Life After TVB: Natalie Tong Taking Life Slow While Filming a Travel Program

Since leaving TVB in September of last year, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) has slowed down her pace and finds time for herself. Last month, Natalie had the opportunity to travel to the UK to film a travel program for HOY TV where she tried new experiences.

Through Natalie’s social media, it appears that Natalie arrived in the UK at the end of December last year and wore thick jackets suitable for the cold weather. Natalie wrote, “UK is very cold, but there are so many beautiful places to explore. Looking at the beautiful scenery, I couldn’t help it but take a quick jog.”

New Experiences: Speed Dating and Horse Riding

Currently single, Natalie revealed that HOY TV arranged for her to attend a speed dating event where she met many handsome foreigners who were almost 6 feet tall. However, because of their accents, Natalie confessed that there were communication barriers.

As Natalie has been attracted to learning, the program also arranged for her to take classes locally and she was able to learn horse riding. It has been a fantastic opportunity as Natalie gets to try many different experiences.

Natalie: “Everything is in My Control”

Since leaving TVB. Natalie has been able to recharge herself and spend time with her family. This is a nice change compared to when she was attending the promotional event for The Invisibles <隱形戰隊> in March of last year where she confessed that she wasn’t “sleeping well”.

Providing an insight to her life now, Natalie shared, “Life feels very different.  In the past, whenever I did something or travelled, I would worry if it would be successful. Maybe because I let go of work, I am now in control of everything.”

In regards to questions of Natalie signing with a new company, Natalie revealed that she has not considered it at this stage as she just merely wants to enjoy her life.

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  1. Most people are happy when not overworked and underpaid plus under appreciated. Articles of these kind are getting repetitive and even make it look like being out of the spotlight is a bad thing sometimes. Natalie left TVB but is still in the industry so she would not be called haggard or looking old where as a female artist who has left TVB and is say, selling fish balls on the streets, then they look haggard and old i.e. Hanina Tam. These articles are a good laugh only LOL

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