Linda Chung Announces 3rd Pregnancy

Announcing her third pregnancy, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) shared the exciting news just as she turned 38 years old.

“Everyone warned me that there would be major changes between having one child to two children. But everyone told me that having a third child won’t be any different than being a mother of two. I hope that’s the case, because I have a good grasp on the situation at home right now,” Linda said.

In contrast to being pregnant with Kelly or Jared, Linda explained that she began feeling uncomfortable and unwell during the third week into her current pregnancy. Unable to get out of bed, she became extremely worried going into her seventh week – especially since she did not tell Kelly or Jared about the new baby yet.

Excited and a little scared, Linda said she was not entirely sure if she would be able to handle an addition to her family. She said, “All of a sudden when I found out that we were having a third baby, I was excited but really scared at the same time. It means I’ll have to start over, and I’ll have to get into a new routine and be pregnant again. It’s universally known that having a child is a lot of work.”

Despite the initial scare, Linda said her family is getting ready for the newest addition – in fact, both Kelly and Jared have already started thinking of baby names. Linda’s husband Jeremy is also extremely thrilled with the new baby. It is definitely a dream come true for Jeremy, as he has always wanted three children.

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Linda Chung’s Husband is Intensely Shy

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  1. Isn’t there much more interesting entertainment news to cover than Linda Chung’s baby-making plans these days?

  2. This is probably 1 of the plenty reasons why she won’t return to film for TVB. I think fans or anti-fans can become very extreme. Celebrities are people too and priorities change with time. I think this was supposed to be a happy article to share an update about a once-loved or still very loved celebrity. I feel like Linda would actually appreciate if people report less about her because she’s already semi-retired and she has 3 kids she needs to take care off….kinda of a full plate.

  3. Congratulations Linda! Honestly, she doesn’t need the money. There’s no reason to put yourself through those grueling unhealthy TVB hours just to make a few bucks.

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