Synopsis of Ruco Chan’s New Comedy, “No Good Either Way”

New TVB series, No Good Either Way <衝呀﹗瘦薪兵團>, will be airing on Monday, June 11th in Hong Kong. Starring Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Krystal Tin (田蕊妮), Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), Jason Chan (陳智燊), and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), the comedy revolved around office politics in a consumer products company and what each worker must do to stay afloat. Were “mean bosses” a fact of life in every company?

Perhaps inspired by the $200 million worldwide grossing Hollywood film, Horrible Bosses, TVB drama No Good Either Way featured the work drama found in Product Designer, Alex Mo (Ruco Chan) and Marketing Director, Steve Man’s (Louis Yuen) lives. Alex and Steve were best friends that were valued by their boss, Ko Wai Ting (Stephen Au 歐錦棠). However, due to the evil office political machinations of Che Wing Lan (Florence Kwok 郭少芸), Alex and Steve knew that they will never be promoted in the company.

Aside from badmouthing the ten sins of their “mean bosses,” Steve started his own side business with Yik Siu Lung (Gill Mohindepaul Singh 喬寶寶). Alex’s girlfriend, Ling (Krystal Tin) joined the company, putting Wing Lan’s power at bay. Steve became the new boss of the company, while Alex was promoted to a manager. As Alex and Steve’s positions climbed in ranks at the company, their personalities underwent dramatic changes. Abusing their power and oppressing their subordinates, Alex and Steve also committed the universal sins of “mean bosses.”

Mo Kin Yee (Natalie Tong) was an aggressive woman from the 1980s generation, eager to quickly make her mark in the world. She fell in love with “Diamond Bachelor,” Yiu Yi Long (Jason Chan) thinking that she has found every woman’s dream man. However, Kin Yee learned that Yi Long was a “bust” with a beautiful exterior and not what he appeared to be.

No Good Either Way completed filming in April and was rushed into post-production by TVB in order to meet the June 11th broadcast date. Produced by Amy Wong (王心慰), the 20-episode series will test the audience drawing power of Ruco Chan, who shot to popularity after last year’s The Other Truth <真相>.

Watch “No Good Either Way” Promo Clip!

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Jayne: Everyone has encountered mean bosses in their work lives, so the material will be relateable. Hopefully, it does not become too cliche in Alex and Steve’s depiction of “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

What is your worst encounter with a nightmare boss? I’ve had one that used foul language (F-word) on a daily basis and in every work meeting, cursing at employees in a very demeaning manner. Her temper was violent and created an unnecessarily stressful environment. She worked at the company for 2 decades and abused her power. Naturally, all her subordinates spoke about her “sins” behind her back and many people resigned because they could not work with her.

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  1. I thought Horrible Bosses was hilarious. I just hope this show won’t be too cliche…

    1. yeh i thought the background of the series sounded like Horrible Bosses… that was hilarious though haha …

  2. This looks entertaining. I just hope the humor in this drama isn’t as awful as all the recent Mui Siu-ching ones.

    1. Amy Wong’s series are usually quite funny. Only You was very entertaining for me and ToT was also funny at times, especially when Kristal entered. ^0^

  3. Ooo Jason is in this. I’ll pay more attention to him this time.

  4. the cast and promo clip makes me think this is like a sitcom

  5. this series will tank, sorry but dont expect much from the ratings. Ruco is not someone I’d watch in a series if not with some other draw to it, The Other Truth is a one hit wonder that he will never see again. dont understand the hype surrounding this guy.

  6. It truly does kinda look like a sitcom!!!! with the cast and the story development…

    the story line better be….REALLY GOOD

  7. Maybe they should’ve come up w/ a better english title for the series. “No good either way” is not exactly setting yourself up well.

  8. I agree. The series sounds relateable to real life. I think it’s interesting that Jason is in this series too.

  9. Oh finally a series whose cast I really like! And a not so boring plot. Seems fun, anticipating!

  10. What happen to the title “The Chok Crew”? It sounded so funny!

  11. Really looking forward to seeing this. Interesting pairing!

  12. looking forward to see Ruco back onscreen yah

  13. Stephen Au & Florence Kwok… they are often hilarious!
    Will definitely catch this to watch them & cutie Jason Chan.

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