Linda Chung Restores Her Reputation

Always having maintained the quiet-girl-next-door image, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) was shockingly called out to be “two-faced and fake” by several netizens and backstage employees last year. Although many fans came to Linda’s rescue, her good-girl image still took a hit and she faced extensive backlash.

However, the negative gossip dissipated when a fan in Vancouver posted her encounter with Linda. Despite being out with her husband Jeremy Leung and their children, Linda offered warm greetings when approached. Although the fan wanted a photo together, she felt awkward to ask Linda, who was busy taking care of her children.

The fan also complimented Linda on her natural make-up free look, and friendly personality. Others also left similiar comments describing their own meetings with the actress. One particular netizen recalled meeting her in Hong Kong several years ago when she asked Linda for a picture after bumping into her. Although her manager was against it, Linda agreed to take pictures anyway.

Linda’s image since entering the industry has always been pure and positive. It was not until last year’s post where a fan criticized her unfriendly and rude behavior did others come forth with similar stories. In fact, some backstage employees at TVB came forth and revealed that Linda has always treated others with a foul attitude, and would only become friendly with executives.

However, many netizens are very skeptical of these so called “stories” and cautioned the public to take the accounts with a grain of salt. Some said the speculations were made up by haters and believe the rumors were created to tarnish Linda’s reputation.

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  1. well, won’t be surprised if she is indeed two face. realy, we are humans at the end of the days and don’t always have good days.

  2. STOP putting people into shoe boxes. If you don’t pre label them as pure, you wouldn’t be so shocked to find out they have a real life and emotions. I swear fans put celebrities on a pedestal and then get really disappointed to find out their idols have a real life and emotions. For example, Linda actually slept with her previous boyfriends and does things in the bedroom? Dude, she and Phillip Ng dated for 7 years, so YES, they do things in the bedroom. Gillian Chung does things in the bedroom too but her pictures were leaked. That’s the only difference people. No matter how nice someone is, you will trigger them if you invade their privacy.

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