Linda Chung’s Husband is Intensely Shy

After the shock over Linda Chung‘s (鍾嘉欣) marriage with Canadian-Chinese chiropractor Jeremy Leung dwindled down, many wondered exactly who is Jeremy? How did the shy chiropractor win Linda’s heart and convince her that he is the right husband material, after the couple met for only four days?

As the nephew of TVB Chairman Norman Leung (梁乃鵬), Jeremy was born in a wealthy family. After graduating from the University of British Columbia in 1992 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree majoring in general biology, he attended the Western States Chiropractic College in 1998. He opened his own chiropractic clinic in 1998 and grew it into a successful practice, eventually hiring six massage therapists.

Intense Shyness

Although Jeremy is a successful chiropractor, he is an intensely shy and private person. Meeting Jeremy through her elder sister, Linda immediately knew that he was Mr. Right. Linda said, “On the fourth day we met, I already saw him as my husband, and he saw me as his wife. I love him.” Both Christians, the couple shares the same values.

At the wedding banquet, Jeremy was concerned that reporters may be hungry while standing outside the venue. Linda recounted the amusing experience, “He told me that he did something very foolish. Since he didn’t want reporters to see him, he put down the sandwiches [outside the door[ and left. I asked if the reporters took the sandwiches, and he said no.” Afterward, the Best Man and Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) distributed additional sandwiches to reporters.

Linda’s Friends are Impressed by Jeremy

Close friends with Linda for many years, Leanne Li (李亞男), Grace Wong (王君馨), and Christine Kuo were invited to be bridesmaids at the wedding banquet. Meeting Jeremy beforehand, they praised his personality and shed light on how the couple gets along.

Since meeting Jeremy, Linda’s perspective on life has changed. Grace recalled, “To be Linda’s husband, of course he will have to win over us girls first. Linda brought him out to meet us before. At the time, Jeremy was feeling unwell, but he was still such a gentleman and had a good sense of humor! He doesn’t speak Chinese very well, so the majority of the conversation was in English.”

Christine added, “I always hear Linda talking on the phone with her husband. Her tone is very sweet and tender!” Leanne shared that Linda has developed a deeper appreciation for domestic chores. “Linda really likes to cook now. She is always asking me for soup recipes!”

With pregnancy rumors rampant, the trio did not confirm nor deny the reports. “Linda showed us pictures of her husband when he was little. She is always praising about how cute and handsome her husband was when he was little!” They joked that Linda would no longer be called Linda BB anymore, but should instead be called “Pretty Mom”.

Linda’s current happiness is infectious. Although working for 12 years in the entertainment industry and often filming dramas back-to-back, Linda does not plan on going on a honeymoon for now. Taking a leave of absence from TVB until March 31, Linda just hopes to quietly enjoy married life and cook for Jeremy.

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  1. let’s face the fact…. if he wasn’t millionaire or came from a wealthy family I highly doubt Linda would even look at this guy at all. Just saying most female celebrities are like that wanting to get married with rich bachelor.

    1. @vodka
      I don’t disagree but for her to praise like he’s a saint probably some love? ahhaa I mean come on, it can’t be all about $$? I do find it interesting like I have been saying all along that jumping from a cute guy of 8 years to this is of 10 months is just interesting. Let’s face it, most people want to marry a guy with some money than a poor guy esp showbiz actresses’. Perhaps he’s extremely not camera ready cuz he does look really old for an 40 year old?

      1. @kiki
        I don’t think he is 40 years old. He graduated with a BS from the University of British Columbia in 1992, which make him 16 years old at time. Did he start college at age 12? I don’t think it is about the money, at least she doesn’t seems like that type. Beside, owner of a chiropractor office does not seem filthy rich to me for her to be consider in it for the money.

        I think it may be a gunshot marriage.

      2. @kiki she was so zipped about her relationship with the ex…as though there is nothing positive about him to gush…and now with this man whom she wanted to marry after knowing for just 4 days can only mean one thing…this fella has money. which tvb actress wants to marry a poor man and suffer? if she is indeed pregnant, she would be staying on in canada. how to film?
        isn’t she talking too much about their relationship?the way she gushes about him does make the hair stand.

      3. @janet72
        I know…exactly…hahahaa…….It’s kind of like there is absolutely nothing good about the ex ( *JERK* ) and everything perfect about this Mr. Right. I first saw the clip of her hubby on utube clip and she was being asked about how long they know each other, she had to count her fingers that she’s known him for QUITE a while and not sudden at all ahhaa….then she said 10 months? I am like so that’s long? haha lol…. and she used the word ” 勁 ” and the reporters were like how 勁 ? hahha LOL…..

      4. @kiki philip ng whom she was with for 8 years…nothing positive to gush? this fella after 4 meetings and decided he is MR RIGHT? she is talking like grace chan. 勁 in what sense?

    2. @vodka She has money herself. Personally don’t think it matter if he’s a millionaire as she dated Phillip for 8 yrs and wanted marriage and he def. doesn’t make money as much as her.

      I think after spending 8 yrs with someone who wasn’t really ready for marriage.. she found someone she can relied on and since she know what she wanted, she went for it. She looks happy and I wish them the best of luck!

    3. @vodka I think if she was looking for wealth, good looks and a young husband she would have accepted Raymond Lam 8 years ago. He is the eldest son of Xiamen’s richest property tycoon. Anytime richer than a chiropractor.

    4. @vodka My cousin dated her ex for over 10 years and they never got married. She then met her current husband and married him within a year. Now they’ve been happily married for over a year now. The same thing happened to one of my close friends. If you’re in a long term relationship and you’re not married yet, it’s likely that you guys are always fighting and the girl is frequently crying. So once you meet someone who treats you completely different, you are better able to appreciate the character traits in this new person. These traits are probably ones that your ex were lacking. After dating for many years, and many fights along the way, you better realize what is important to you and what makes you happy. And you’re able to recognize these traits in a person right away, maybe even within 4 days of meeting the person. Also, it’s normal to gush about your partner when you are dating someone new and in love. I do it and so do my girlfriends. I know you’re supposed to be more reserved in front of reporters, but sometimes my sister/gfs continue talking even when they sense we are tired of hearing about the guy. And it’s a completely normal reaction to want to justify a seemingly rushed marriage to reporters. Doesn’t make the love any less real.

      1. @asian2015
        LOL….oh come on, that dude was homely? This one I would say he’s 50 like my dad’s age but I don’t think he’s that homely but def old. hahahahaaaa…..
        Some of my dad’s friends who are 50 some 50ish and he looks like their age from the pics. Perhaps he just look horrible in person cuz not everyone is photogenic. But I remember that Raymond Lam’s cousin who married this rich guy, he looks his age but you can tell he has a makeover and some makeup on cuz he fixed himself well and the selfies of them together, they actually look good. So I think if he takes the time to get a better hairstyle and such he def might look better.

      2. @kiki well, do remember that not everyone looks like their age. apparently, although already reaching my mid twenties, i still look like a high school student. so i wouldnt be surprised this Jeremy guy is like that but the opposite. I am curious as to why everyone is so hung up over if he’s his age stated in the reports or not….i dont think i have ever meet anyone that looks like their age.

  2. The media has his age wrong, and I think he looks fine for someone who is in his mid-40s. Someone who hasn’t sleep well for a week and someone who suddenly has 20-30 cameras flashing in their face. And I don’t think he is filthy rich, taxes and wages takes a good chunk of any business’s money. He probably makes enough to just live comfortably. Linda probably makes more than he does. lol.

    1. @jleee Early reports put his age at 41 that is 10 yrs older than linda. Then they revised it to 43. So his real age is anyone’s guess. He looks at least mid 40s to me.

      1. @isay
        hhaha I was on utube on that same clips but they broke it down in multiple clips I guess. They said he’s 13 years older than the wife so they report him to be 44????? hahha…I guess it will keep on changing because when I first saw his face alone, it can’t be a 40 year old face? I mean, come on yeah yeah age is just a # but it certainly looks like my dad’s 50 yo face hahahhaa LOL….

  3. If money is an issue, Linda wouldn’t have stayed with Phillip for more than 8 years. It was a matter of finding the right person who wanted to settle down and take care of her. She’s always been vocal about finding her other half and starting a family.

    His shyness is understandable, going from a quiet and lowkey life to having cameras shoved into your face constantly for a week will come out in pictures. One of the consequences of being with a celebrity. But also give him credit for being so gracious about photos though … Jeremy is from a good family background, but kudos to him for making it on his own, with a successful practice. He’s no Bill Gates by any means, but definitely makes a good living who can take care of Linda. Regardless of his background, the way Linda sings his praises, she seems happy. Its great to see … as for his looks. Some folks looks older than their age, while some looks younger than their age.

  4. This is one of the best marriage I’ve seen with TVB actresses with the exception of Cathy Tsui.

    Congrats to Linda. Age and looks don’t matter once you’ve found the right one. I don’t get why so many fans can’t get over the fact actresses should be with hot guys, idealistic don’t you think? or fans just haven’t really experienced life yet?

  5. I read he is 41? He looks older but I see no reason to lie abt the age. I do like his face. Something very likeable.

    Anyway you don’t expect her to marry a pauper do you? In her line of work she is bound to meet someone successful. He sounds like a great guy and he passed the girlfriends’ test! She sounds like she is absolutely in love with him.

    Shy huh? And yet here he got Linda…so maybe she did the chasing? If she is pregnant I don’t see how she can rejoin TVB on 31st March. And she looks very pregnant.

    P/S He isn’t ugly, not Eason Chan or Jordan Chan ugly. He is actually rather good looking, with a better hairdo he will look good.

    1. @funnlim i won’t describe him as rather good looking but he does look like an easy going guy maybe a little goofy in a likeable way.

    2. @funnlim On Eason, he may not be handsome, but he can sing and after the whole sorry Madonna concert banana “my daughter is here” thing, I will say good for him. Dear Madonna, stop stuffing a man with a banana!!

    3. @funnlim she looks VERY pregnant…how to return to TVB to film? since her hubby is nephew of former TVB big shot, can easily settle the outstanding months left on her contract.

    4. @funnlim actually the wedding photos they look cute together. He looks pretty good for the wedding photos after some makeup and comb hair a bit. They look alike in some ways. Quite sweet.

    5. @funnlim I have to agree with you he’s not ugly. Not at all. I just saw a video of him and Linda leaving their wedding banquet. He has nice features and character. The first picture posted above is pretty horrible. Like those people magazines that like to capture angry moments of celebrities. I think all he needs is a modification to his current haircut, and eat more healthy to refine his skintone. His skin does look a little rough.

    6. @funnlim @_@. well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and while I don’t think JC is the epitome of male beauty, I do think he’s charming enough onscreen that his face doesn’t look ugly at all.

  6. @abc123a the poor ex wasted 8 years of her youth and didn’t make her an honest woman by marrying her. in terms of this, i do feel sad for linda. 8 years of a woman’s life is long!

      1. @funnlim linda was with Philip since she was 23…thank goodness she got out of that relationship or else she would have been in her mid 30s and still hanging on to a relationship which goes no where.

  7. Jeremy is absolutely cute. His shy action to leave the bread in the door without showing his face is very very adorable. I like Linda more after her marriage with Jeremy. In other word, Jeremy makes me like Linda more than ever.

    I have no idea why people keep asking for his age. He doesnt look adonis but he is cute and caring. Moreover, he loves Linda as much as she loves him. When you get married, you will understand there are more things to a marriage than look.

    1. @alluka I suppose people always see an age associated with actors when actors make a living with their looks so they often look younger than their actual age. He can be 41 and still look older. I see no reason why he must lie about his age. Makes no sense.

  8. I don’t know, Linda and her husband have A LOT OF similarities! Their noses how they slide down at the tip of their noses, head shape, and their smiles!

    1. @prettyjen there’s absolutely no secret lol. Had Linda met her husband in the earlier years this whole age thing wouldn’t be an issue. He would be 8 years younger. Even if hes 47, the age gap between the two is 16 years. Regardless, I think they are both very lucky to have found happiness within each other. Nowadays it’s hard to get married because people mind about the looks so much. Sometimes the inside is more admirable than the outside. Like how he just dropped off the bread. He’s a keeper! I wouldn’t want some sweet talking men who can socialize with anyone and cast lust spells everywhere. There are a lot of men out there who are dating material but absolutely not husband material. This Jeremy guy looks like husband and father material. The fact he is a professional is a bonus =good genes for future generation. Plus he’s capable of making money. So people can’t say Linda likes him for the money. She probably makes more. I think the only negative side I see about him is his Chinese isn’t great. I like this couple. Sincere and down to earth.

      People should really get over his age. Dating someone around her age isnt better and left her with nothing, her ex is a perfect example. I read in magazines that she sacrificed a lot when dating her ex and was even frozen because she was focused on dating.. not sure how true that is but I never saw her much on TV for a while until K9

      1. @ronron “Even if hes 47,the age gap between the two is 16 years”. Well, legally speaking he is old enough to be her father.

      2. @smilealot 16 years difference is a gap…but not that big a gap to be her father…if one wants to refer to an obvious gap, then obviously it would be grace Chan and Kevin Cheng, 22 years difference. Kevin is old enough to be her father.

      3. @ronron Totally agree.. Lots of people are dating material but not many are husband. She looks happy and that’s all that matters. His looks and his age doesn’t.

  9. The pic on the left on his wedding day…doesn’t he look like a younger version of George Lam (Sally Yeh’s hubby) without the moustache?
    This Jeremy looks like another veteran actor in his 60s….need to google and find him name.

  10. To be honest, the first time Linda announced she is married with him my heart was broken. After all she is my goddess. I couldn’t believe she loved a man so much older than her and was not that good looking. However, these few days everything changed when I watch her interviews and heard her wedding song.

    I’m actually happy for her and feel that she found her Mr. right. From her interviews I can feel that she really love him because of his inner beauty. She just wants someone that truly loves her, adores her, and want to settle down and start a family together. He seems like an easy going guy, funny, goofy, polite and is a gentlemen. Linda makes more money than him so it’s not about money. It’s true love. When I heard her sing the wedding song, I was extremely touched. Her voice was full of happiness and is sweet. I feel she is very blessed now. I wish my goddess happiness. I’m glad she found him.

    This wedding is the warmest, sweetest and loving celebrity wedding so far. Those million dollar wedding from other celebrities don’t have as much love as Linda’s. It was simple because Linda is simple. She’s don’t need 50 tables to celebrate .. Just 8 tables only with close friends and family. She can talk to everyone with comfort and don’t have to put on a show for the reporters. She don’t need tons of expensive jewelry all over her. Just few simple yet beautiful ones are good enough. She even try to keep her wedding at low cost. Shoes only HK $386 and nothing extremely expensive. Just love that about her. She truly is a beautiful woman Inside out.

  11. I know how difficult it is to find a good Christian husband, I’ve been through it, I think Linda is too eager to get married and have kids. I said too eager coz she couldn’t waited a while longer, Jeremy may be a good Christian husband but he looks too old for her. He’s a decent looking uncle but really doesn’t suit our sweet Linda Chung at 31, appearance wise. Philip Ng seems like a good Christian guy too, I don’t think it’s true that he didn’t intend to marry Linda, he needed more time to develop his career. Philip lost to Jeremy in terms of courage as well as timing.

  12. Is it just me, or does anyone else think he kind of looks like the late Ricky Hui Koon Ying (Sam Hui’s brother)? Definitely not a handsome dude, but hey, as the saying goes. There’s no such thing as ugly people, just poor people.

  13. The middle-aged dude should fix his broken nose. It is too conspicuous.

  14. Does noone find it kinda weird that a man his age (47) has never been married? I mean, sure, nowadays age is nothing but a number, especially for men. But still, most men at that age would’ve already settled down at least once unless he was the super busy type, like celebrities. I highly doubt he was that busy though.

    In that first photo, he looks quite Eurasian. In the 2nd pic, that photo should’ve been burned.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Linda’s wedding. Hers was so rushed and everything about the banquet looked so flimsy. If I were her, I’d either do without the banquet entirely or do it very well so at least when i look back on it, I wouldn’t feel regret. Everything about her marriage screams shotgun. If she wasn’t preggo, I don’t think she would resort to this.

    1. @coralie
      I totally agree on the shotgun part, if she wasn’t pregnant what’s the hurry? Being a Christian or whatever probably didnt want people to think she’s having a kid out of wedlock. She says she wanted it to earlier than the DEC wedding, actually wanted it around Sept on one of those utube clips hahhaaa..WOW, just can’t wait to get married or what? haha lol….
      Where did you get the part of 47 year old? hahaa…It’s all reported incorrectly and keeps on changing actually. haha lol.. First they said 40 and then 44 or utube clips cuz they say he’s 13 years older. So I guess his real age is still a mystery to all. LOL….
      Since she’s being known to be frugal, probably it was already grand style to her. I like simplicity so I have no probably with simple or just vacation wedding. I will still go take some professional wedding pics for momento’s sake as for the wedding dinners and such I couldn’t care less. I was a Maid of Honor once and let me tell you, it’s all BS and just for show and exhausting as *hell* so grand is really NOT that great hahaa…

      1. @kiki – prettyjen at 1:48AM said her hubby went to HS with jeremy. i’ll take her word for it because age 41 really does not seem applicable to him at all.

        yes, i’m really simple too. so like you, i’d probably go for a destination wedding with just the two of us and get photos done (actually that’s exactly my plan lol.) no fuss. but if i were to do an official wedding ceremony and such, and i was going to spend that kind of dough, i’d do a bit more preparation for the ceremony/banquet. linda has the dough but she does not have the time. even with the dough she doesn’t want to spend it. so if i were her, i’d really just skip it.

    2. @coralie she mentioned in an interview there was a simple ceremony in December and she was contended….but it was her husband and mother in law who wanted to hold a banquet. Then she had to plan the whole event. It didn’t seem that grand. Might as well not hold it since it look so slipshod. She is definitely pregnant…it could be that her parents wanted some banquet so that it doesn’t seem like daughter married so quietly.

      1. @janet72 yeah i read that part too. but i think if she had more time for the banquet, it would’ve looked a lot nicer. just my opinion. and the end result really does look tacky. as long as she’s happy with it though.

    3. @coralie i think his mother is either Caucasian or mixed cos I saw a clip of a man and lady who were reported to be his parents and the lady certainly didn’t look Chinese to me. Yeah pic on the right looks bad. It was the one I referred to which made me go ewwww.

      1. @isay ooh ooh good to know. well, at least linda’s baby will look exotic now lol.

        the 2nd pic must have been deliberately chosen to make jeremy look bad. like a picture bait.

      2. @coralie yeah, so that he looks good on his wedding day lol. But he’s not that bad overall after you’ve got over the surprise/shock and he gives me the feeling that he’s Mr Nice Guy, just a little too old for her lookswise. Good looks don’t last forever anyway.

    4. @coralie I can bet my last dollar that this is shotgun. Even if she was in a hurry to get married cos she suddenly found her soulmate, this is really a great big hurry by any yardstick. Within barely a year of knowing him, she is married and at least 3 to 4 months along.

      1. @isay i think linda may have rushed into this because she’s so upset about her ex. so she rebounded quickly with jeremy who treats her well and is better to her and willing to settle down. some may say that’s not really a rebound since jeremy has such laudable qualities, but four days in she already knows he’s “The One”? then she got herself preggo so there’s that.

        i also don’t know how devoted linda is to her religion but if she planned to remain a virgin until marriage…well, a 31 years old virgin has been waiting for a prettty long time. of course, this is just a wandering thought. who knows if this is part of the reason why she dived into this headfirst?

      2. @coralie I think rebound plays a part too. Perhaps partly to spite Philip, idk. Unfortunately she got preggo and that’s it, done deal.

      3. @coralie
        Yes, some people made it thru a rebound and some can be divorced just as quickly as you hitched.
        One of my cousin at the age of 25 got hitched suddenly due to a breakup w/a college sweetheart. Within a year to the marriage, it’s an even quicker divorce. Mom asked her why/what happened, she says she regretted it and jumped too fast into it knowing she didn’t really have LOVE in her heart cuz she was too upset at the breakup at the time. This LC praises/sings his good graces like I have never heard …so hahha lol….probably much genuine than my cuz hahha…Good luck with that and since they will be bound w/a kid perhaps it will be much different.

        Yes, it’s actually quite sad for the cute ex if they did wait for marriage while together, I can’t imagine 8 years n nothing ever happened Christian or whatever…. I mean seriously? hahaha LOL….

      4. @kiki the way she gushes about her husband doesn’t make one feel she is in love but more like she finds more good points about him after 4 days compared to her ex of 8 years. she has not even had 1 kid and talked about having 4. someone in the entertainment industry should have more IQ than the way she talks so childishly. 8 years with that guy and he shoot blanks?

      5. @janet72
        LOL…I know, I heard that part too. 4 kids and she will ‘ACCOMMODATE’. I am sorry, I don’t care how much money I have poor or rich, more than 2 kids is just insane. I am not a ‘piggie mom’ ( cantonese metaphor ) ahhaa LOL….

      6. @kiki sometimes rebounds work out and sometimes they don’t. It’s really about the girl’s mindset when she becomes involved with the new person. Sucks for your cousin though.

        And if they really waited 8 yrs and didnt do a thing…then I applaud him for being so patient & devoted. I def feel bad for him too but what are the chances they’ve never done it? She never came out and said she was a V anyways.

      7. @coralie
        I know, 8 years and nothing? Lord, is that even possible? Sad for the dude if really didn’t. haha LOL…
        Yes, I know unlike that Grace girl right? She right out and admitted she’s a V ….God, these people why would you disclose any of that on national television? haha LOL..Why is there to need to broadcast it to the world?

      8. @coralie
        what? hahah…. OMG, no wonder they call them the Virgin Group Bridesmaides? lol…when I was on utube, I was like why are they calling them virgin whatever group. Lord, that’s insane. At this day and age, people still broadcast that kind of thing and on national television.….

      9. @kiki 8 years together and didn’t do anything? i find it hard to believe.

        this jeremy fella comes in at the right time for someone who desperately wants to get married. but i think she should have some brains not to tell the media so much. even if the husband wants 4, they can keep it between themselves.

      10. @janet72
        Exactly, but it always happens like that thou. Remember that twins girl…No one knew she was married until she was getting a divorced and then it’s all open news w/her dating that younger guy. haha..LOL..ONCE ZIPPED n then OPENED WIDE? haha lol…

      11. @coralie If they hvnt done it then i think Philip really loves and respects her very much. Cos a man who respects and loves a woman will wait till they’re married if that’s what she really wants. He will not be a jerk and pressurise her with the “if you love me you will do it with me ” line. But 8 years is really really long so hmmmmm……i guess people do have urges lol.

      12. @isay barbie hsu did the same thing but for her I think it was more due to the getting older bit and wanting to have kids. But it seems to be working out for her ok

      13. @coralie
        VERY TRUE….That woman was almost in her 40s, and this young dude, rich nowhere near handsome but very acceptable in comparison to her exes……it’s like what more can she ask for? Line hook & sinker hahaah lol….

      14. @isay an article said she is due in october. probably she is about 2 months plus into her pregnancy when she held her banquet.
        she said YES to marrying the man after 4 days. that’s scary.

        i’m so happy linda is forced to retire from the entertainment industry. after so many years, she still can’t act.
        can’t wait for grace chan, sisley to quit too.

      15. @janet72 i think they’re desperately trying to cover up the fact she got preg out of wedlock to protect her goody girl image. Her tummy is already showing a very obvious bulge during her US concerts.

  15. Yeah he’s not bad overall after getting over the shock. Wish them all the best. I don’t think it’s shotgun, should have happened long time ago when she was with Philip Ng, that guy is hot.

    1. @genxx11 maybe she really didn’t do it with philip or she got careless this time or this guy is like she said very 劲

    2. @genxx11
      lol…I thought I was the only one that thought Philip Ng is hot. haha… shock is gone but will still be like ahhhh???? lol….

      1. @kiki ohh have you listenned to the wedding song she composed? Soo touching, Philip is likened to the white horse, her dream man but he failed to bring her “home”. Then she said don’t worry, I’ve found my dark horse.. So beautifully and aptly written.

      2. @genxx11
        No, I never like her acting and especially her voice. I don’t get how she even had a singing career but that’s just HK I suppose. Any actors/actresses can become singers/actors overnight.

    1. @genxx11 When one wants to settle down and the other doesn’t, then what kind of ending would one expect. I feel for the guy and it’s a pity too, since he’s a really sweet guy (Had the chance to speak with him at an event before.) 8 years is a long time but guess, things just aren’t meant to be … hope Phillip can find his happiness soon.

    2. @genxx11
      I am sure he is. Any girl who breaks up w/you no more than 9 months and ends up marrying a much older dude and expecting his child? If he doesn’t feel anything over it, he’s probably not human. haha…lol…Some women sure are can get a clean slate. Most people will still want to desperately want custody of the kid or pet but in her case, BYE BYE to both! Wow, just WOW!!

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