Linda Chung Shares First Trimester Pains

While celebrating her 38th birthday, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) also excitedly announced that a third baby is on the way on her personal YouTube channel. Believing it will be her last pregnancy, Linda followed up with a recent video to share her first trimester experience.

The video started with Linda showing her ultrasound photos with her 5-year-old daughter Kelly and 3-year-old son Jared. After the heart-warming opening, Linda shared that she is currently 10 weeks pregnant and her baby is growing very stably. She had first discovered her pregnancy in her fifth week after noticing her period was late. An at-home pregnancy test turned out positive.

Constantly Feels Sick

The first three months of pregnancy have been very difficult, as she felt nauseous and uncomfortable all the time. “I remember feeling sick for the first trimesters during my first and second pregnancies. The same happened for this one too–it definitely hasn’t been a fun ride. Thankfully I still had a healthy appetite, so I tried to overcome the nausea by eating, drinking ginger tea, and using essential citrus oils such as orange and lemon.”

An Emotional Roller Coaster

In addition to morning sickness and fatigue, Linda also experienced heavy hormonal changes. “It’s like I returned to being a teenager in puberty because I started breaking out on my chest, chin, and forehead. It’s a rough period where all your emotions are out-of-whack and it’s hard to stay rational,” she lamented.

As she preferred to announce her pregnancy towards the end of her first trimester, she did not tell others about her struggles with nausea. Often declining invitations to meet friends because she did not want to look gloomy and tired without reason, Linda felt alienated and lonely in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Although the first trimester can be very overwhelming, Linda advised women to not be afraid because many people share the same experience. Linda encouraged them to endure the changes, because “it’s a breaking process where the body is adjusting and trying to combine two people together. It gets ugly, but don’t worry because it will definitely get better.”

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  1. Congrats to them again, interesting it looks like they speak english at home mostly. Linda should try breaking into the cad market when she wants to get back into acting…

  2. I really still find it hard to understand why these entertainment ‘has-beens’ would feel the general public is interested in their pregnancy and child-bearing issues……………Next thing will be sharing pregnancy pics and etc…………LOL!

  3. Linda just shared her painful birthing experience not long ago…now she will share her full pregnancy journey… I hope this time round, it will not be as painful…

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