo ku’s song ‘pao hoi liu’ too much stress I guess

  12. That’s just Eason and his ways in handling the reporters. I do think he does have something against Raymond though.

  13. Eason chan is always wierd. He does sounds arrogant whenever he talks though. Btw see joey yung get award left and right, is she really that good?. Plus leo Ku, he is no longer accepting award?, for some reason i saw him sing, feel like it’s a joke.

    I think the reason he asked the reporter back because this kind of question is sensitive question plus mandarin is not his first language, sometimes it’s kinda of difficult to express yourself correctly.

  14. Never liked nor dislike Eason in the past cos i thought that different stars will like to have different “images” and eason being … a joker? idk, he is never looking normal imo… but recently starting to dislike him… zzz to think he made this kind of “jokes”. sounds like terrible sarcasm

  15. curious bout Chok’s , youtube it, and listen to it. I would be mad too if i’m eason. The song is freaking annoying. It’s like rebecca black’s it’s friday song haha. Probably the song is popular because it is SO bad. =P.
    The chok..chooookk..choookk…background make you really want to choke him to stop.

    1. For your information, JSG award is not MTV award . JSG will not give you an award merely on how good is the mtv

      Chok is the ending theme for TVB game show-chok chok chok hosted by christine ng and louis yuen which garnended high ratings of average 29 points per week ( almost 2 million viewers)which prolongs for 15 episodes .So how can no one heard of this song before.

      The video is not the best but the live performance for chok in LF previous JSG and concert‘ are pretty impressive.



    2. Agree w/ ya. The lyrics and the song itself is bad and lacks substance.

  16. Singers who didn’t get awards always complain about unfairness. But, when they themselves received awards from JSG, they have no problem with it being ‘unfair’. All artists know awards now are just bargain between host company and music companies. Music companies lobby for their songs to get awards so much so that a music company will get upset of their artists get less awards that the other company of equal status.

    1. In the end , tee vee bee just another business company which require profit enhanced revenue to sustain surplus on p & l account to justified their shareholders’interest.( economic term now)

      Raymond lam and moses chan ‘s are tvb golden product and service employee to enhance enormous surplus to tvb’s revenue. If company make profit, reward will given to golden employee.

      That’s the reason LF won the JGS gold award

    2. That is why this JSG is and must be condemned. You shouldn’t use awards as bargaining chips but since when JSG was never a bargaining chip in everything TVB does?

      Anyway true, those who gets awards never really complain, but that is because they feel they deserved it. Those who complained felt they deserved it too.

      1. singers have such big egos. i prefer actors because they can act humble lmao

  17. I don’t think he was joking and he seemed like he was not in the mood to talk about the JSG award. I read that Joey couldn’t attended the RTHK Music Awards because of her concert tour. The reporters are the ones that start creating fuel between them. Both Joey and Eason are usually joking. I think Eason’s anger is more about TVB’s JSG awards unfairness and less about the artists themselves. (not sure about LF since they might not be friend).


    “When speaking of getting the most awards this year, even beating Eason Chan? She said proudly: “Is this true? I am a little happy!”

    Joey continued to be proud and expressed its not her first time beating Eason: “Of course I beat him before, not the first time! (How will you comfort him?) Don’t be disappointed!”

    As for Eason, he attended the RTHK celebration after party and expressed he already got a total of 12 awards after the three music station awards (Metro, CRHK and RTHK). He said: “Wonder if I got more than Joey or not? I am not an Asia-Pacific singer, I’m already the Singer of Greater China.” He joked that currently he already got ‘promoted’.”

  18. U know it make me wonder sometimes how can LF got the gut to received the award IF he thinks he didn’t deserved it?

    1. Would u refuse something your boss gives u? That would take even more guts b/c you’re asking to be fired.

  19. From this situation, I’m guessing we won’t be seeing Eason appear on jsg or tvb this year either even though the companies already solved their problems huh??

  20. Eason got lucky with good songs under his belt.

    Although, personall, I will pretty pissed off with the winning song Chok, haha.

  21. Eason face very ugly, he like to critics 4 heaven king named Andy Lau ,aaron kwok , Leon lai and Jacky cheung and claim himself god of singer but he actually below them in singing category , he ego too high ,and he jealous of other male singer because they look more handsome than him , come on Eason ,give other a chance.

    1. Eason is a self arrogant maniac with an ugly face. I once remember watching him in all singers anniversary hosted by tvb few years back. He danced like a toad and walk like charlie chaplin. He is a guy with no luck because of RTHK dispute. If not he should have dominate the industry for the last 3 years. His airplay of hit song are getting less broadcast outside the country. No wonder , he keeps attacking Joey, Leo and LF

  22. I’m also puzzled at Chok winning the award, but Eason is downright arrogant and rude here. There’s a line between funny+outspoken and arrogant+rude

    1. I don’t have much to say about Leo and Joey because TVB has no other candidates to give those prizes. They are the defaults.

  23. Actually I don’t really mind what he said, and I do agree there are sone truth in his world. Everybody knows his attitude, who realky care except their fans? I like him for his songs and I admire his guts for voicing it out.

  24. Sounds like he’s more upset with the way the awards were given out. And just so happen that those artists were the ones who received them. TVB hasn’t had a good track lately, so eh, not everyone is going to win. But Eason’s being Eason … albeit a bit more blunt lately, but seriously, Chok as song of year? COME ON!

  25. I didn’t have to listen to the whole chok and that song is really garbage. And the MTV…? Wtf? Seriously? What is so good about that song?

  26. support eason! yay! i think joey is a very good singer. leo ku is not bad either, but i dont see him the same league as eason.

    as for lam fung…. well, he was born with a good life, what to do…life is unfair isnt it? i have never listened to his song, but was curious to find out what is this Chok song abt, lol! what a rubbish song. JSG must think viewers are deaf.

    1. I agree with the raymond lam comment.
      Honestly, I’ve heard way, way, way better than him. If it wasn’t for his looks, I doubt he’ll have as many fans as he has right now.

  27. Just watched the interview clip..Wow,his face expression is soooo cocky …totally dislike


    1. No worry. Eventually LF will have sympathy votes by netizen based on Eason’s crazy temperament on attacking LF.

  29. this eason has always been a cocky guy. he has this unpleasant face + cocky character. i think he didn’t have to bash others eventhough he thinks he’s good. i never heard jacky cheung, alan tam bad mouthed others. if you’re that good then you don’t need to feel inferior or jealous of others.

    1. I agree with you Bloom. I have never warm towards Eason as I did with other artists. Eason’s attitude, looks and cockyness makes me dislike him. I remember watching him when he first won the new comer award during the TVB awards, he was so obnoxious as if he know his singing voice would turn him into another Jackie Cheung. Jackie Cheung may not be the handsomest man in the entertainment industry but he was respected within the industry as well as his fans and non-fans. Eason comes across as a complete di-ckhead.

      1. hmm…i’m the opposite of you guys. I’m actually liking Eason more because he bashed LF hehehe

    2. @bloom, @sammie , Jackie Cheung also ‘well’ spoken, but really toned down. I also respect Jackie Cheung. I think Eason just jealous that Leo Ku more handsome than him, just like Jackie Cheung used to jealous of Leon Lai. haha

      1. I think Eason just jealous that Leo Ku more handsome than him, just like Jackie Cheung used to jealous of Leon Lai. Don’t understand the overuse of ‘jealous’ as baseless reasoning by posters.

      2. @claimine , relax, no idea why Eason bashing on Leo Ku. but on the song Chok, well, he was right, by the way, he did not get any JSG awards right? why?

      3. mito: I was relax, what made you think I wasn’t? And there you go again — baseless reasoning of someone action. no idea why but still you presumptuously ascribed his action to jealousy. Huh? Btw from the video posted on this thread, Eason did not bash Leo Ku in anywhere, heck, he did not even answer the hand burning sensitive question thrown at him. That being said, I find his whole cocky demeanor and his mocking innuendo of Leo’s inferiority a total put-off.

  30. seems like alot ppl dun really like LF but i thought he always have a lot fans and ppl tend to love him. actually i dun feel the ‘chok’ songs is rubbish song. it is actually a new look n challenge for LF since he never dance like the way he dance in the mv. if it is jay or lee hom im sure no 1 will crticise the ‘chok’ song n mv n for sure ppl out there will praise them for taking new challenge n do different things from others.haiz..so sad for LF..he is actually quite a hardworking artist/singer..

  31. I agree with Eason’s “jokes” and commend his outspoken ways. Eason and Joey are definitely the two top singers in Hong Kong right now. Whether you agree with it or not doesn’t change a thing. I found it funny for Leo to say he considered not accepting any awards. If anything, Eason should be the one saying that. Just compare the two’s record in recent years. Eason has won at least twice as much as Leo.
    Joey is heavily promoted by EEG so it’s no surprise TVB gives her many awards. But honestly, If she wants to claim she won the most awards then it’s just unfair. Eason was not allowed to participate in JSG because of the royalty disputes and if we did not include the JSG results, Eason won more awards than Joey did, this year and last year.
    Lastly, Chok is definitely the worst gold song gold winner in history. No one should deny that. Eason may or may not have been joking but what he said clearly has solid grounds.

  32. Eason has always been a smart alec who think he is better than anyone. He can sing so what, his guy is ugly as.

    1. You have to understand eason’s wife is a wierdo socialite who like to hang out with celebrities who often ignore their only daughter at home.Secondly, eason’s father is a corrupted ex-government staff who is still serving jail sentence. Thirdly, RTHK dispute has indirectly affected his repo in music industry which has cause him to burst .

  33. Being outspoken is one thing but dont have to be rude right?
    He’s too arrogant and yes unpleasant looking.
    Before criticizing others he should look at some of his own work as well. E.g. his movies !!!!

    1. But to be fair to him, he was talking about music so maybe compare music to music?

      1. Music is unique and each singer has their own style in singing. Like Susan Boyle, she sung so well. Leo Ku and Joey Yung both has their style and showmanship. The problem with human like Eason and Hacken is that they considered Leo Ku, a former ‘cameo’ kelefe at tvb, a person not fit to be a star. Seeing Leo Ku receiving award boiled him down. Even how beautiful both Leo Ku, Joey Yung and or other can sing, to them these are newbies cameo kelefe. In this note, Eason is not acting fair to Leo Ku and or Joey by taunting in media as well. Why not accept the fact that Leo Ku and or Joey Yung can sing and have talent. Be fair to all by offering applaud your friends, be it newbies or seasoned singers.

      2. According to media, the actual tvb online voting is LF deserve both asia pacific and hk most popular male artist based on highest voting.But EEG refused because Leo Ku is EEG number one brother and EEG boss paid him a lot money.Eventually best male singer were given to leo. Leo is a bit unhapppy because he only received two minor RTHK award in the previous night. That’s the reason , the whole night leo was uneasy at JSG presentation feeling like quitting on receiving any music award in the future.

  34. Eason is too rude and cocky. Obviosuly jealous seeing his colleagues’ success. I remember once upon a time Hacken also looked down on Leo Ku. Hacken thinks he was better. Same goes for Eason. That’s why the criticizing occurs. It would be best to ignore both these arrogant people and let them think what they like.

    1. Yea i totally agree. I despise singers/actors etcetc who look down upon other people.

      Hate it when these celebrities think they are the best, not that I think Eason is good at singing cause i don’t think he is.

      1. yeah, i don’t like when singers look down on others, but i loved that eason looked down on LF because Chok is a crappy song and he got no swagger for such a song.

  35. Eason its always cocky i thing he need to stop now to be a idiots it,s so not attractive at all ,what the hell is wrong with him ,y he re act like that ,i mean he still sing ok right ….

  36. eason just voice out what the fan thinking about chok song. bunch of rubbish. And that the truth. if that being cocky then fan whom bash on raymond winning the award is beyond arrogant.

    1. Fans .. or i should say ‘haters’ bashing are understandable but he’s an artiste (not to mention, can be considered a veteran towards LF) so i think he should at least respect his other colleagues. If he has nothing to say, i’d rather he not say anything, at least that would make his public self look better…

  37. I feel certain things just cant be spoken out loud. The better you are, the more you should be humble. It totally reflects the personality.

    And By the way I dont think he’s that good afterall!

  38. Why am I not surprised to see this article?

    Eason doesn’t come off as a professional when it comes to showing respect everybody in the business. After all, a person can state his opinions without being cocky and arrogant about it. I don’t buy it if he says that he doesn’t intend to come off as that way and that the media twists it. He’s not a newbie in this industry after all.

    And let’s face it. There’s nothing meaningful any more about the HK music awards. Why should he even bother with this? He already has a decent career and a good fanbase.

  39. Cant comment on his relationship with LF but he and Joey are very good friends.

    Seems like he is saying things as he sees them. People need to lighten up a bit.

    He is arrogant but at least he has somewhat earned it. Its ironic because he left EEG and his career flourished. Leo came to EEG and his career died. Yet it’s Leo who gets the award.

    Not saying he is jacky cheung but this guy is holding his concert at the o2 arena in London. It’s a big deal.

    He is mocking the award show. Like how everyone else here is. Seems like he can’t have some fun stating the obvious just because he is famous.

    1. haha yes Van…. Eason is arrogant but he can do so (without any reprimands) because his good at what he does and he earns a lot of money for his company, and his got a lot of fans and known around the world . If this came from a newbie, they would have been fired. We all know how rigged and corrupted the industry is – he is just speaking out the truth by mocking the show.

      You can’t possibly believe that LF deserved THOSE awards he got from TVb JSG last year right? hahaha… The whole world complains about him winning these awards except for those LF honey fans (saying his REALLY popular in CHINA and that he deserves it and blah blah blah).I never see ppl ever questioning about Eason’s wins. Why’s that? I have reservations about LF’s popularity in China because LF never seems to be invited to perform at big official events in China. Eason has however. So has Faye Wong, Jacky Cheung…. those names are known. Maybe most of LF’s fans are teeny boppers who only likes leng jai’s and jig school to hold LF’s name tags thats why ppl THINK his popular. His popular but not like SUPERSTAR level.

      Eason and Joey are really really close so its not like his comments would really offend her. They take jabs at each other from time to time. She calls him Fat. They still go to dinners and concerts together. They recently performed at YY’s Concert too and if you watched how they interacted, it was still very funny and friendly.

      1. Do you think Channel V is big or small? Bejibg tv’s spring show is big or small? Xiamen world music festival, how is it? Uhm uhm…

        William So said he thinks LF deserved to win and I guess he isn’t teeny or jig school lol. Maybe you yourself only likes sweet stuffs so you think everyone are teeny or jig school to tag names like you :P.

        He isn’t superstar or close to superstar but just good tat he is more popular than his Txb peer lmao~.

        Eason is good, famous for a long while, good. But Eason’s fame dun harm LF’s like some ppl think. They are and will survive together for a longer while and only god can know who will survive longer. Uhm… Just cross the fingers to see.

      2. Btw, If a newbie says these things, ppl won’t say that he/she is arrogant but stupid or seeking for fast attention, lol.

  40. I have doubt Eason ‘s O2 arena in London will sell out after this our burst.

    1. PML i was there at the london O2 arena, and it sold out in 20 minutes faster than LAdy GAGA,,, broke records O2 Records, only beaten by michael jackson for the this is it tour…. LOL so your doubt was wrong, and the show was amazing… now i know why Eason seem a bit cocky like someone had upset him and he had something to prove… I am the exact same.. when people look down on me… and i feel like its unfair,, i get angry and very arrogant too…. for example people thinking Raymond lam is a better singer than EASON CHAN PML PML PML or LEO KU PML PML PML… If i was Eason and someone asked me that question seriously I WOULD BE OFFENDED TOO… but EASON DUDE CHILL OUT AND DONT GET TOO COCKY,,, noone likes cocky people….. but i totally understand where he is coming from…

  41. At UK now :). Going to London this week and when I’m in China Town, I asked for Eason’s concert here and surprisingly, none here know. They even asked me: Who is Eason Chan. When I say his Chinese name, they are even more blurry.

    So Eason is really that famous?

    1. I don’t expect Eason to be famous out of HK/SEA or Asia. Come to Malaysia, ask anyone who is Eason Chan and I am sure you will find someone who knows him and is willing to pay to watch him. Point is, depends on the location where you’re asking. Chinatown doesn’t mean they know Chinese artistes.

      1. Matter that he is going to have a concert in London if I’m rite. And I blv that he had one in the past.

  42. Eason is the best chinese artist by far, he has the natural gift… leo ku can sing, but so can alot of people… ofcourse andy lau, jackie cheung are legends… EASON is right up there with them,, jay chou and eason are the best two artists…. I am very westernised, and the only two artists that are good enough to cross over to the west, that has the talent the gift. would be only jay chou or eason…. neither of them have done it though,, ill be the one that does that….. there are people that say nic tse is better than eason at singing… LOL eason and jay chou are highly gifted… thats the difference…. leo ku is a good singer probably pleases the chinese fans…. but I a very westernised and I can see only EASON and JAy chou have the talent and appeal of an all time great….

    andy lau
    jackie cheung , hacken lee, alan Tam, anita mui, dave wong. sammy hui, wakin chau… EAson chan and Jay chou. are the real gifted telented artists….. they are the type thatll stay around for ever are big personalities….

    leo ku and Raymond Lam…. dont even compare… I would be angry and find it insulting too if asked that question by a reporter… funny because idiots believe the hype….. believe me people like leo ku and raymond lam could easily be forgotten…. Eason wouldnt will never be forgotten along with the list of names i wrote….. the difference is LEGENDS vs good popstars…..

    its like comparing BRUCE LEE to Siu wong and claiming SIU wong is equivalent to bruce lee.. lol not in the same league..

    eason is probablyy like me, and any other gifted honest creative person…. if people talk rubbish or idiots make claims that are far fetch and act as though is fact cause they arent on the same wave length… ill get very cocky and arrogant… especially if people dont believe in me, and i know i can do it… itll upset me and ill get arrogant.

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