Linda Chung Offers Guidance on Bullying

Although she is living in Canada, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) often keeps her fans updated on her life through her YouTube channel. Known for her candid videos, Linda has spoken at length about her experiences shaping her into the person today.

Currently pregnant with her third child, she is experiencing morning sickness and has become very emotional and irrational. She described being pregnant as similar to being sick, as there are diet restrictions and it can be a tough journey. Overall, she still has everything under control and is enjoying the feeling of being a pregnant mother again.

In her newest video, Linda focused on the topic of bullying. During filming, she had previously encountered bullies who made her lose confidence in herself. Learning how to deal with bullies is something that does not happen overnight, and she too took a long time to adapt.

“When I was younger, I didn’t know how to handle this and would let them affect me. I’d always try to think of ways to resolve the issue, or ways to share my feelings and stand up for myself,” Linda revealed.

As she matured, she learned that it is best to not take things so seriously in life, and as it is inevitable to encounter unfair situations or obstacles in life. Linda suggested that the best way to react to a bully is by silently smiling. Reacting will only allow them to feed off of this, and continue to torment you. With no reaction, they would soon lose interest.

“Now, I’ve learned that the best way to handle personal conflict is to do nothing. It is important that you don’t try to take on this burden when you encounter someone who doesn’t like you, and constantly tries to find your faults because this is their narrative. You can’t torture yourself like this, and you need to save space for the positive things in life,” she advised.

She urged that it is important to not feel pressured to act a certain way, and instead focus on “being the best version” of herself. Linda found comfort from her father who taught her, “Step back to see the big picture and unburden yourself so that you can be at ease” and “You’ll naturally become happier when you learn to step back and let go.”

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  1. hard to imagine she got bullied. who would have been the bullies? she was promoted immediately basically on her first drama. i wonder if her bullies were bigger stars than her. after all she did make it to top tier, so i wonder if her bullies were top tier.

    1. My guess is a more veteran actor or crew , since Linda not experienced yet at the time , she might have NG’d a lot

    2. Actually, I was wondering if the bullies were in the same year as her since Linda’s career skyrocketed and some may have felt that it was unfair how she could reach fame so quickly. Moreover, despite her sweet appearance, she had a shy personality (according to her) so she may have accidentally set a cold vibe which could also lead people to believe that she was possibly boastful..? Who knows

  2. Linda has a nice and shy personality. She also doesn’t seem to be the type that speaks up for herself, which makes her an easy target. It’s not surprising bullies would target or take advantage of her.

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