Review: The Mysteries of Love (TVB 2010)

The Mysteries of Love <談情說案>
TVB 2010
Producer: Lau Ka Ho
Number of Episodes: 25

Raymond Lam as Kingsley King
Tavia Yeung as Tsui Siu Lai (aka Sai Lei Mui)
Kenneth Ma as Gordon Lo
Bernice Liu as Nickole Ling
Evergreen Mak as Tsui Kwok On
Mary Hon as Chueng Wai Chu
Lee Kwok Lun as Philip King



Not as bad as its title, but still pretty bad.  Starring some guy named Raymond Lam.


I am one of the many who watched Japanese drama, Galileo, before this series and I can tell you without a doubt that no matter what TVB says, The Mysteries of Love definitely copied / loosely based / is inspired by its Japanese counterpart.  I can also tell you without a doubt that TVB butchered everything that was great about Galileo and put its own horrendous spin on the plot and characters.

The Mysteries of Love began badly.  Very badly, so badly, in fact, that I thought at first that I was watching the wrong series.  You have to watch the beginning for yourself but I am fairly confident in saying that it is probably the cheesiest introduction of a family feud between two lovers in recent history.  What a dumb plot gimmick.

And so we think it’s only uphill from here, right? Wrong.

The cases were boring and predictable.  I watched this series only a few weeks ago and if you ask me about the cases, I can tell you I don’t remember a single one.  Give me Detective Investigation Files over this any day.  I’m also tired of how the villains always get a long confessional soliloquy in TVB series.  Isn’t there a more refreshing way to explain how cases got solved?

The ending was one of the worst anti-climax endings I’ve ever watched.  First off, Sai Lei Mui tells Kingsley she tried to commit suicide after he broke up with her.  If the subject wasn’t so serious I think I would have laughed at how anti-climax this revelation was.  This was so out of character for Sai Lei Mui and a lame attempt at last-minute drama.  After that, she forgives him after watching him declare his love on national television, followed by a proposal scene where everyone and their mother encourages her to forgive him and accept his proposal.  I don’t know about you, but I won’t go accepting an ex-boyfriend’s proposal days after I tell him I attempted suicide because of him.  This was lazy writing to the core.

I am a shameless Raymond Lam fan so it pains me to tell you that I did not like his performance here.  For one thing, the casting is all wrong.  Ray is too young for the role.  While he looks intelligent in that very academic way, he is not convincing age-wise as an assistant professor even though he’s supposed to be an accomplished genius.

And what’s with the vests?  Can’t he just hang out in a lab coat, please?  And the name – Kingsley King?!  I thought they were joking.  Why does TVB insist on giving Ray’s characters horrible English names?  Alfred in Heart of Greed for one, but seriously, Kingsley?  The name was so bad and laughable that my friends and I started referring to this series as “Kingsley.”  We would ask each other things like “What episode of Kingsley are you on?” or “Have you finished watching Kingsley yet?” TVB, please give the poor guy a decent English name next time.  Hell, just call him Raymond Lam.

The absolute worst part of Raymond’s character was that he was pretentious as hell.  TVB has got to stop thinking it’s portraying a realistic professional just because he has a ridiculous English name, texts his girlfriend in English (and she doesn’t speak English, btw), and is referred to by his English name by his blue-blood parents.  And while it may not be Ray’s fault, I was annoyed out of my mind by the constant English phrases he uses in his dialogue.  At least Ray speaks decent English, unlike the other actors TVB forces to speak the language in so-called profession series like here, where they kept calling Nickole Nickel.

Casting and pretentiousness aside (which is mostly the scriptwriters’ fault), I didn’t quite like Ray’s interpretation of his character either.  Kingsley is supposed to be a genius driven by logic and scientific explanations.  These people are usually a) loners or social outcasts b) not very in tune with their emotions c) not very expressive or a combination of the three.  While again, most of this is the writers’ fault for giving him a best friend in Gordon and a quick girlfriend in Sai Lei Mui, Ray was not deadpan enough in the role.  He smiles, his eyes sparkle, he’s polite and even charming in the role.  The one exception would be the confession scene in the restaurant when he tried to explain how he fell in love with Sai Lai Mui.  So formulaic, so logical, and very in character for Kingsley.  I was laughing!  Ray actually looked deadpan in that scene, which was good.  Overall though, Ray fans won’t be too well served with The Mysteries of Love.

If Ray’s performance was a surprise, so was Kenneth Ma’s, but in a good way.  In series, Kenneth usually bores me to tears but in interviews he seems chatty, interesting and even silly at times.  I think with this series as well as his performance in Survivor’s Law II, Kenneth has found his “golden character” – the ones who are bright but goofy, not very polished, even a bit crass.  He’s got chemistry with Bernice Liu and their friends-with-benefits relationship was more interesting to watch than the Ray andTavia’s overused storyline.  Kenneth’s performance is both entertaining and brave here, what with his very intimate scenes with several actresses.

Bernice Liu was reduced to a cameo here, so I don’t have much comment on her performance other than the fact that she has improved in the dramatic scenes.  A decent performance.

Tavia Yeung was a question mark for me.  She looks a lot like the actress in the Japanese version, and though her character is kind of annoying in here (she is all over Kingsley all the time), Tavia can act.  Her best scene was the scene with her father, when she broke down in tears after breaking up with Kingsley.  It reminded me of a similar scene in Love Bond with Kenix Kwok and Paul Chun.  I also liked Tavia’s bantering scenes with her co-workers here and the scenes with the actor who plays her nephew.  I felt nothing for her scenes with Ray, though.  Anyone feeling overexposed to these two actors may need alcohol and/or a fast-forward button to get through their scenes.  In fact, they behave almost like siblings.  While I have no complaints about Tavia’s acting in this series, I have to say she lacks charisma.  I really think she should stick to the secondary characters.  However, I will take her as a female lead any day over Charmaine or Shirley.

With the exception of the veteran who portrayed Sai Lai Mui’s father, no supporting cast member was especially memorable.  Casting missed the mark again with Mary Hon and Lee Kwok Lun as Kingsley’s parents.  They were almost cartoon versions of snobby old-money people, and from the way they behaved and talked, were beyond pretentious and the antithesis of class.  I was happy to see Evergreen Mak again, although this role didn’t make much of his acting skills.

To Watch or Not to Watch, That is the Question

Strictly for Kenneth, Bernice, Raymond, and Tavia fans and even then, I make no promises.  A miss.


 This review was written by Bridget, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. I wish I can just make a montage of Kenneth and Bernice and watch only their scenes. We all know Tavia can cry, she has to stop doing that every two minutes. (in ALL her series, Rippling Blossom being another cry fest) She must have cried in half her scenes. At this point, it doesn’t prove that she’s a good actress anymore.

  2. I didn’t watch “The Mysteries of Love” for its cases or for the scientific aspect. The casting decisions obviously reflect the producer’s intention in focusing on young love instead.

    I enjoyed Raymond and Tavia’s pairing in “The Mysteries of Love.” I am probably one of the few people who likes Raymond’s character in here because I am attracted to nerdy, intelligent men in real life. His white pants makes him quite dreamy in here. I much prefer Raymond as a nerdy professor and awkward in love than his all-too-good role in “Moonlight Resonance.” I also liked Tavia as the chirpy Sai Lei Mui in the early episodes. Tavia seemed at ease and very approachable in this role, rather than the stuffy professional roles she has been playing recently.

    I disagree with your perspective that Kenneth’s love scenes were too hot here. In fact, I felt he was too stiff in his bed scenes. I laughed in his shirtless scene where he propped up on his arms (elbows very, very straight) to make sure his chest would be 1 foot away from Bernice’s. Also, Kenneth seems like a novice kisser in his scenes, which is somewhat unacceptable given his playboy character. He should have prepped in his kissing scenes more.

    Had Kenneth switched roles with Raymond in “The Mysteries of Love,” I wonder what would have happened? I think Raymond would give the “player cop” role much more justice. But would Kenneth be able to make Kingsley King as princely? He can probably do nerdy well enough.

    1. Jayne,

      I think lots of ladies liked ray’s kingsley. He is intelligent, well-mannered, and down to earth. Not to mention he’s handsome too! He’s a very dreamy character but not really a good bf. SLM must’ve really loved him b/c his family was unbearable.

      Ray and Kenneth probably would still do good jobs if their roles were switched. I wouldn’t mind seeing ray as the player that gets tamed. But Kenneth might not be able to stop showing his puppy eyes in order to play the serious professor.

      1. I am one of the dissenters. I hate the name Kingsley and I dislike his “yau yau gwa tuen” character.

    2. I like the idea of switching role.

      However, I don’t think Kenneth looks pricely at all. Nerdy – ok. But he lacks the rich smell. LF has this smell, but not Kenneth.

      For the playboy role, as I watched LF acted this kind of role before, I don’t think it’s a problem for him to do that.

      BTW, I like the idea of LF and Bernice pair up once. Hmm, although they had same manager for years, have never paired up and I still think it’s a waste.

      1. Somehow Kenneth reminds me of an intelligent scholar who is very poor.

      2. Uhm yes, he looks poor. Intelligent I’m not sure but he can be a honest scholar. Maybe Kenneth’s eyes don’t look bright so I can’t feel the intelligence in it.

      3. Don’t be fooled by his pout. A scholar can;t be stupid but he can be poor. Those whose wives die of hunger.

      4. Raymond doesn’t look intelligent in this series. He just look sleepy. I think Kenneth will look more intelligent than him in the role since Kenneth actually know the physics jargon Kingsley is spouting. When you know something, you will look more confident spouting it.

      5. But Kidd, a good actor can pretend to know when they don’t know. How many actors are THAT educated? That’s the point of being actors. You pretend to look like you know. The more convincing you look, the better actor. This series just fails because it was a complete crap. A pile of dung. A heap of rubbish. A truckload of garbage. Whatever name you put on it, it is still garbage.

      6. Kidd, u say sleepy. I say dreamy. 🙂

        I was impressed w/ how ray memorized all his long lines and he looked confident saying it.

        I think Kenneth would be like the professor king in FH3. Love his dog more than people.

      7. @Kidd: I think he looks smart enough when he give the focus look on thingy and bite his nail fingers. Maybe Kenneth looks confident to these jargons because he knew it in fact. Kenneth learned this at uni, right?

        @josie: Prof King by Raymond Cho in FH3?

      8. @ Fox

        You don’t get me. I said Kenneth will look more intelligent spouting the jargon because he actually know the jargon he’s spouting. This is a ‘what if’ situation. Where in actual the series did Kenneth have the chance to spout those jargon?

      9. @ Funn

        A good actor can look intelligent. But, I don’t find Raymond looking especially intelligent in MOL. He just looks sleepy and lethargic, like he phoned in his performance.

      10. Kidd,

        I get what you meant but Imagine LF as a police? I dont think he can convince me as police since he doesn’t has that “tough” looks in him.

        and yeah, i wonder how confident Kenneth will looks if he was given LF’s role instead of LF. Maybe he’ll look like a genuine Professional.

        LF can portray roles like doctor, playboys, rich son, filial son convincely but as professional, he’s lack of this “professional feels”. Bitting nails and starring at the board/or whatsoever formula he’s looking at basically just made him looked “cool” rather than “smart”.

      11. @Kidd: Ok, get you now. However, still think that Kenneth’s eyes don’t look bright so it dun make him look intelligent in my view. It’s my feeling when I watched SL2.

      12. @Veejay: For the “professional feels” as a teacher in MOL, I agree that he lacks that. He looks princely more than professional. But to say of intelligent look, it’s not professional feel because ppl can look intelligent without doing something professional and vice versa.

        To talk of professional feel as a professor, let me think… Uhm… maybe I’ll say of Masaharu Fukuyama with Galileo. He look like a professional professor.

      13. Given a chance to cosplay in any manga/anime fest, I’ll cosplay!! w/o feeling shy hehe..

        And lastly, (sorry kinda out of topic) I always put on smoking eyes,.. but i’m not a gothic hehe.

  3. Wow I think I’m a Raymond and tavia fan so I’m abit biased and definitely enjoyed this series.
    The chemistry between ray and tav is fun to watch I hope they have a new series together !

  4. I totally hated how they ruined Tavia’s character in this series by having her cut herself and commit suicide because Raymond broke up with her. Her character was cute and strong in the beginning and then turned into a little weakling. I can’t even remember the rest of the storyline and if I liked it or not because all I remember is how much I hated that scene.

    1. I guess that’s because she was too inloves with LF and couldn’t bear to lose LF although I also think that’s pretty lame since LF can be replaceable imo unless she was chasing for wealthy life after marriage hence couldn’t bear losing a rich bf.

    2. That’s purely for dramatic reason and happened off camera as an afterthought. Funny isn’t it? A strong character became such an emotional mess and her only way of redemption is for the man to love her back and marry her.

  5. Sigh, I miss Bernice so much. She isn’t the best actress, but definitely one of the most charismatic starlet out there.

    Raymond and Tavia are blander than blander. No comments on them, as I gave up on this series.

  6. I can only remember this series when I think of Tavia’s crying scene when LF dumped her. Her crying was rather good imo, so genuine like she really got dumped.

    Kenneth and Bernice combo were quite interesting too.

    1. I think the pier crying scene probably wasn’t that hard for her. Imagine if LF was breaking up w/ u, I think any girl would cry like a waterfall.

      1. “if” LF breaks up with me, I wont EVER cry a river or feel bad cuz he’s not my type of man in the 1st place, maybe LF wouldn’t even wanna date me since I dont do plastic operations hehee plus even If I’m that darn pretty like Viann (after surgery) I wouldn’t date LF cuz i dislike his lifestyle, prefer someone humerous and steady like Kenneth.

      2. Ok veejay, u are the exception. I think most girls (and guys) would be devastated if LF dumped them.:P

      3. I still dont get the hype what these girls see in LF. No matter how “chok” he pose and play in any series, he still doesn’t intrigue me hehe.

      4. Veejay, you don’t like LF, Ron, Bosco, Ruco, etc.. All guys in TVB. So I’m guessing that you are actually anti-man :P. Ok, kidding.

      5. Wrong, I like Steven ma, Kenneth, Sunny, Gallen, Roger, Bowie, Bosco etc.

        Less liking – LF, Ron, Samuel, Moses etc

        Hate – None 😛

      6. Ahhh Bowie. He can out sexy any guys anytime, even in When Heaven Burns.. eventhough his real love is Kevin Wong but he can out sexy any guys.

      7. Haven’t seen you say you like Bosco before :P. YOu have to show more your love on guys or ppl might think the same way as me. Try your best!

      8. Veejay,

        So basically any handsome guy, u won’t push away right?


        Do u mean kenny Wong? Got too much Kevin on the mind?

      9. I won’t usually say out those I like loud like you did to your dearest LF hehe. I will just keep it to myself and praise them whenever there are article about them. I’ve always like Bosco but not up to the extreme level like you like LF 🙂 i just adore/like to watch him on tv and won’t worship him like an idol, wont buy his cd, wont fly to hk to get his autographs etc. I m not saying liking LF like you did is wrong but we just have different preference in liking an artist that’s all 😛

      10. josie,

        He has to be my cup of tea, or else, I’ll push him away for sure hehe..

        But I’m kinda bored with relationship nowadays, rather focus on my career and family more.. to me all relationships seem the same to me. and I’m one of those who doesn’t believe in “true love” BUT i adore pretty things though which has absolutely nothing to do with relationship!hehe

      11. @Veejay: You must notice that I also met Ron, Kate, Linda and Bosco in HK, too :P. So you think I’m up to the level with Ron, Kate, Linda, Bosco? Uhm…

        Everyone have own way to show the things they like :P, agree. But praise everything of them? LOL LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL? You kidding me, right? I have never did such things to anyone. Maybe you only see the things you want to see so caused you to miss something on me. From my view, the way you post your opinions are kinda similar to me :P. You say bad about who you don’t like and praise something you like. Then maybe you are in the same level with me but you don’t know.

        And oh yeah, to tell you a (not) secret: My biggest love is still manga, lol. I’m planning to fly to Japan if have chance and enough money for holiday. You may dun like to go out of your country but I like the travels :). It’s the difference between us.

      12. No, i just said you like LF alone in an extreme level only not Bosco, kate, ron or anyone else. I know you went to LF’s concert, took pics with him, get his autographs etc which is not a bad thing since you like him. I know u wont do that to bosco, kate or linda since they’re your less liking artists.

        And Manga is also one of my favourite all time hobby, I keep them, read them and even draw them for ppl in exchange for $$ just for fun since i’ve this hobby of drawing. Japan is also one of my fav country and who said I dun like travelling? lol. If i managed to save enough, I’ll take 1/2 year off frm work and travel to hk, japan, taiwan, europe etc.

      13. Then me do the same thing. I go to his concert DURING my travel :P. I went to Ron, Bosco, Kate, etc.’s functions DURING my travel. Lol, I also have Kate, Linda’s autograph (Bosco I told about the encounter), also took pix with them (and Michael Tse’s too). You seem to misunderstanding my favourite level and my habit of take stuffs from whoever I don’t hate (artists).

        Travel is a good way to relax and I love that. Go to HK is under my ability and it’s a good place to shopping (I like shopping). If Ron, Bosco, Kate, Linda, etc. have concert during my travel, I won’t buy tickets because I know they can’t sing :P. But if Hacken, G.E.M, Janice etc. have concert during my travel, I’ll buy because I like their singing.

        You like manga too? Which is your fave? Name some? You can draw manga, oh good. I like the doujinshi. If wanna show, give me some to see. You collect manga in takubon or newspaper?

        Maybe one day, we can go to Japan together. And there you will see I buy the magazines, ahhaa. If have the autographs of mangaka, I’ll queue, too.

      14. I thought I told you about some Mangas/Anime that I like before?

        They are like Gintama, naruto, bleach, one piece, blood+, Gantz etc. I bought most of my anime from the local anime store in my city, collect mangas from manga shop since I can get them really cheap in country not like those ppl who has to order online which is more costlier. I just went to a manga fest in my city lately, took alot of pics but I didnt get autographs of thoese artists though since they’re local and Im only interested in japanese artist. I drew alot of doujinshis but I’m not sure if its safe for me to post my link to my artwork here since many ppl will be able to view it lol.

      15. Fox,

        If you’re interested in my artwork/doujinshi, we can talk about this tomorrow. I have to go now.. Most of doujinshis are based frm the anime/manga naruto since there was this character there i really like alot, Orochimaru 😛

        bye now

      16. I’m reading Bleach, Gantz, too. I
        m waiting Naruto to end to continue. For OP, I dunno why but I can’t read it. Do you watch the Gantz live action 2? Haha, must say that I think Kei’s face is deserved a punch :P. But I like Tae and Kei a lot in the manga. Bleach is quite draggy but it’s good. I prefer HXH more than all. You should read HXH if you haven’t. It has the depth, even more than Bleach, OP and Naruto. The hiatus is over and you can continue now. HXH’s current Alluka arc topped the TOC of Jump.

        You like to cosplay, I like to see cosplay only. I went to the Ani-Con fest in HK this year and the fest in my country, too. There is a guy cos-ed Di[e]ce quite well. The winner is Ah my Goddess cosser.

    2. Yeah, her crying scene was indeed very realistic maybe too emotional though since who cares about being dumped by LF, 🙂

      1. She (SLM) cares a lot, you have just asked an useless question.

      2. Yes. Who don’t want a naive humble understanding caring rich guy like Kingsley as husband?

    3. All I rmb of this crying is “You counted wrongly” – one of the most hilarious quote in TVB series.

  7. Galileo is the best!! Long live Galileo and Yukawa sensei!!!!

  8. I like this series because of eye candy factor.

    I found Raymond Lam’s acting too stiff in here, I felt him more charismatic in Moonlight Resonance.

    I felt Tavia was more relatable here than in BTROC, like the girl next door who had hopes of marrying a perfect rich man like Kingsley. I actually felt sorry for her in the scene where she cried at the pier, where she didn’t know what to do when Kingsley left her, and also later when she rejected him because she had tried to get over him with much difficulty.

    I think Tavia excels in these roles where she is just a simple girl from a lower income family background, who is spunky and yet decent. Don’t make her perfect because she irks when she is the perfect heroine. When she is rebellious or shows her insecurity, that’s fine.

    Yeah, I agree with Jayne that Kenneth failed to personify his playboy character… maybe ‘cos he isn’t such a playboy in real life. Good attempt, Kenneth was as charismatic as ever. This bloke has a natural charisma that makes people like him.

    1. But Kenneth looks good in that red shirt!

      As for the series itself, well… nothing to do with acting really but rather the story is just one big huge FAIL. It is in the end a love story and a very bad one at that. As usual the police are incompetent.

  9. All I have to say is WHATS WITH RAYS CLOTHS????
    they’re like too tight on him and makes him look gau

  10. All I have to say is WHATS WITH RAYS CLOTHS????
    they’re like too tight on him and makes him look gay

    1. In an interview, Ray said because the character is from a wealthy background, his clothing was supposed to be more stylish and hip. Like you, I found them ill-fitting and neither stylish or hip. Not that I know, but if I were that wealthy, I’d certainly pick out more stylish options and not have to wear the same thing over and over!

      1. Simple. TVB wanted more sex appeal and so forced the actors to wear two sizes too small. Ray unfortunately was more noticeable in the wardrobe malfunction (oh that episode!!) because he often wears light coloured clothes. Kenneth wore clothes as tight (see his jeans- poor man can’t even move properly) but since it was dark it didn’t look much exposed.

        I can answer that his so called clothing is in line with TVB’s idea of academia and what they wear; if it was older guy, he would be wearing a bow tie. But Wendy, watch Galileo and tell me if TVB did not rip off that idea of vest and suit from that series except Ray’s more shiny and he looks like a pretty bartender than a physics professor.

        Oh I am so starting again on my hate for MOL. I promise myself I am so over it but eshhhhhh… again, all started again.

      2. I liked him in the vests, looked yummy.

        But poor ray exposed himself in those tight, white pants. Didn’t he feel the cupping action going on?

    2. I actually think his clothes look fine. The thing is hong kong people are more edgy and risky with their fashion. Obviously everyone’s opinion is different but I find his clothes to be fine. If anything the acting and the show itself is worse than his sense of style. Are the reviews here usually of older shows? Any reviews on the newer shows? I remember watching this a while ago. Hated it though.

  11. Woa, the series made me realise a very typical love story of Mr. Lau Ka Hao’s product. The girl will fall for the guy first coz he’s something perfect, then when she lose the guy, she cries crazily like a tornado, and call … another guy out to comfort her (Sheung Joi Sam called Duk Duk Dei (eventhough she had 3 girlfriends), WJS called A Hou, etc…) and in this series SLM called Lo Sir in the middle of the night to celebrate her break up with Kingsley. After the breakup, the guys would feel guilty and misses the girls a lot, then he would come kneel down (or do whatever sacrifices) for the girl’s love. Typical Ka Hao.

    This differs from Poon Ka Tak’s series when all the guys do the crying after the break up and run for the girl crazily LOL

    1. The guy that they call to comfort them is their back-up guy. Maybe SLM should’ve hooked up w/ Lo sir then.

  12. Is it just me or what, because i think Fung looks good and looks so smart in this drama, GOOD JOB.

  13. I think this is the only series where the two female leads don’t have any scenes with each other and hardly know each other at all…which is probably why Tavia had to cling on to Kenneth whenever she needed someone to talk to cause she had NO FRIENDS!

  14. One quote to say: I hate this series.

    First, it’s a bad adaption (if we can call it so) of Galileo. Even Galileo isn’t too outstanding for me, compare the quality of Galielo and MOL? Galileo wins! WINS! WON!

    Second, the Love factor in this series – No, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But I said it too many times, then won’t repeat. King family, Tsui family, both failed! Kingsley vs SLM, both failed! Nikole vs Gordon, both failed!

    Third, it’s typical LKH’s production. Doesn’t have an overall storyline.

    Fourth, don’t let me start about the cases, lol.

    The things I like from this series:

    First, clothes of Kingsley. Hey, I dun might how tight it is because it satisfied the fangirl mode :P. Curvy shape, lol. I don’t care who think this and that about it, just focus on the S shape and I’ll say I like it!

    Second, Ace and Janet. They are my fave. No, they are not main lead. They are supporting of supporting. Who care? Like them. Lol.

    The surprise factor:

    Ruco is younger than Raymond Wong. I always think MOL has a miscast when letting Raymond Wong as older brother and Ruco is younger brother. Then I see their age and surprised.

    Done the review.

  15. Totally agree with the writers. I hardly remember anything about this series even though I tried to watch some episodes twice or three times to follow the story.

  16. Kingley is soooooooo dreamy, he’s just so hard to resist! <3 😉

  17. I like this series. Based on the many reviews I read online it seems like many people don’t like Kingsley’s character because he appears to be an unfeeling scientest with no personality and he broke up with Sieu lai instead of going against his family to be with her no matter what. But actually to me he did that out of respect for his mother and out of guilt when she’s sick and he wasn’t by her side. He realized that he could of lost his mother forever without getting to see her for the last time. This fact give him the appearance of being unfeeling and inconsiderate toward SL. I think he also broke up with SL because he love her and don’t want her to be hurt by his family anymore. Many people think he just simply move on after the break up. But he showed he still love and cares for SL a lot through the fact that he still want to see her on a daily basis, refused Bowie love toward him (although being with her would have made his mother very happy indeed) and only calling SL’s name when he is in a coma. I like and respect a man who is faithful to his lover but also cares and considerate of his family feelings as well. If he were to totally disregard his family to be with SL I wouldn’t of liked him. I think the love story between Kingsley and SL is very sweet. They fell in love with each other quietly with mutual affection, sweet and touching. Kingsley’s quiet and SL’s bubblly personalities balance each other out very well. I get the feeling the break up hurt him as much as SL but too bad the series showed the break up mostly through SL’s purspective. It would be good if they could have showed Kingsley’s purspective as well. A lot of people say this story is unrealistic but I think it’s a heartwarming story about family and love. This character go on my list of special favourite characters (I watch a lot of series but special favourite characters are very few).

  18. Haven’t watch the Galileo show that everyone compares MOL and I thought MOL sucked balls! My God, it reeked worse than rotten food. No seriously. Stopped watching after ep10 because it. was. that. stupid.

    Raymond – whom I usually like – was so phoning it in. Maybe he was overworked or something and used his MOL screen time to get his naps. Kingsley was BORING. And his clothes made him look like a stereotyped gay character. It doesn’t help that I suspect they were his own clothes.

    Tavia – was so freaking annoyingly OTT. Her saccharine portrayal of SLM gave me a damn toothache and headache. If she was evil on steroids in BTROC, she was on bloody happy pills in this! Ugh.

    And I was completely BLIND to whatever amazing chemistry FungYi fans claim they have. I saw NEGATIVE chemistry between them if anything of that sort!

    Kenneth/Bernice was a really interesting pairing – too bad Bernice’s character was basically a guest star. I wasn’t a total fan of Kenneth’s portrayal but he was heaps better than whatever Ray was doing in his scenes so there’s that.

    And oh dear, Ray’s parents have got to be the most cartoonish characters TVB has have created. I feel sorry for the actors for having to portray people so appalling. They weren’t even delightfully evil, they were just lame.

    The only highlights was Jazz and the little boy, I kid you not.

    1. “Haven’t watch the Galileo show that everyone compares MOL and I thought MOL sucked balls! My God, it reeked worse than rotten food. No seriously. Stopped watching after ep10 because it. was. that. stupid.”

      Galileo is not what we compare MOL with, but what MOL is ripping off, and ripped off also cannot do a decent job! YOU MUST WATCH GALILEO. I miss Yukawa sensei. When is Masha going back to being Yukawa sensei?!?!?

      1. LOL, sorry. I of course meant Galileo that MOL RIPPED OFF. Isn’t the show Japanese? I have zero experience with Japanese dramas but I presume they are subbed in Eng somewhere so I might take a look.

      2. Yeap. Most Japanese series I watch are subbed in English. I wonder why no company bother to dubbed Japanese dramas like they dubbed Korean dramas. Korean dramas aired in my local channel are dubbed in Mandarin. But, Japanese dramas are aired in its original language with Malays sub. Only those shows for kids like Ultraman and anime are dubbed in Malay. The Japanese series VCD and DVD I bought have the choice of Malay/English/Chinese subtitle, but, only Japanese voice.

        Anyway, I prefer watching series inn it’s original voice and reading the subtitle.

      3. Kidd, because Japanese don’t care. Simple. They don’t care. Koreans are very aggressive in promoting their stuff. Japanese is you want you come here. The subs are usually fansubs which is great. Galileo, fansubbed. Don’t be bothered with other version.

      4. @ Funn

        I thought you bought the Galileo DVD? How come you watch with fansub? Do you mean the subtitles in the DVD are actually fansub?

      5. When I watched, not released yet so I downloaded online, the SARS fansub. I am not sure if the one released is fansub or not, shouldn’t be since that is illegal to steal subs from fansub. Galileo’s fansub is excellent. It flows. I burnt all too DVD, never bothered to check the released one.

      6. Fansub for Japanese stuffs are on internet. I’m able to watch live actions, series, anime, etc. with Engsub from some download sites. @advo, here is the list of Japanese series that you might want to watch:

        Romantic and Tragedy:

        – Hanayome wa 16sai! or 16 year old Bride! (it’s the first set for love contract!)
        – One Litres Of Tears or 1 rittoru no namida(It’s so touching, I swear that you can’t hold your tear when you watch it)
        – Kimi ga Boku wo Wasuretemo (another touching series. It’s lovely beautiful and I cried like a baby in the end).
        – Nana (Its start is so-so but the more you watch, the more you love it).
        – Hitotsu Yane no Shita (I don’t rmb its Eng name, it’s a series about family love, very warm).

        Drama/school life:
        – Hanakimi (Japanese version, not the Korean or Taiwanese one)
        – Hana Yori Dango (also the Japanese version, highly recommend you to not watch the Korean and Chinese version)
        – Koizora or Sky of love (it’s watch worthy)
        – Honey & Clover (lovely dovey type)

        – Galileo
        – Bloody Monday (its story is very well-made and you can’t help yourself to let go the feeling that why and how. Contributed by the writer who wrote the famous Kindaichi detective – just that is enough for you to follow)
        – Gokusen 1,2,3 season (it’s funny!)
        – Orthros dog or Orthros no Inu (this one is good from its start :P)
        – Liar game (high recommend to you – this is such a very complicated series that requires you to use brain to watch).

        Live action (movie):
        – Death Note
        – Gantz (oh well, this one read manga is better, haha)

        That’s my fave, if you want more can tell me.

      7. Your comment is awaiting moderation. – wonder which word is banned?

      8. Interesting Fox. I used to like Jap series when Takayu Kimura was acting until Korean won me over.

        I have my sites where I can watch Korean series.

        Where can I watch Jap series then? Maybe one day when I have the time, I will find.

        Yes, I like Death Note and detective types. Jap series are so stylish and riverting.

    2. Agree with you on Raymond. MOL is his most disappointing performance for me. I usually like Kingsley’s type of character. But, Ray was phoning in his performance.

      I think Tavia did well in in second half of the series. But, she doesn’t seem very natural in the first half when she’s all chirpy and happy. Her forte is still serious drama.

      Agree with Ray’s OTT elitist family.

      I like Jazz too in the series. Agree he’s one of the highlights.

      Lastly, where is the Forensic Department? Why all experiment and analysis has to be done by Kingsley and his friends/colleague using the university facilities?

      1. It’s TVB, you request wat? Like in FH3, the forensic department do the cops’ jobs.

      2. The second half was the part I didn’t watch, LOL. But from what I read, I can’t really imagine me enjoying her performance. Suicide over getting dumped? Goodbye self-esteem?!!

        I don’t know if her forte is serious drama. So far, I’m increasingly thinking her forte is supporting characters instead of lead roles.

        It’s TVB. Logic need not be applied. Actually, chances are that if you do apply logic you’ve get more offended over how stupid the show is.

      3. “Lastly, where is the Forensic Department? Why all experiment and analysis has to be done by Kingsley and his friends/colleague using the university facilities?”

        HK has no forensic dept. How I know? TVB taught me.

  19. horrible series. stop watching after ep. 6. tavia and raymond is so boring together. I forward their scene to watch the case and it not even that interesting. Galieo may not be great but at least I finished the series. I always find raymond a good actor but I still can’t get over his bland acting in here.

  20. Loved Sai Lei Mui in this series. Tavia is much better off with easy-going roles like this one. Professional roles make her look kinda stiff, and after four series with her short hair and all, it’s getting kinda boring to watch.

  21. You shall write this review last year,why now?this drama is one of the worst drama i ever watch ,most of case are like cartoon and fairly tales .

  22. Is definitely that some ppl like & some dislikes this series. However, I watch this series because of Tavia Yeung & Raymond Lam. This series had actually refelcted Tavia’s acting skill. She had put in a lot of effoert and improved herself from time to time.

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