Raymond Wong Versus Kevin Cheng Comparisons Dominate Forums

Since the broadcast of TVB series, Gloves Come Off <拳王>, numerous comparisons were made between male leads, Kevin Cheng (郑嘉颖) to Raymond Wong (黄浩然). In online forums, discussions revolved from topics such as who possessed a more muscular body, who had more convincing Muay Thai boxing gestures, and who gave a better acting performance.

Aside from netizens, Gloves Come Off cast members also discussed the differences between Raymond and Kevin. TVB veteran actors, Sin Ho Ying (冼灝英) and Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎), believed that Raymond’s Muay Thai boxing skills were better than Kevin Cheng’s.  Sin Sifu and Ding Yeh also heavily criticized Kevin, while Raymond did not generate such negative rumors from the cast.

Raymond Wong Knows How to Please

Perhaps Raymond Wong understood the wisdom in the expression, “It is more advantageous to know how to behave as a person, rather than have good acting skills.” Raymond got along well with cast members and was heavily favored by TVB producers such as Lee Tim Shing (李添胜), Leung Choi Yuen (梁材远) and Amy Wong (王心慰). TVB executive, Catherine Tsang (曾励珍) also thought highly of Raymond.

Raymond was currently busily filming new TVB drama, Love Exceeds the Coastline <情越海岸线>, appearing in an odd, curly wig and straw hat for his character image. Tabloids speculated that Raymond was willing to look like a “drag queen” and “make himself look ugly” since he was interested in winning the TV King title at the end of the year. Allegedly, Raymond has already hinted this desire to TVB.

Source: 21CN.com

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Jayne: Let’s appreciate both Raymond and Kevin respectively, rather than compare them. The negative rumors for the cast of Gloves Come Off have been much stronger than any other recent drama. 

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  1. Acting is ok to be compared. Kevin has thick skin. But let’s compare popularity; I am sure Kevin is more popular out of HK.

  2. ROFL with that strange look above I’m sure RW opportunity yhis year will be good to win. Besides he also has good image.

    1. KC wins the looks and gossips and popularity. RW wins the acting, boxing skills and humbleness.

      1. actually i think Raymond Wong is much cuter? haha

      2. haha i think Raymond trumps Kevin on all but the popularity aspect. but i cant understand why he is popular- he kinda always acts the “i have a tough life” guy role. same as Last One Standing where he also had to go to jail because his cousin maligned him. kinda getting too stereotyped into this type of roles

  3. When I watch their dramas, I see a KC portraying Law Ba and a RW portraying Tung Bun-sin. It’s character actors like Carol Cheng, Bondy Chiu, Liza Wang, and John Chiang that can actually manage to present a completely different self in their acting.

    So honestly, both KC and RW are average when it comes to acting. They deliver competently, but not impressively. However. I find myself favoring RW more because he seems to be a much more approachable guy. Not that anything’s wrong with KC though. Just my personal preference.

    1. Agree with everything except I favor Kevin more. It simply has to do with his Law Ba image that’s embedded in me. I don’t even care if he takes Law Ba to ancient time, I don’t think I can stop liking Kevin. He’s freakin HOT! I know appearance should not matter much but he was paired up with my favorite actress – Myolie, an underdog that suddenly gained popularity, masculine hottie …. just the perfect package 🙂

    2. I shall be blunt. Raymond Wong is a class of his own when it comes to acting. He is a far better actor than Kevin Cheng, and he can be in drama or comedy but he must be in a role that suits him. Kevin is a mediocre actor who happens to have found jackpots; characters that suits him in 2 major hits. But look at the 2 major hits there will be a list of weaknesses as actor and his interpretation.

      But handsomeness, Kevin wins. Sexiness, I find neither sexy. I find physically Raymond less appealing because he always looks sickly and pale and sickly pale.

      Attitude, I like both. Except Kevin is a serious sort of guy who in the words of 620 as I was told, doesn’t know how to promote himself. Both are not rude, just one is more approachable and the other just less.

      So if you want to compare, of course Raymond wins in acting chops. But let’s repeat; who is more well known out of HK? We all know that answer.

      1. kevin is less than mediocore his acting skills is just very bad, i dont know why he is crowned as tv king!! i think by brushing virginia loks shoes!! there is no one actor in tvb that have sex appeal or handsome now! back in 80’and 90’there are a few actors such as andy,tony,ekin,chilam,louis,and gallen. but now the old guys are the leads, like wayne,michael miu,roger,damian,kent gor.. lol!!

      2. If my dog was promoted as much as Kevin he would be just as popular. Too bad my dog isn’t well trained by 620.

      3. Funn,

        Oh come on, how can u find neither sexy?! I think this needs to be settled by a good ol’ fashioned shower off! Maybe RW fans can help research if he had any shower scenes filmed. As for KC, what about your beloved GJ? The episode law ba is singing in the shower and then runs out in the tiny towel. I remember u being quite mesmerized by KC at the time. Please reference your dvd set for a refresher. 😛


        Why so bitter? For your dog to be successful, u need to put in the work too. See the movie “best in show”.

  4. Both Kevin Cheng and Raymond Wong are good actors. They just have different personalities. Kevin is more serious and not easy to be approached, while Raymond is more friendly and approachable.

  5. Raymond looks so funny in the above photo. I don’t like his image in this new drama series “Love Exceeds the Coastline” .

  6. I don’t like Raymond n never have because i don’t find him attractive and his acting is a bit exaggerate n kinda annoying. I only like him as Tung Bun Sin because that series was good.

    Kevin is sure hot. IMO Kevin’s acting is pretty good but not all the time, it’s depend on what character he protrayed.

  7. Kevin is better looking, but Raymond is a much better actor. However, I’d pay to see Raymond over Kevin because look can only get you so far. An impressive performance is, however, takes you to the moon.

  8. Actually I like both actors with slightly more preference for Kevin. As for looks Kevin to me is non-pareil in TVB kingdom. His boxing looks do made an impression given that he has worked so hard for it and the results do show(very favourably). With regards to acting skills I still find Kevin’s acting fine.

  9. Both can be considered good actors by TVB standards and obviously RW is way better than KC as he is not character-dependent like KC.

    Gave up the boxing drama already as I didn’t find it that interesting.

  10. I feel both can act. I like both.

    Actually I do think Kevin’s acting has improve. If you watch Bu Bu Jing Xing, his delivery of 8ye is totally different from Law Ba and 11, its just Law Ba and 11 character too similar, thus we find his acting stagnant.

    As for Raymond Wong, I find him different as well be it Thong Bun Shin or Buddy. He portray both character differently.

    1. i agree! both good actors.

      KC i feel his acting does improve but too bad TVB gave him GJ and GCO both character have some similarity but if to be compared with BBJX can see the differences!

      RW i feel BP and GCO different character make him have the chance to show audience his acting skill!

      i do find them both good in acting and cannot be compared!

  11. i must be the only girl in the world that think Raymond is very good looking and sexy.

    1. No, you’re not the only one.
      But maybe because I’m still obsessed with Tung Boon Sin haha.

    2. Your not alone at all. I find him way hotter than Kevin. I think a lot of girls dont find him sexy because he’s happily married…so they might feel guilty fantasying about him lolz

  12. I like this cover shot with RW’s picture and an insert titled “Ladyboys visit ChangZhou.

  13. For me, KC has over 10 years of bad acting to overcome and doing well in a couple recent series does not wipe my memory of his male pattern flower vase of the past. Also all these years KC has been picked for lead or 2nd lead in his dramas, I have every expectation that he should be able to rock every single role by now (wiki says he’s been in 30 series).

    Raymond’s TV history over 10 years is more checkered as supporting cast of different levels (almost never a lead until 2010 When Lanes Merge). I remember him from ATV’s Central Affairs playing second fiddle to Michelle Ye – thought he had great intensity (a bit overworked though – trying too hard?).

    1. Raymond Wong was a movie actor introduced by the great Johnnie To. I don’t know why Johnnie failed to make him a star and made him step down to TVB.

    2. His role in Central Affairs was quite big, although the character is hatable.

  14. I personally don’t believe R.W to be that good as an actor. He doesn’t do well in comedy and lacks chemistry with all his love interests

  15. I actually think it’s quite easy to understand why these two are being compared. I think they’re both decent actors but I don’t consider either of them top tier. I do, however, notice more improvement with Raymond over the last few years.

    In terms of physical appearance, I think they’re both good looking, clean-cut, kind of guys. If I have to pick one, I think Kevin is better looking but a small margin. I also find Raymond to be quite attractive.

    Popularity is a no-brainer. Kevin is TV King and Raymond is still mostly second lead. I do, however, expect to see a rise in popularity in his near future. Well, as for Kevin, there’s no place to go but down. I don’t think he’ll be able to hang on to the TV King title this year. Fierce competition as it is with Kenneth Ma and I think it’ll only get worse.

    1. Yes both are decent actors but not top tier actors, but Kevin beat Raymond Wong in popularity. BBJX made him big.

      1. Kevin has more handsome face since Raymond sometimes look sick. Kevin still look good looking even being Law Ba but sometimes Kevin’s handsomeness can be boring. Raymond I don’t like his look in the picture above too but I think he’s forced to follow the script and the director. Overall Kevin wins the looks factor.

      2. Why do people always say RW looks sick? Is it because of his convincing performance in Sweetness of the Salt? Because he looks fine to me, he’s taller than Kevin and he has a nicer body than Kevin…And hen reminds me of the late Leslie.

      3. Because he looks pale most of the time. He does look sick, maybe it’s his bug eyes, etc. But mostly because he is pale.

    2. I think Kevin is moving away from the TVB scene. He’ll concentrate on mainland and movie. Even though he’s one best paid TVB actor, he gets about one tenth of what he’s paid in mainland. Unless he receives very good role and scripts, he is unlikely to appear in future TVB drama.

      The actor to watch out for is not Raymond, but Edwin Siu. He is better looking than Raymond, and played his role very convincingly in GCO. Watch out for Edwin.

      1. Have to agree, Edwin has aged very nicely and I thought he did well in GCO – well, considering what a terrible one-dimensional character he got. I’m interested in seeing him in more fleshed out characters.

    3. Funn, really? I like his eyes. To each their own I guess. I personally don’t find Kevin good looking at all, everything is normal about him…he has a very forgettable face to me.

  16. Well.. Kevin Cheng is pretty popular in Mainland. As for Raymond, his popularity in HK increased a lot. I like both of their acting though. 🙂

  17. Both have great qualitites. Both are good-looking. Both are good people. But I would have to say that I am supporting Raymond Wong:)

  18. Raymond Wong have better body while Kevin Cheng have better looking face .
    Kevin more tanned i think ,am i right?

  19. Kevin Cheng is better looking than Raymond Wong. I used to think Raymond Wong was good looking until I watched him in Today’s VIP lately. I think he did not wear much eye makeup, and his eyes were dull and boring. Moreover, I don’t like Raymond’s voice ….. pretty boring and monotonous.

    1. I kinda agree with you, he has that old fashion sounding voice, suitable for ancient series but not so much modern series.

  20. Hello? How to compare? KC is already a superstar. RW just doesn’t have that charisma and charm like KC. I feel very stressful when I see RW acts… like his veins going to burst any time soon…

  21. I second this! Edwin siu is full of potential and to complement this he is handsome. Although he has little screen time in Gloves Comes Off but the breakthrough in his acting has garnered a lot of attention of him! Hope to see him as the male lead in future dramas!

    1. I agree with you, Edwin’s acting is very natural and he makes it look easy.

      1. I thought highly of Edwin Siu when he first started with other singers, like Yu Man-Lok. Unfortunately, his popularity disappeared suddenly. Heard that he was sent to work in Mainland China, but he was not very successful. Glad that he came back to Hong Kong and worked for TVB. TVB has lost so many good veteran artistes, so it gives him room and chance to shine.

        Agree that he is good looking. He looks younger than his age. He acted well in the last few roles that he did. Keep it up, Edwin. You will be moved up to act 1st lead role soon.

      2. I thought Edwin was very green in Aqua Heroes – but he’s aged really well. No complaints on his acting – from what I can see in very limited roles anyway.

      3. @ Sandcherry,

        Didn’t Edwin get frozen (or whatever it’s called) because he offended some powerful people?

  22. Looks:
    Kevin wins because I find him handsome but not attractive. Raymond just doesn’t do it for me at all, he hasn’t aged well. I sort of found him somewhat good-looking in CA, but nowadays, no.

    Tie. Kevin has never been a good actor, but he has improved from his truly awful acting days. Unfortunately, he is still very much dependent on characters. Raymond might be a better actor – or so people tell me. But it must have been in shows I didn’t watch. I found him good – but not great – in CA, and I find him awful in GCO. To be fair, his character IS stereotypical TVB-esque so that factor in as well.

    Raymond. I think the fact that people find him more approachable and likeable tells me he is more charismatic. Kevin was a block of wood for ages and has really limited screen/stage charisma. He’s riding a popularity wave atm, and I think he has opened up more than in the past but the recent gossips suggest to me he hasn’t change that much.

    Probably Raymond. Looks aren’t everything and he’s perceived to be the better actor and he has more charisma. Kevin is popular but the wind can quickly turn for “quick” fame. It depends on if his next couple of roles are hits or duds.

    Tie. I really don’t care for either characters. Raymond’s is terrible because of exaggerated acting and bad writing. Kevin’s character is exactly like his million other “perfect guy” characters where all the ladies love him (for no good reasons) and all the guys hate him (for ridiculous reasons). His sad puppy face is in every single scene, and looks so trite.

  23. When I watch their dramas, I see a KC portraying Law Ba and a RW portraying Tung Bun-sin. It’s character actors like Carol Cheng, Bondy Chiu, Liza Wang, and John Chiang that can in fact manage to present a fully different self in their acting.

  24. I dont see anything wrong with KC acting in this drama… I support KC! 🙂

  25. i think edwin is much more handsome than raymond or kevin. i cant help but think that raymond looks like a RACOON- it’s his eyes

    1. Which Raymond? I like Raymond Wong, but I dislike Raymond Lam
      Edwin Siu looks better than Raymond Lam and Raymond Wong.

      1. Guess she is mentioning of Wong because this one is an article about Wong the Raymond.

        Haha, I like all Raymond in Txb :P.

      2. I beg to differ as Edwin does not appeal to me at all in terms of looks. Both Raymond’s win hands down in my opinion, especially LF as I am one of his fans.

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