Linda Chung Shares Home Birth Story of Youngest Daughter

After marrying Canadian-Chinese doctor Jeremy Leung in 2015, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) stepped away from her thriving acting career and moved back to Canada. The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Kelly in 2016 and second child, son Jared in 2018. In January 2023, the family of four grew to a family five when Linda gave birth to their third child, a second daughter named Anika.

Despite taking an indefinite hiatus from filming and the Hong Kong entertainment industry, Linda maintains an active YouTube account and often posts videos and interacts with her fans. Expressing that Anika will be the couple’s last child, Linda made a conscious effort to enjoy her third pregnancy and document the journey.

In a new post, she shared her birth story with Anika. Opting for a natural home birth, Linda went through the stages of labor and delivery with a professional midwife and her family by her side.

“I shared my childbirth process to help alleviate the fear of other expecting mothers.” Despite a natural birth and all the pain endured, Linda quickly forgot about it as soon as she saw Anika’s face.

In addition to giving viewers a glimpse of her water birth and cutting Anika’s umbilical cord, the video also shared snippets of labor-inducing exercises and preparation that Linda did during the early stages of her labor. Her husband, a chiropractor, was also hands on and helped provide Linda with pregnancy chiropractic care.

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