Linda Chung’s Bed Scene Generates Heated Discussion

In the 15th episode of TVB series, House of Harmony and Vengeance <耀舞長安>, Linda  Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) bed scene with Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) generated heated discussion. Linda and Bobby’s characters were both drugged, in which Linda stripped down to her undergarments. The scene resulted in a fan video parody which was highly suggestive, due to Linda’s passionate cries!

In House of Harmony and Vengeance, Ha Ping (夏萍), schemed to consummate Linda and Bobby’s relationship, in order to have the pair get married quickly. Ha Ping drugged Linda and Bobby’s characters and put them in a compromising intimate position.

After drinking the drugged soup, Linda shed her clothes, appearing in a halter-top undergarment. She cried to Bobby, “I feel hot” and “I want it!” Bobby said, “I cannot hold back myself anymore!” Fortunately, Bobby was able to resist temptation.

The bed scene was quickly parodied by fans, in which Linda’s passionate cries were looped several times. The video parody circulated widely, while its suggestive nature generated controversy and led to its eventual deletion.

Linda Chung indicated that she did not mind that netizens’ parodied her bed scene in House of Harmony and Vengeance. Linda said, “It proves that fans watched the drama in order to do this. I thank them for supporting the drama!” Linda did not feel that the bed scene impacted her image negatively, as the plot required her to strip down to the halter top.

Linda laughed that she did not have much experience in filming such bed scenes and had to consult with Bobby Au Yeung. She denied that the halter top she wore in the scene was very sexy, according to modern standards.  

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Jayne: I don’t really see humor in what may have been a drugged rape situation. It’s a bit tasteless given the current rape incident that a TVB actress was compromised. Although it was reported that she was drunk, but not drugged, the scenario is that a woman was taken advantage of when she was not mentally sound.

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  1. Jayne, it was more funny than controversial though yes the cries were rather.. interesting. and it was funny because they were drugged by Bobby’s grandma who wanted them to bed one another and force them to marry. It is no controversy because bobby’s character stopped himself even if he was also semi drugged and in the end he did nothing to her. He ended up scolding his grandma and taking Linda away from a potentially reputation harming situation. She was not taken advantage, it shows Bobby’s character a gentleman and in a good light and I see nothing tasteless. We shouldn’t be so darn politically correct. It was actually a rather funny scene.

    One series I saw was potentially tasteless was when a drunk normal man “raped” a mentally challenged girl. Not sure if anyone complained but singaporean dramas are a breed of their own.

    1. Just curious, which series is that? (I’m Singaporean but it doesn’t ring a bell; I think I might have skipped it.)

      1. Can’t remember the title but Jacelyn tay was in it if I remember correctly. Quite a disturbing series.

  2. “She denied that the halter top she wore in the scene was very sexy, according to modern standards.”

    It was sexy even for modern standard and I was rather surprised by her daringness but again it wasn’t lewd.

  3. Bobby Au Yeung’s grandmother?

    Is she supposed to be 110? ROTFL!

    1. probably. She is supposd to be


      Evergreen’s grandma. I am pretty sure grandma.

  4. The way Linda speaks her dialogues throughout this series bugged me in a not good way.

    1. All TVB series have scenes or things that are parodied by fans whether in weibo or in forums. This is nothing special except that a ‘reporter’ who can’t find ‘news’ picked it up. I hope Linda don’t get too excited and think that her scene is that controversial.

      1. She is excited because being parodied means someone is watching the show. Not that it is controversial. It is special in a way because I am sure the parody must be how she moaned and all.

    2. yeh she talks a bit too slow. and draggy.. and too softly like she’s breathless lol Linda CAN’T do ancient dramas at all… trying to act all elegant

  5. Linda’s dancing is stiff when she’s potraying a dancer ROFL talk about unconvincing. Why TVB don’t pick actress that really can dance? Nancy Wu is a great dancer and deserving leading roles already! Myolie also isn’t good enough but Linda is worse. JJ Jia is bad too ROFL.

    1. I quite agree that Linda’s dancing is sub par.

    2. of course nancy’s dancing is much better! but tvb isn’t promoting nancy as much and still haven’t given her first female lead roles even though she’s talented. she deserves recognition. Linda’s makes her character so ‘lifeless’ ….

      Even JJ’s performance is better than Linda’s! JJ’s evilness outshined Linda’s dullness.

  6. That scene was a joke lol I have the impression that Linda is not good in bed… Okay maybe it’s her mediocre acting skill.

    1. I think it’s an awkward scene. Maybe it was the combination of her bed skills and her mediocre acting.

      In fact she was mediocre in LE and DGD too. Linda should take a break to recharge and reflect on her acting. More dramas doesn’t necessarily mean her acting will get better. She should take some lessons from what happened to Tavia.

      1. Linda’s acting has gone downhill since YSSS.

        Maybe she’s a dead crab in bed.

  7. Linda’s moaning in that scene was quite disturbing, kinda made me think of the sex & zen movie..LOL

    JJ is horrible, not sure why they picked her to play that part.

    1. But JJ was the only one that appeared and I couldn’t recognise her until she opened her mouth. She should work on her voice acting but seriously I was very surprised at how pretty she was in a Tang sort of costume. She has a face for costume series.

  8. TVB often do these funny scenes la so no surprise at all. Haven’t seen this one since the whole plot sounds super-lame.

  9. If you thought Linda’s acting was bad before, wait till you watch this one! She is very modern and athletic looking so her head appears very large in ancient costume. Some commented that she can’t really dance – most of her “dancing” shows off he long arms stretching and some twirling.

    Also her trademark is cuteness but this is just ancient version of Ms. Koo from that undercover teaching series.

    Regarding the scene, the grandma did drug the couple using some kind of aphrodisiac. Which induced some kind of high pitched wailing from Linda that gave me chills. Might need male member to explain why that was supposed to be “sexy”.

    1. You nailed it on the head with this one, couldn’t agree with you more. Something about her in this series was bugging me then I read your comment, your so right! Linda is good with the girl next door type of role, her facial expressions alone in this series is already bad enough forget about arm stretching & twirling…I meant dancing lolz

    2. haha spot on!

      Her character thinks she’s so good… the best of the best, but when she performs… she’s nothing. Just really bad acting – very unconvincing.

      Another unlikable character of Linda’s.

      Grace Wong is really good though.

  10. Linda is very photogenic but Her acting needs improvement and singing needs to stop. I love to look at her. She needs to do more commercial and advertisements. She’s a model that is more suitable in that field. Agreed that if it’s dancing scences they should look for people that do have the experience and such like michael tse n Nancy. dint know who else can dance or had experience.

  11. Linda is soo pretty! I love that scene, it’s so funny 🙂

  12. Anyone have the linkk?(; in chinese if possible(;

  13. Chey what’s the big deal… I haven’t watched it but if you know such dramas, they always have these silly scenes.

    But this came at a bad timing for Linda when we had the articles about her trying to become more sexy as she ages.

    Maybe going down this route may help to generate more publicity for her as she ages and more and more young and fresh ones threaten her position. But I don’t think Linda’s fans are accepting her in any sexier image any time soon.

  14. I’m glad Linda is trying to branch out of this “girl next door” image. I’m not a fan or a hater. I think she’s pretty good at portraying goody girls likes HOG or MR but I’m glad she’s taking some risks these days. I agree with those who think she looks too modern and athletic for ancient dramas but at least it’s something new. I think she has potential.

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