Michael Tse, Tavia Yeung, and Louis Yuen Film “Justice Attack”

Michael Tse (謝天華), Tavia Yeung (楊怡), and Louis Yuen (阮兆祥) filmed at a mall for new TVB drama, Justice Attack <法網狙擊>. Although Tavia and Michael were a couple, Michael became jealous when he saw Tavia linking arms with Louis while shopping. Tripping accidentally, Michael pushed Louis to the ground!

In Justice Attack, Louis’ character’s name was Koo Tin Lok (古天樂), which aroused laughter each time his character name was uttered. Louis joked that he was handsome as Louis Koo, “Actually my face looks like him!”

Although Tavia was only “good sisters” with Louis, Michael misunderstood and grew jealous. Tavia revealed that in real life, Ron Ng (吳卓羲), would be a male friend that can be considered as a “good sister.” Tavia said that when she filmed a series with Ron in the past, they held hands on a crowded street.

However, it was rumored that Ron Ng’s girlfriend, mainland actress, Viann Zhang (張馨予), may be extremely possessive. Tavia was careful to draw the line between Ron and herself. Tavia said that they had held hands in the drama scene ten years ago. “If he were to hold my hand now, I have to consider it first!”

Michael Tse will be caught in a love triangle with Tavia Yeung and Grace Wong (王君馨) in Justice Attack. Allegedly, Michael will share kissing scenes with both actresses. Although Grace claimed that she will be giving her first onscreen kiss to Michael, he said that he did not know he will have intimate scenes with her in the series. He also denied that his character will be playful in love.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: A great-looking ensemble cast for Justice Attack!

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  1. I love Tavia’s hairstyle and look in this drama!

    1. Kinda have to agree. I don’t know what she’s thinking. She used to be good-looking.

  2. This look like Tavia’s hairstyle from MR LOL

    1. her hair looks pretty much the same in every dramas LOL

      1. At least she seems to grow it back now. Good. I was wishing earlier that she can stop using that short hairstyles for so many series.

      2. not really. her current hairstyle is clearly different from what she had in the past dramas. its longer now.

        Linda Chung’s hairstyle is the same for the past 6 years though haha. Michael’s had that shaved head since Laughing days!

      3. but Vivien was right. Tavia’s current hairstyle is similar to what she had in MR

      4. true. it is one of her ‘better’ hairstyles she had in her career. makes her look younger than those cropped pixie haircuts she had for a while

      5. She has been using the short cropped pixies too much in her dramas. It’s gotten boring.

      6. She can look a bit younger if can get rid of grandma cadigan. And next time when fixing the face, should make everything go well with each other a bit.

      7. I think tht tavia hairstyle in mr is nicer(;

    2. lol indeed. Tavia looks like her MR character and can Michael get some new hairstyle instead of looking like Laughing since 2009?

      1. Difficult, isn’t it, when he’s had to film Laughing on and off for the past three years, NOT of his own choosing? Hopefully he’ll have a chance to let it grow SOON *narrows eyes at TVB*

      2. well yes TVB need to do something about this. It has been years 😛

    3. You want TVB to shave her hair off for a change?

  3. Expect to see more and more of Michael Tse and Tavia with the current shortage of TVB siu sangs and fadans after many left TVB.

  4. Micheal, when you can film something with no relationship with police :(? I always think you are a good actor, but you seriously need to ask Txb to put you out of Laughing roles.

    1. What? He’s acting a lawyer through and through this time — how is that equivalent to a “Laughing role” just because the series also features police?? What TVB needs to do is to stop making him play Laughing (please kill that movie with Law Ba now) so that he has time to grow his hair and change his look, plus stop giving him roles with similar personality traits — if the whole feel of the character is different, it won’t even matter if they get him to play another police role.

  5. This looks great .. good cast with this series..

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