Linda Chung Recounts Painful Birthing Process

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) married her husband Jeremy Leung in 2015, and gave birth to her daughter Kelly the following year. At the time, she only announced the birth but never shared details of the process. Now many years later, she filmed a video for her YouTube channel disclosing the painful experience!

As it was her first pregnancy, Linda was unaware of what contractions would feel like. The night before, she started to feel an odd pressure in her lower region. However, the contractions did not align with a pattern her doctor had advised so she stayed awake all night in pain. Her doctor had also instructed that she should only go to the hospital when her cervix had dilated to 5 centimeters, so she did not want to overreact and wake up her husband. The next morning, she told her husband that she thought the baby is arriving and they started to get ready.

Although she was in pain, Linda did not want to leave before eating breakfast because she knew she would need the strength to push. When she suddenly started bleeding, they rushed to the hospital. It was only then that they realized her cervix had dilated to 8 centimeters, and her doctor even asked why she had come so late because she could pushing at 10 centimeters! The doctor immediately arranged for her to enter the surgery room, and she was put on oxygen the entire time.

Linda asked for the nurse to write Kelly’s name on the chalkboard so that she could look at it every time she pushed. Despite the intense pain without epidural, Linda focused on bringing her daughter into this world safely. Another source of strength for her was that her mother was also present during the birth, and she was reminded of the similar pain her mother had gone through to bring her and her siblings into this world. Together with her husband’s support, Linda was able to give birth successfully.

An hour after giving birth, Linda was awoken by a nurse to make sure that she could relieve herself. She took two steps before she started bleeding all over the floor and fainted outside the washroom. Luckily, her husband was there and immediately called for a nurse. Panicking when she heard that they were discussing conducting emergency reconstructive surgery, Linda immediately pleaded for other options. In the end, the doctor suggested that they monitor the situation to see if surgery is necessary. Fortunately, Linda recovered after staying in the hospital for three days, although she had to rest for two months before she was able to walk normally again.


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  1. Birthing details… many women experience very tough conditions too…especially first birth. Joys of being a mum…

    1. Birth is a joy but women have to go through so much pain first. It is amazing that however, when a mother holds her newborn for the first time, the pain is more than worth it. Linda had a very difficult time, judging from what she said.
      Anyways, for some physical pain free news, Joe Chen got married to her boyfriend Alan.

      1. @Renren Joe Chen married Alan? Wow, I was wondering how stable their relationship went…. Joe had never been very lucky in the romance department for so many years.

  2. That sounds so traumatic. I can’t imagine a full delivery without epidural. The anesthesia saved me from the entire delivery experience. That pain even prior to active labor was enough to make me cry (so I really don’t know how Linda managed without going to the hospital.) I don’t know how mothers before us did it – and they even had 10+ kids.

    1. I had 3 kids without epidurals but they were were relatively quick labours. One was too quick and I didn’t make it to the car.

      Fkn painful but contractions basically made my body push without extra voluntary effort by me.

  3. @Hohliu , yes, she and Alan got married and I am so happy for her. Yoi are right, she has neen so unlucky with relationships for a very long time. Some neyizens are giving her such grief already. It is her life and her and Alan’s marriage. Some joker already said they are waiting for the day she marries her real true love husband, Ming Dao. I loled so much that I almost cracked a rib.
    I am happy for them, but Taiwan seems like the place for sudden marriages, breakups and shocks. There are two drama ladies that I expect seperatipn news from one, or both of them in the future. I’m still happy when they take a chance on love and marriage

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